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Video Uploads
Why was my upload rejected?
You should have received an email detailing the exact reason why your download was rejected. See below

What makes a good upload?
A high quality capture of a high interest event, whether this is a small clip like a spectacular crash or an entire race.

What makes a bad upload?
A youtube rip (there is a section for YouTube videos); anything of very low quality where a higher quality version is available; any video that is a duplicate of an existing video that doesn't have any positive differences (such as an alternative language, higher quality, or different angle); any video that is corrupted; super high bit rate length videos (such a Full HD full races) [anything over 2.5GB is not generally encouraged]; crappy compilation videos - open to opinion;

User Accounts
I like rules, where are the rules? To avoid writing a long list of detailed, bitchy rules, a common sense rules applies. Don't break the site, if you find a bug, report it. XP cheating, duplicate accounts, circumventing an account ban, constant requesting (or making requests outside of the Requests forum) and / or leaching are behaviours that are not tolerated. If you want a specific example explained to you in detail, and you are unsure how to "internetz" please use the contact page to get in touch.

Why has my account been removed?
Typically this has happened because you've ignored the warnings on the home page that have told you your account is nearing deletion if you don't action them.
Automatic processes remove users who have:
a) Not verified their account
b) Not gained any XP in their first month
c) Not logged in for over 3 months (averaged as 90 days)

Why are certain parts of the site restricted to users of certain ranks?
This is simply to encourage those to contribute to the website, and reward those members who do. It really does not take much effort to rank up, and those who give back a tiny bit of what they get from the site usually rank up quickly and easily. More to follow...