About DarcyF1 Motor Sport Multimedia
Codecs are...
DarcyF1 lists codecs associated with videos along with other detailed information to allow you to know what you're downloading. The following is a breif outline about what the codec information is telling you!
The codecs listed on DarcyF1 are the family, such as mpeg4 and h264, not the branches down such as DivX or x264, nor the containers such as avi or mkv.
Frequent codecs: family (branches)
Video: mpeg4 (xvid, divx), h264 (x264), mpeg (mpeg, MPEG2)
Audio: pcm_ (uncompressed audio), mp3 (mpeg3 audio, lame mp3), ac3 (dolby digital DVD)

You can play ALL videos downloaded from DarcyF1 using a free media player like VLC Media Player or Media Player Classic. Older softwares (that are not up to date with codecs) such as Window Media Player or Quicktime will not work. It is reccommended that you use one of the aforementioned video players instead of downloading codecs individually.