Indianapolis2019 Malukas Windom Big Crash
Similar to what happened to Robert Wickens, thankfully this one is slower
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Indianapolis2019 FP2 Rosenqvist Crashes
Thankfully everyone behind avoided crashing into him
Jerez2019 Rookies Cup Race 2 Last Lap Baltus Big Crash
wow that looks nasty
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Flag Spielberg2013 Race3 Big Pile Up Extended
ThomasFisher 16 days

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Spielberg2019 TP Race Start Mayer Crashes Rolls
It's really unusual to see a Ferrari ended on its side
Azerbaijan2019 Race2 Alesi Crashes
lol Johnny
1999 GermanFormula3 Nurburgring WouterVanEeuwijk
really similar to Diniz's crash the same year at the same track, rollover, roll hoop failed. Diniz was really lucky only got minor injury
Rome2019 Qualifying Jaguar Evans Celebrate Pole Position Too Early
Well, I also thought they got the pole, but until now I can still not figure out how did Lotterer got that speed
Spa2018 Fahlstrom Crashes
OMG how could he drive back to the track, nearly a massive crash
Bahrain2019 Race 1 Gelael DRS Failure Spins Out
really lucky not crash into others
Adelaide2019 Prac3 Zu Crashes
I suppose that the last name of this driver is Sun rather than Zu
Spa2018 Qualifying Perazzini Crashes
really weird crash
Montreal 2009 Edwards Big Crash During Sighting Lap Extended
Head on concrete, that's a hard one
AbuDhabi2018 Race1 Start Pile Up
When I was watching the live, it just reminded me that 2011 crash immediately
Macau2018 MR Restart Florsch Horror Crash Red Flag
Wow, they did have a brief shot of the crash. When I was watching the live I just heard the noise, but didn't catch that.
Macau2018 MR Florsch Horror Crash Amateur
A formula car crashed though the catch fence, I've never seen anything like that before. It's truly a miracle that she survived this, and hope other people involved in this crash will be fine
Macau2018 FP Torras Big Crash Fire
Seems that he is fine, according to:
Malaysia2018 Race2 Finish Noguchi Hits Sharil
Oh dear... that leg :/
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Flag Hockenheim2019 1 Race2
ThomasFisher 17 days
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Estoril 2018 Moto3 Nesbitt Crash
Wow, such a close call
Sentul2018 UB150 Race 1 Last Lap Izzat Horror Crash
Wow, this is nasty
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Flag Hockenheim2018 2 Race2
ThomasFisher 7 months
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Monza2018 Race 2 Lessennes Crashes
Such a hard weekend for him. Two races all ended up in the barriers
Hockenheim2018 Race 2 Start Gotz Vanthoor Stippler Bachler Crash Red Flag
Poor Gotz, that's the championship hope gone
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Flag Nurburgring2018 Race2
ThomasFisher 8 months
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Flag Spielberg2018 Race2
ThomasFisher 8 months
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RoadAmerica 1999 FP Carpentier Huge Crash Extended
@mattia Thanks!
RoadAmerica 1999 FP Carpentier Huge Crash Extended
Which crash is shown at the first?
Nurburgring2018 Race 2 Start Jean Piana Koebolt Schober Freiburghaus Huisman Middleton Crash
This crash is title decider truely
Silverstone2018 FP1 Haslam Huge Crash
Holy crap that looks really nasty. Is the rider ok?
Portland2018 Race 2 Start Franzoni Norman Herta Kellett Crash
That's just ridiculous
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Flag Nurburgring2018 Race1
ThomasFisher 8 months
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Flag Misano2018 Race2
ThomasFisher 9 months
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Cadwell2018 Superstock 600 Holme Crashes
This doesn't looks good...
Pocono2018 Restart Wickens HunterReay Hinchcliffe Fittipaldi Sato Horror Crash Red Flag Live
It reminds me the crash at Indy in 2010, very similar. Both of them are between Hunter Reay and another driver who was in the catch fence, and Hunter Reay got the lucky escape from being hit on his head.
Hope Wickens will recover quickly, he just performed very well during this season
LaPlata2018 5 Final 1 Buralli Spins Crashes Hard Into Marco Stationary Car
WTF!?? It's a miracle that no one was killed
RoadAmerica2018 Lyons and Ward Huge Crash
Massive crash with rollover :o Thankfully they walked away
MidOhio2018 FP3 Leist Fittipaldi Spin Off and Pagenaud Crashes
Fittipaldi back to racing!
