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Jamaica2019 Panton Fennell Horror Crash
@lucasjeha The driver is not in the video. He was cut free from the car and taken to hospital with soft-tissue damage and complaining of back pain, he's expected to fully recover. Co-driver Fennell only had some cuts and bruises and got out of the car on his own.
Chicago2019 Salinas Big Crash
She was incredibly lucky to just fit under the wheeliebar of her bike. That was just enough space
Indianapolis2019 Malukas Windom Big Crash
Chris will not have good memories of this weekend. That sprint car wreck was massive, then he had this one as well. Two huge crashes and none of his own fault.
Snetterton2019 Race 1 Crossley and Smith Huge Crash Red Flag
Must have been scary from Smith's car. He took that car right into the window. Look at how heavily damaged it was :O
BuenosAires2019 2 Clase A Final Giovanetti Horror Crash Into Rescue Car
Safety worker had no chance, RIP. What caused the cars further back to go off? Was it oil on track, or did they just lose control on their own?
Silverstone2019 Proto Big Crash
That was a nasty hit, pretty much head on into the wall. And I disagree with the commentator, the other car should have payed attention to the car exiting pit lane as well. You can't just cut across a car coming out of the lane like that.
Nrburgring2019 1 Lohn Big Crash Flips Amateur
@neteye thanks for the info. Unfortunately this is a amateur team, no big budget, just racing for the fun. Glad to know they are working on a return and to hear that the fans are helping them out to get back on track! I hope they get another engine or a rebuild one soon.
Nrburgring2019 1 Lohn Big Crash Flips Amateur
The way he rolled was very unlucky. Good thing the driver seems to be getting out on his own, hopefully no injuries.
Catalunya 1993 Cazzago Huge Crash Extended
That was vicious, how bad were the injuries to his legs?
EastLondon 1995 VanDerLinde Huge Flip
Who decided it was a good idea o have a sloped bank on the inside of a corner...? They just wanted cars to flip I think.
Kingsport 2012 Bad Two Car Crash
Hitting the track entry gate is always awful. What were the injuries for the driver?
AfricaEcoRace2019 Stage 7 Laure and Kuprianov Huge Crash Rolls
What kind of move was that by that black buggy. You would think it would be possible to avoid crashing into someone in the desert...
SantoDomingo 2018 Huge Crash
Some very lucky specators there
GranjaViana2018 Silva Crashes Hard Into Neidhardt Red Flag
Why was he in that place. He was practically in the racing line with his back facing the cars. Not so smart, fortunately he'll be okay.
Uruguay2018 3 Final Pereira Big Crash Rolls
What happened? He just went hard right for seemingly no reason. That was a big one
Cascavel 2018 Multiple Car Crash Sedano Huge Crash
Massive hit, If that was driver side it would have been all over for that VW driver :o
Macau2018 MR Florsch Horror Crash Amateur
Miracle she survived, same goes for the fact the marshalls and photographers also survived. Full injury report as it stands:

Driver: Sophia Florsch - broken vertebrea, no paralysis. Will be operated on.
Driver: Sho Tsuboi - complains about lower back pains. Will be examined to check for possible back injuries.
Marshall: Chan Cha In - Facial injuries including a broken jaw, also an injury to the abdominal wall.
Photographer: Chang Weng Wang - sustained an injury to his liver.
Photographer: Minami Hiroyuki - concussion.
Baja2018 Rossi and Traffic Car Close Call Amateur
Crowd said it right, what an idiot. Who drives his truck onto a stage like that. If Rossi came only a split second earlier, he would have absolutely pancaked the civilian car :o
LaPlata2018 Final Massive Start Crash Onboard
How the hell could the seatbelt let go like that, looks like it snapped. Really poor safety equipment if it did.
SanMartinoDiCastrezzato 2018 Nesi Huge Crash Amateur
I was wondering if someone filmed this. Saw pictures from the crash. There was pretty much nothing left from the car, just the rollcage. A miracle they escaped with only minor injuries!
LaPedrera2018 Final Moriatis Okulovich Magni Huge Crash Red Flag
@GTVIRUS Don't ask me why they use the Dutch flag for it, but I believe it means the Safety Car will be coming out/is out, when they throw that flag.
