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WARNING: This video depicts a fatal accident. Viewer discretion advised.

Rieti2011 Georg Plasa Fatal Crash

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Rieti2011 Georg Plasa Fatal Crash crashes collide collides hits collision accident Hill_climb 2011 rieti 25156
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Rieti2011 Rieti2011 Georg Georg Plasa Plasa Fatal Fatal Crash Crash hill climb hill climb rieti rieti 2011 2011 25156 25156
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Former member 15 Dec 2013
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Former member 2 years

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Former member 2 years
R.I.P Georg Plasa

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Former member 3 years

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Former member 3 years

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Kurrganslaw 4 years
:*( :*( RIP :*( :*(

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Former member 7 years
Plasa was a hero for hillcrimb racing fans. It is very sad that he is no longer with us. Very dangerous sport with very little error margin. Rest in peace.

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metallica101 8 years
I'm a big hillclimb fan and this man was my hero. Saw him live at the Trierer bergrennen only a month before his death. Still so sad he died :*(

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woudys 8 years
A crash over 200KM p/h into solid rocks. Georg Plasa was 51 and a very ecperieced Hill Clim driver. Investigations after the crash revealed some strange questions, He was in 6th gear while the right turn could only be taken in 4th. Spectators around the scene spoke about a little light flash underneath the left front indicated that maybe his suspencion broke down before turning in. During the crash his seat belt broke wich caused the actual lost of his life :*(