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Oschersleben2018 Race1 Start Crash Live
@martino161921 Sorry yeah, my bad. I've just looked at the start of one of last year's races and they still used the tight turn 1, so it seems like they returned to the original version this year.
Oschersleben2018 Race1 Start Crash Live
@martino161921 because it was utterly awful
Indianapolis2018 Final Laps Finish
When Wilson and Harvey peeled into the pits my heart stopped for a second. Very anti-climactic finish.
Indianapolis2018 Sato Crashes Into Davison
Very preventable crash, really weird decision to not call Davison in.
Italy2018 FP2 Pirro Crashes Hard Extended
So glad he was relatively alright after this, major incident.
Indianapolis2018 Final Laps Herta and OWard Close Finish for Win
This was a good race.
Monaco2018 Race1 Norris Crashes Into Boschung
Norris still leads the championship after this, somehow.
Monaco2018 Race1 Leaders Albon DeVries Crash Entering Pits
Just Formula 2 things.
Topeka2018 Collier Huge Crash
If I were a racing driver, the one thing I would not want to do would be drag racing.
RoadAtlanta2018 Baltic Huge Crash Rolls Amateur
Shit, that is some massive air!
AlphiksV2 uploaded 2 videos to dtm - 2018 - lausitzring
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Flag Lausitzring2018 Race2
AlphiksV2 11 months
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Hockenheim2018 Race 2 Glock and Paffett Epic Battle for Lead
This was an awesome way to cap off a great DTM season opening weekend. Two wonderful drivers going at it lap after lap. This should be a very good year for the championship.
Belgium2018 Isaakyan Big Airbourne Flip Amateur
Massive crash at an insanely high speed. That was the third huge incident at Eau Rouge and Radillion last weekend. Scary set of turns.
Belgium2018 LMP Qualifying Fittipaldi Big Crash
That is an ugly scene. I hope Pietro is alright.
Indianapolis2016 Final Laps Rossi Out of Fuel But Wins
I remember watching this race live, I was on the edge of my seat at the end.
2002 CART Surfers Paradise start chaos 2 audiotracks
Awful, awful way to start a race. Massive carnage. :/
Australia2003 Junqueira Haberfeld Big Crash
That was nasty.
Adelaide2018 Qual Cameron Crashes Rolls
Certainly and interesting start to the SuperUtes series.
Adelaide2018 Qualifying Luyendyk Jr Almost Hits Flycam
SuperTrucks are crazy ;D