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chat icon Britain2018 Race2 Ferrucci Crashes Into Teammate Maini
Question to all of you who have been watching motorsport longer than me: have you seen anything like this? (Not just the deliberate swipe but the whole saga)

chat icon Britain2018 Race2 Ferrucci Crashes Into Teammate Maini
And guess what, 2 race meeting ban for Ferrucci

chat icon Jerez2017 Race 2 Kari Crashes into Ticktum
Funny how both drivers involved were Red Bull Junior Drivers (at least Kari was)

chat icon Portugal2018 Race 1 Start Huge Crash Pile Up Red Flag
That damage to the barrier though Smilie
That terrible start for Müller is a blessing in disguise.

chat icon Monza2018 Race 3 Cohen Rasmussen and Doohan Saucy and Toth Garisto Crash
Another Formula 4 chaos

chat icon Monza2018 Race 1 Rodriguez Crashes into Ptacek
That could have ended with a roll over

chat icon Zandvoort2018 1 Race 2 Three Wide Close Finish for Supersport 1 Win
That is some photo finish

chat icon NRing2018 Race 2 Belov Rolls during Recovery
Oh, dear...

chat icon Monza2018 Race 1 Restart Leaders Iaquinta Rovera Fulgenzi Crash
To weave under braking and cause a crash is stupid enough, going flat-out on the run-off chicane is more stupid.

chat icon RoadAtlanta2018 Race 3 Wilson Vaccaro Loomis Leist Billions and Others Crash
That's one big mess.

chat icon Oschersleben2018 Race1 Start Crash Live
@AlphiksV2 I said when

chat icon 2018 Huge Crashes Part2
Great couple of compilations you got!

chat icon Oschersleben2018 Race1 Team Mates Crash
They've got the "follow the leader" wrong.

chat icon Oschersleben2018 Race1 Start Crash Live
When did they stop using the tighter 1st turn?

chat icon Hungaroring2018 Race 2 Auer Mortara Spengler Crash into Marshals and Crews Red Flag
Slick tires + Wet Concrete = Disaster
I'm surprised that the stewards handed them DSQ.

chat icon Italy2018 Moto3 Norrodin Crashes
RIP in Pieces, bike.

chat icon BrandsHatch2018 TCR UK Race 1 Start Backman Price Collide and Crocker Spins Fuller
That's one crazy first lap. Smilie

chat icon Detroit2018 Race2 Pace Car Crashes On Formation Laps
They could have made Servia drive the pace car in the first place.

chat icon Hungaroring2018 Race 2 Auer Mortara Spengler Crash into Marshals and Crews Red Flag
Auer's onboard was not a beautiful sight. Smilie Hope for a speedy recovery for the crews and marshals. Also noticed that they took out Auer's onboard live stream on YouTube.

chat icon Italy2018 Marquez Crashes
That's championship changing stuff!

chat icon Britain2018 Semi Final 1 Start Kristoffersson Solberg Rustad Crash Red Flag
Another video of teammates colliding. Rustad meanwhile... Smilie

chat icon France2018 Moto3 Kornfeil Crashes Over Bastiannini
Awesome save!

chat icon Italy2018 FP2 Pirro Horror Crash
Is there any injuries though? Because he lander pretty hard on the ground and rolling all over violently.

chat icon Barber2018 Pigot and Claman DeMelo Collide
It's amazing how they manage to continue from that because that could have been worse.

chat icon LongBeach2018 Bourdais Insane Pass on Pigot Dixon Leist
Awesome move, like threading the needle. Shame for the penalty though

chat icon Lausitz2018 Race 1 Rast Big Crash Flips Red Flag
Audi's tripping on each other in this race. Smilie

chat icon Italy2018 FP2 Pirro Horror Crash
That looked very nasty. How is he doing?

chat icon Indianapolis2018 Castroneves Crashes
Is no one going to mention Rossi's move? Shame for Helio, though.

chat icon Indianapolis2018 Veach Fuel Spill
Dear, oh dear!

chat icon Indianapolis2018 Patrick Crashes
What a way to end her career... Smilie

chat icon Indianapolis2018 Sato Crashes Into Davison
What happened to Davison?

chat icon Monaco2018 Race 2 Gelael Crashes Hard
Considering how low these cars are, specially at speed, kerbs that low are maybe just enough to launch a car like that.

chat icon Monaco2018 Race 2 Gelael Crashes Hard
Could have been a good weekend for him.

chat icon Monaco2018 Race 2 Albon Crashes into Nissany
What a weekend for Albon. Pole then two DNFs

chat icon Indianapolis2018 Final Laps Herta and OWard Close Finish for Win
Great racing

chat icon Potrero2018 Final 2 Big Crash
Is this the same track the GT1's raced before?

chat icon Monaco2018 Race1 Fuoco Crashes Into Ghiotto
Very unnecessary to do that.

chat icon Monaco2018 Race1 Norris Crashes Into Boschung
Could have possibly set a move to St Devote

chat icon Indianapolis2018 Bump Day Mann Hinchcliffe DNQ and Davison Funny Interview
Look at how many people were around Hinchcliff. Smilie

chat icon MalloryPark2018 Hudson Horror Crash Amateur
That is so nasty!

chat icon 2018 FoxSports Commentators Ad
The one of the weirdest ad I've ever seen.

chat icon Qatar2017 FP2 Szabo Crashes into Ehrlacher
That's going to have an interesting debrief after that session...

chat icon GoldCoast2017 Race3 Pile Up
Those words, priceless...

chat icon Bathurst2017 Qual Shahin Crashes
It would be awesome if the car had the onboard camera to see how he was beating the wheel just like what Craill mentioned.

chat icon Bathurst2017 Qual Shahin Crashes
That's one way to give the new track some exposure. (Look at the front part of the hood/bonnet.

chat icon Hungary2017 Race2 Jeffri Crashes Into Canamasas
I guess Canamasas, Visoiu and Jeffri have gone full circle in their incidents.

chat icon Townsville2017 Race2 Seton Brook Crash Pile Up
Different series but thanks still

chat icon Darwin2017 Prac Heimgartner Crashes
They didn't even bother to line up the rest of the concrete with tire barriers...

chat icon Misano2017 NC Race 2 Leader Siljehaug Passes Safety Car and Gets Disqualified
Isn't there any radio from team to driver? He should have been told not to get past it.