About DarcyF1 Motor Sport Multimedia
Removal of content
Content moderators may remove a published video, comment, collector card, forum post, or any other user-generated content at any time.
Reasons for removal may include but are not limited to; Duplicated content, poor quality video, videos which are illegal in the country where they are hosted (by default USA), unpopular & large files, purposefully titled or categorised content which intend to or may mislead or misrepresent, content which spoils the result of a race.

DarcyF1 enables registered members to control how new content is presented to them, which may assist them to avoid spoilers. However, commenting on Full Sessions (specfically qualifying and races) with any content that alludes to or specifically reveals the result of that session will result in a warning on the first instance, and restriction from the website for any subsequent breach.

Unpopular Content
Server space is an expensive, and limited resource. Any content which is calculated to be taking up large amounts of space but don't generate viewer interest will be removed. As a basic rule, any user submitted video that is hosted on DarcyF1 and has a popularity score of -500 will be removed. All new published videos have a 28 day grace period to establish their popularity. Embedded videos hosted elsewhere are immune to this detection, but spam-like unpopular embedding may be removed.
Popularity scores are calculated using the following formula (plus some small weighting maths, omitted):
-(File Size / (Video Views + Video Comments)) * ((Days Online / 365) + 1)
for example, a 4GB file that has been online for 6 months but only has 10 downloads and zero comments would score the following;
-(4000 / 10) * ((180 / 365) + 1) = -400 * 1.49 = -596
This example results in a popularity score lower than -500 and would be removed by default. The most popular videos will score 0 on this test.