Spa2018 Krebs and Meyrick Massive Crash Aftermath Red Flag
Horror crash, still waiting for more infomation from official
Spa2018 Race 3 Start Zhou Scherer Troitskiy Spin
Again... Zhou and Mick collide......
Spa2018 Race 2 Leader Blomstedt Massive Crash Red Flag
Is everyone ok? That looks really bad...
SanJuan2018 WarmUp Milla Huge Crash Flip Extended
Thankfully it's not the driver side
Queensland2018 Race3 Start Sieders Huge Crash
In some weekends, similar things just happen again and again :o
Germany2018 Moto3 WarmUp Foggia Arbolino Crash
Wow, someone just missed those two guys!
Germany2018 Moto2 FP3 Odendaal Crashes
Well, that butterfly shot is wonderful
Germany2018 Moto2 FP3 Marquez Crashes
never a good crash when you are hit by your bike
Toronto2018 Restart Leader Newgarden Hits Wall and Pile Up Crash
Hard to believe that Rossi and Newgarden still finished the race and got the point
Queensland2018 Prac Cameron Failure Crashes Rolls
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Flag BrandsHatch2018 Race2
ThomasFisher 9 months
YouTube video
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Zandvoort2018 Race 3 Hanses Crashes
Then when the recovery truck was trying to get to the car, it almost got stuck in the gravel :P
CzechRepublic09 250cc Bautista Stacks Warm Down Lap Wheelie
Skerries2018 Dunlop Fatal Crash Amateur
Such a horrible crash and so sad that it's another tragedy for Dunlop family
Sandown 1982 Unknown Crash Hits Marshall
Wow, that marshal was alive?!!
Hungaroring2018 Race 1 Samaia Crashes into Teammate Hoogenboom and Karkosik Crashes
Never crash your teammate, but it still happens all the time
Britain2018 Qualifying Norris Great Save
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Flag Zandvoort2018 Race2
ThomasFisher 10 months
YouTube video
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Norisring2018 Race 2 Start Ticktum Vaidyanathan Big Crash Red Flag
So weird that Vaidyanathan straight crashed into Ticktum
Portugal2018 Race 1 Start Huge Crash Pile Up Red Flag
How many cars involved in this crash? It seems that except the last car all of them crashed out
LeMans2018 Aston Martin Race Murphy Crashes
He hit the wall just before the type barrier... :/
DoningtonPark 2017 Darnell Hellewell Foster Huge Crash
If that bike was a little bit lower, it would be really nasty
Misano2018 CS Race 2 Big Start Crash Pile Up Red Flag
What a mess! It seems that night at Misano always makes big crash
ThomasFisher uploaded 2 videos to dtm - 2018 - norisring
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Flag Norisring2018 Race2
ThomasFisher 11 months
YouTube video

Detroit2018 Race2 Pace Car Crashes On Formation Laps
This is the most ridiculous thing I've seen this year (or maybe the stupid incident happened at SMP F4 this weekend? I don't know...
Detroit2018 Race1 Kimball Crashes Into Ferrucci
Luckily he didn't crash into Veach or Kanaan
PaulRicard2018 QR Final Lap Cordoni and Hook Battle for Win
This was a great battle, but sadly in MR they ended up in collision
Italy2018 FP4 Rins Crashes
That's really fast!
Monaco2018 Race 2 Markelov Passes Maini for 4th
This pass is really in Markelov's style
Concordia2018 Race 1 Start Crash
quite a hard hit on driver side :/
Britain2018 Semi Final 1 Start Kristoffersson Solberg Rustad Crash Red Flag
Why he was trying to run through the type barrier... definitely that cannot work
Italy2018 FP2 Pirro Horror Crash
OMG that's terrible
Indianapolis2018 Sato Crashes Into Davison
This could have become another Conway's crash in 2010, thankfully Sato didn't got lanuched
Monaco2018 Race 2 Gelael Crashes Hard
really a big hit!
Pau2018 FFSA Race 1 Cerqueda Big Crash Ayari Spins Red Flag
This could be so much worse
Hockenheim2018 Race 2 Glock and Paffett Epic Battle for Lead
I just started to watch living stream when this battle began, thankfully I didn't missed it.
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Monza2018 Race 1 Final Lap Leaders Basz Pull and Others Out of Fuel Crazy Close Finish
Dramatic race, crazy crash, crazy finish
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