DarcyF1 News

Legacy Week Bingo 1 month

Until the end of March we're hosting another Bingo event, Legacy Week! This event sees hundreds of prizes added to the prize pool as legacy cards are up for grabs! You'll also find legacy booster packs more commonly available as prizes as well as the regular event boosts to prize values and rarity.
We've also introduced two more conditions to the bingo board - Legacy Card, and Only 1. Legacy Card will require you to play a card that is no longer available for collection, and Only 1 will force you to give up a card that you only have one of in your collection.

Two bug fixes are included in this update. Inverse card quantities are now displayed when playing Bingo cards, and multi-part cards are available for unlocking again.

Jump into bingo this week to grab cards you might have never had a chance to earn before!

Bingo and Bugs 1 month

This weekend sees the release of the F1 2019 card set, and to celebrate the return of F1 we're hosting our first Bingo Event. Check out the Bingo board and find limited time rewards, more frequent rare rewards and larger XP and token parcels.

A number of bug fixes have been deployed;
Trade builder - show duplicates and show needed buttons now work together instead of only one or the other.
Bingo - level 3+ friends can now play twice per board, this was incorrectly restricted to level 2 friends.
Bingo - incorrect errors preventing you from playing the correct rarity card to Bingo have been corrected.
Bingo - two player playing the same board at the same time was causing the first player's move to be overwritten. Protection for this has been implemented.
Friends - friends receive messages to notify them of their friendship level increases and receive bonus XP.
Archived downloads - error messages have been restored as a generic one was showing by mistake.
Cards - multi-part cards are now being delivered. These have been broken since the new site launched.
Cards - card lockouts are now accurately displayed, they were rounding incorrectly.
Cards - card popovers now include an X to close the box.
Cards - the DarcyF1 treasure card is now available again.
Cards - card info now splits your inverse cards separately when displaying how many you have in your collection.
Tipping - countdown timers now show you an accurate time, instead of sometimes showing your local time.
Trending Videos - you can now toggle current year videos only.

More Bingo, More Often 2 months

Starting today, Bingo boards are being generated every four hours (down from six). This increases the boards per day to six, and puts an additional 24 prizes up for grabs each day.

Also, users who play two cards to the same row (using their friendship bonus) were erroneously being awarded the prize twice. This has now been corrected. Though you can play to the same row twice, you will only receive the prize once.

In collector card news, Inverse cards are now counted separately to your regular cards, so if you've collected the maximum of a card (for example, 9) and then you find an Inverse, you can still collect it - up to the same maximum for that card. If the card has a maximum collection total of 9, you can collect 9 regular cards and 9 Inverse cards of it.

DarcyF1 Friends 2 months

Today, we have finally enabled the last feature of the new site - DarcyF1 Friends!

Becoming friends with another DarcyF1 member results in benefits for both of you. As your friendship progresses, those benefits can grow too! There's multiple ways to progress your friendship and diverse benefits around the website.

A few starting points;
Friends can gift each other collector cards.
You can play to the Bingo board twice if your good friend has played to the same board.
Reveal hidden gifts attached to collector cards when you trade them with a friend.
Increase your chances of transforming a collector card into inverse colours during a trade.

You can progress your friendship once per day, and different activities will progress your friendship by different amounts. Time to explore the best methods to quickly progress your friendship and increase your benefits!

Rebalancing of Collector Cards 2 months

After analysing years of data around collector card hunting and gathering, there are some slight but significant adjustments to the odds that apply to collector cards, prior to new set launches in the coming weeks.

Using Rare cards are the yardstick of 1/100 odds, all other odds have been brought closer to it, relative to their value.
Common cards shift the furthest dropping from 1/2 to 1/3 odds. This reflects the high number of collectors who would rapidly collect the maximum of 9 copies very quickly.
Uncommon cards shift from 1/20 odds to 1/30 odds to increase their value. While common cards are often seen as very low value, high-end collectors also place little value on Uncommon cards. This 50% decrease in odds aims to increase their value for the regular visitors as well as enhance their value to infrequent visitors who will should expect to find an uncommon card every week, based on the median number of video views per registered user.
Rare cards and above, no adjustment.

However, to enhance the variety of cards available, cards will no longer have fixed odds. Instead, on a regular basis every card will have its odds regenerated. While common and uncommon cards will float predictably around their regular odds, rare and above cards will have periods of time where they have significantly enhanced odds. But, it's only until the odds are reshuffled again, so if you hear of a few members finding a certain mega rare card, get hunting, chances are that it's received a limited time odds boost!

These fluctuating odds don't just apply to how regularly you can find your standard cards, so keep an eye out for other limited time enhanced odds.

