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Townsville2015 Ute Crashes into Safety Car during Demo Amateur

v8 v8 Townsville2015 Townsville2015 Ute Ute Crashes Crashes into into Safety Safety Car Car during during Demo Demo Amateur Amateur Utes Utes 2015 2015 Townsville Townsville 47411 47411
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vettelisthebest 14 Jul 2015
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Former member 2 years
I suppose you don't expect anyone to be coming the other way on a race track...

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Former member 3 years
Oh no, smash! A bit of language at the end though...

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warnerd1 4 years
Umm thats pretty bad organising, everybody keep left!

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madfox 6 years

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Former member 6 years
How does that even happen! What is the chance! Thanks for the upload.

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Nascar47fan 6 years
Wait, what? How? Why? What?