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DarcyF1 End-of-year Gift Event

Throughout December 2017, DarcyF1 has hidden 50 gift boxes around the website, you can find them by interacting with the website and visiting every day. You might even find other small gifts while you're exploring.

What do I need to know? There are common gift boxes and rare gift boxes. You can only open ONE gift box during the event. If all 50 gift boxes are not found by the end of the year, they will disappear for good. Boxes will contain the same types of rewards, but the rare boxes will contain more of them, and rarer versions.

Okay, but how do I find these boxes? Everytime you visit DarcyF1 you have a chance to uncover a gift box. Everyone has the same chance to find a gift box, however, you can increase your chances. During the event, every point of XP that you earn will go towards an event tally (displayed on this page) that increase your chance of uncovering a box. That means that everything you do now to earn XP will count toward a higher chance of you uncovering a gift box during the event. But wait, there's more! If you visit DarcyF1 at least once per day, your event tally will increase even further! Visit DarcyF1 2 days in a row, and every XP you earn will count for 2 in your event tally. 3 days in a row, each XP counts for 3! And so on, such that if you visit daily throughout the month you could be earning 31x every XP point you earn.
Simply put, the more you visit, the more XP you earn, the more likely you are to uncover a gift box.

Visit frequently, contribute often, anything else? Watch out for DarcyF1 Happy Hours as the double XP will further increase your event tally. Gift boxes are not transferable. You will not know the contents of the gift box until you commit to opening it. When you uncover a gift box, it will tell you the rarity. Gift boxes may contain items that are not accessible through any other method. Usual DarcyF1 rules of "don't cheat" apply - rewards will be revoked plus other penalties possible. Hints, insights, and Happy Hour warnings often appear on twitter. Rewards found in gift boxes may not be delivered if you are not eligible to earn them (collecting limts on cards, for example). Daily visit streaks are calculated on GMT - please make yourself aware of when the day changes for your time zone compared to GMT. Oh, and there will be additional prizes for the top event tallies at the conclusion of the event.