The Collector Card Bingo boards have also been rebalanced to reflect these changed values, as well as additional prizes being added to some prize tiers.

Note, all odds mentioned are approximate odds.

Bingo! 2 months

With the hunt now on for inverse cards, members have been looking for a way to get rid of their excess cards to make room for inverse cards. Now, you can solve that problem AND be rewarded with rare site rewards!

Introducing DarcyF1 Collector Card Bingo! Find the current Bingo board under the Cards menu and play your card.

Bingo allows you to place one of your collector cards onto the board. Once a card has been placed onto the board, it cannot be returned to you. If you work strategically with other DarcyF1 members to complete a row of five (across, down or diagonal), you will all receive the prize allocated to that row.
Bingo boards change regularly, so prize requirements and rewards will vary greatly. Be sure to check back regularly to see how you can best be rewarded.

2018 in Review 4 months

2018 was a massive year for DarcyF1, and I probably say something similar every year. This year has been unprecedented, yet again. The site continues to far exceed any expectations I have ever had, or continue to have for it. This little hobby site started in April of 2004 and is now a dedicated community of contributors spanning the globe, covering hundreds of motorsport categories so that every must-see incident or racing action is provided for our thriving community.

2018 was highlighted by the launch of the updated website. A site re-designed from the ground up to be modernised and much more mobile friendly. There's still a bit of go on this front, but with so many of you using the site and reporting bugs, we're bound to get there. Another huge bonus is that with every site upgrade I make it a whole bunch easier to manage, which has been especially useful this year as I took time away to welcome my first child into the world. Definitely a memorable one!

I'll share some stats with you that highlight just what a hive of activity this place has become.

16,000+ videos uploaded in 2018.
90,000+ unique videos watched in 2018.
15,000+ comments in 2018.
22,000+ visitors in 2018.
1.5m page views in 2018.
1,300+ new user registrations in 2018.
60,000+ cards collected in 2018.
23,000+ different search phrases processed in 2018.

Not to mention the largest participation in our two Tipping competitions, and hugely popular events, with three seasons of challenging tasks with huge rewards available for members who knew their DarcyF1, and knew their motorsport trivia.

I already know 2019 is going to be better than ever as we cross off another calendar year that DarcyF1 has somehow survived. Straight off the bat we have a brand new card set dropping almost immediately. We'll have the full launch of 'inverse cards' which we've seen a sneak peak into across the DarcyF1 test site, the new site's launch weekend and in Event Season 3. That means there will be hundreds of different cards available for the first time.

Finally, the biggest and best thing that's going on in 2019 at DarcyF1 is you. It's you, the visitors that we welcome to the site, the contributors who provide video content, the donators who help pay the ever-growing hosting bills, the members who spark conversation through video comments and forum posts. It's you that makes DarcyF1 what it is today, and what it will be tomorrow. Thank you for your participation in this small little corner of the internet.


Archives Available 5 months

Update! The archives are now available again!

My webhost has misconfigured their cloud storage and currently all archived videos (that you unlock with tokens) will fail. Do not attempt to access any archived videos until this news post is updated to notify that they're available again. If you have used tokens to access an archived video that led to a forbidden page, you will be able to access that download again (without any additional tokens) from your Profile > Tokens page.

2018 Tipping Winners 5 months

Congratulations to everyone who competed in our Formula 1 and Supercars tipping competitions this year! An extra special congratulations to our winners of each competition. Results have been finalised, and rewards have been distributed.

Formula 1 - Results
Winner: @pedro27 [1x legacy booster, 3x boosters, 1000xp, 100 tokens]
2nd: @iceman500 [2x boosters, 500xp, 50 tokens]
3rd: @cosmiccyclone [1x booster, 200xp, 20 tokens]

Supercars - Results
Winner: @ed24f1 [1x legacy booster, 3x boosters, 1000xp, 100 tokens]
2nd: @Bloopy [2x boosters, 500xp, 50 tokens]
3rd: @Raptor1 [1x booster, 200xp, 20 tokens]

See you all again in 2019, with some small changes to be announced early in the new year.

Welcome to the new DarcyF1 5 months

Over the past 6 months, we have been building a brand new DarcyF1, and today we're happy to publish it for your viewing pleasure!

There's a lot to see, but some key points to note are;
Points are now known as 'Tokens' to avoid confusion with XP.
The site is now mobile-friendly. Nearly all features of the Desktop site are available to our mobile visitors.
Testing has been extensive, but not comprehensive. When you find a bug, please report it by clicking the 'Report Problem' link at the bottom of every page.

Change can be challenging, and I do ask you give the new site a few weeks of use before you decide what you love or hate - but don't hesitate to provide feedback via DarcyF1 Messages.

You'll see that there's a few more features to come. They're on their way :)