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Motorsport 2015 Crash Compilation 1
Motorsport 2015 Crash Compilation 1

Motorsport 2015 Crash Compilation 1

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vettelisthebest 5 May 2015
This compilation contains footage of January, February and the first half of March. The crashes in the Daytona Speedweeks, which were in February, can be found in the Daytona Speedweeks Crash Compilation. Song: Young Guns - Rising Up. Enjoy!

Because Motorsport 2015 Crash Compilation #1, #2 and #3 were originally made by me and uploaded on YouTube, there are no F1 and MotoGP crashes, because of copyright terms. My YouTube channel 2015Motorsport has sadly been suspended, but I'll keep making Motorsport 2015 Crash Compilations and upload them here and I can also use F1 and MotoGP footage in the crash compilation.
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