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Zandvoort2015 FPx Wiegel Big Crash Amateur

Zandvoort2015 Zandvoort2015 FPx FPx Wiegel Wiegel Big Big Crash Crash Amateur Amateur misc misc touring cars touring cars 2015 2015 42139 42139 time time attack attack Misc Misc Touring Cars Touring Cars
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vettelisthebest 22 Mar 2015
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madfox 6 years

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Former member 6 years
So much money needed for this

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Former member 6 years
That's expensive

HughJass profile image
HughJass 7 years
Man that corner is a killer

metallica101 profile image
metallica101 7 years
Typical crash for Scheivlak, but man that must have hurt his neck. Such a violent whip. Will also hurt his wallet I think.

iceman500 profile image
iceman500 7 years
Mann a big one :o