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MT89 2011 LeMans24Hours Race McNish Huge Crash
MT89 2011 LeMans24Hours Race McNish Huge Crash

MT89 2011 LeMans24Hours Race McNish Huge Crash

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MT89 MT89 2011 2011 LeMans24Hours LeMans24Hours Race Race McNish McNish Huge Huge Crash Crash 24 hours of le mans 24 hours of le mans Le Mans Le Mans 12519 12519
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Mattzel89 11 Jun 2011
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Former member 2 years

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Former member 4 years
That is so terrifying! Glad Allan wasn't seriously injured... It could've been much worse!

Kurrganslaw profile image
Kurrganslaw 4 years
I still do not know how that car did not go over the rail. Thank god it didn't.

pikachumotorsport profile image
pikachumotorsport 5 years
@ChazzyMotorsport4 I think everyone within 100 meters would be too

ChazzyMotorsport4 profile image
ChazzyMotorsport4 5 years
The spectators would be terrified!

angoman101 profile image
angoman101 9 years
omg thats huge! miracle no one got hurt!

mclaren2010 profile image
mclaren2010 10 years
absolutely appalling accident, the outcome of that could have been so much worse :o

ziomkris1 profile image
ziomkris1 10 years
thankfully not injures

Mattzel89 profile image
Mattzel89 10 years
Update from Eurosport. Marshalls, photographers and spectators escaped uninjured. The race has been under SC for over an over now, the barriers needs to be replaced.

crash71100 profile image
crash71100 10 years
incroyable :o :o :o :o :o