About DarcyF1 Motor Sport Multimedia
Problems with Downloading?
There are a few issues that might be causing you to have trouble downloading or viewing videos on DarcyF1. Investigate the possible problems listed below.

Watching Videos
Most videos are HTML5 compliant and will play in any modern browser.

As good practice, please ensure your web browser is up to date. This should be the case before investigating further.
DarcyF1 downloading has been tested on a wide variety of operating systems with a very wide selection of browsers. What is your web browser / operating system combo? For best results, don't use Internet Explorer. And if you're using IE6, IE7 or IE8 you will encounter serious errors, browse at your own risk.
The most effective way of downloading is by right clicking on the [download] button, then selecting 'Save Link As' or similar (ie. Save Target As).
If this does not start downloading the video you have a problem. Check if you have any 'download helper' utilities that might be interupting the download. Perhaps your browser settings are set to handle certain files (.mp4, .avi etc) in strange ways (such as playing them in the browser).
If you are still having trouble, then use the contact form to request extra help!