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WARNING: This video depicts a fatal accident. Viewer discretion advised.
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Dakar1996 Gueguen Fatal accident aftermath
Dakar1996 Gueguen Fatal accident aftermath

French Commentary Dakar1996 Gueguen Fatal accident aftermath

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Dakar1996 Dakar1996 Gueguen Gueguen Fatal Fatal accident accident aftermath aftermath dakar dakar 1996 1996 17713 17713
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MKLG 14 Jan 2013
Whilst attempting to completing 5th stage, Laurent Gueguen got caught up in a conflict between the Moroccan army and the Polisario Front rebels. Following the stage in a desert track some 400 meters out of the signed path, it struck an abandoned Moroccan army land mine, causing it to explode, overturn and burst into flames from the impact, killing him instantly. Gueguen's co-drivers, Pascal Laudenot and Vincent Bauden were able to escape from the wreckage, while Gueguen who was driving at the moment of the accident, was not as fortunate.
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