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WARNING: This video depicts a fatal accident. Viewer discretion advised.
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Fontana99 Greg Moore Fatal Crash
Fontana99 Greg Moore Fatal Crash

Fontana99 Greg Moore Fatal Crash

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Fontana99 Fontana99 Greg Greg Moore Moore Fatal Fatal Crash Crash INDYCAR INDYCAR 1999 1999 Fontana Fontana 6922 6922
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admin 9 years ago
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Former member 12 months
reast in peace

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Former member 3 years
Remember that one as beeing a 11 year old child whatching CART for the first time.

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pikachumotorsport 5 years
The angle of the wall was admittedly about the same as the one that killed Jean LaFousse. AKA a stupid angle. RIP :*(

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Domix 5 years
:*( :*(

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SuzukaMaster 5 years
This was so sad! No mather how much time passes, I still can't understand why a wall was placed in such a horrible angle! Moore was a fantastic driver, the best canadian driver since Gilles! He could have been huge and I'm sure, he would still be racing today!

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Former member 6 years
Massive crash, absolutely catastrophic! He was a good young racer, he did not deserve to die this way. He will be missed. RIP Greg Moore (1975-1999) :*( :*(

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Former member 8 years
He hit head-first into the barrier and since he suffered severe head trauma, he died. He should have just sat out after he got ran over by a car. RIP

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Former member 8 years

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theracingfan98 8 years
the reson he died is because of the force of inpact not it being so violent

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Former member 9 years
I almost agree with you Darcy, while this crash was horrifyingly brutal, the first time I saw it my jaw dropped. The first time I saw Gordon Smileys crash on an old VHS recording back in the late 80s I flinched and all the hair on my arms stood up. Both or horrible. RIP Greg and Gordon

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mclaren2010 12 years
I'd have to agree. Other fatal crashes aren't as violent and its not the crash but some other unlucky event (suspension, wheels, fire) that kills them. Greg's was just so violent.

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admin 12 years
I think this crash still rates as the worst crash I've ever seen :(