Vallelunga2018 Race 2 Start Crashes
These are some of the most unsuited cars to race. Look at how twitchy they are :P
Vallelunga2018 Race 1 Start Menapace Crashes Hard
That was a vicious hit :o
Sunix2018 Tomacellos Crashes Hard into Tree Amateur
It's weird to see how much safety features failed there. The rollcage doesn't seem to incorporate the entire car. Like it's one of those that kind of is just welded into a standard car without attaching any parts to the front/engine compartment. It's just welded to the chassis beams in the middle (which can't take such an impact). Then her seatbelts failed as well and on top of that she lost her helmet. Especially losing the helmet is bad. A proper helmet would have never come loose, no matter how hard the impact is. So she either didn't attach it properly, or it was a really bad helmet. She is very lucky to get away with the relatively minor injuries she suffered. Hopefully her next car will be slightly better equipped. I also hope this track won't have random unprotected trees next to the track for their next event
Zandvoort2018 Lammers Does J Turn in BMW V12 LMR Amateur
@vettelisthebest Klinkt ook wel heel lekker met die V12, en het is leuk dat Lammers er dan een show van maakt als er even iets misgaat :P
Zandvoort2018 Lammers Does J Turn in BMW V12 LMR Amateur
Lol, you've been around my twitter. I shot this video ;D
SantaFe2018 Final 2 Sapag Crashes
Looked like a brake failure or stuck throttle. Lucky for him it happened in a spot with a little bit of run off, still a pretty big hit.
Sunix2018 Tomacellos Crashes into Tree Aftermath Red Flag
How is there just completely unprotected trees on a racetrack, not even a tyre barrier or something around it...I've been to hillclimb races that have better safety and they usually race twitsty roads throught stretches of forest :o
Nurburgring2018 6 Shoffner Big Crash Flips Amateur
That was a monster flip! Fortunately reports are that the driver got out under it's own power. He was transported to hospital where he stayed on the intensive care overnight for precautionary reasons. A day later he was placed on the normal station where he already reported that he didn't suffer any injuries and was feeling okay. The next day he left the hospital. Porsche build one hell of a car!
Riverside 1968 Sell Huge Crash Rolls Fire
Was that first marshall really trying to put out the fire in the grass instead of the car?! He was meters back from the wreckage. The driver is very lucky to somehow escape this wreck seeminlgy uninjured!
Palanga 2018 Unknown Crash Close Call With Marshall
Rule #1 as marshall: always look at the track, never turn your back to it. I think this was a security guard or something because he clearly was not following that rule.
SanJuan2018 WarmUp Milla Huge Crash Flip Extended
That was a massive hit. Lucky to get out of such a nasty side on hit without injuries.
Nikolaev 2017 Spectator Fatal Crash Amateur
Why would anybody do something this stupid, I've been drunk plenty of times but never has anything this stupid come up in my mind...The driver of the rally car is going to have to live with this for the rest of his life
Germany2018 FP2 Kallio Crashes BT Sport Commentary
I don't think he tried to bail at all. Looks like he tried to turn tighter to try and miss the barrier and drive out the gravel and highsided doing that. Nasty crash.
Skerries2018 Dunlop Fatal Crash Amateur
The spectators knew instantly nobody could survive that, they were lucky the bike didn't fly into the spectator area as well. What a horrific crash
Portugal2018 Race 1 Start Huge Crash Pile Up Red Flag
@crills2000 Michelisz didn't make it through either, he made it back to the grid but his rollcage had too much damage to take the restart. Literally the entire field was caught in this accident or the aftermath of it. From the midpack (around P15 on back) most cars escaped with no damage or just minor damage. About 90 minutes later 18 cars (out of 27 total) took the restart, several of them having had severe repair work done in the long break between this crash and the race restart They had to fix the barrier which was completely torn away which took over 90 minutes. Atleast 3 cars look to be out for the weekend, VWs were definitely done. Huffy and Bennani were sent to hospital for checkup but according to WTCR all drivers were ok.
Cyprus2018 Day 2 Nordgren Crashes Rolls
That may have been the fastest I have ever seen a rally car go from starting a stage to rolling over ;D
Misano2018 Race 2 Start Big Crashes Red Flag
Interesting how he managed to somehow roll into the crash
Grandview2018 Umbenhauer Crashes Rolls Big Fire
Lucky man. That thing went up like a torch just after he got out :o
Oschersleben2018 Leblanc Big Crash
How did he get that thing was completely destroyed :o
NRing2018 Race 2 Belov Rolls during Recovery
Driver must be wondering what happened ;D
Chang2018 1 Supercar GTM Race 2 Charoensukhawatana Suspension Failure Crashes
That is one hell of a name ;D
BrandsHatch2018 Kubota Rolls Amateur
What was the guy in the Essex Lotus doing? He almost took out another car right after flipping that first one.
Monaco2018 Race1 Fuoco Crashes Into Ghiotto
Was he thinking that the car next to him would just vanish? ;D
MalloryPark2018 Hudson Horror Crash Amateur
That was a big one! Red car just never saw him I guess. Glad he's okay.
Potrero2018 FP1 Conta Brake Failure Huge Crash
That was a huge crash, everything in front of the firewall is basically gone :o
Italy2018 WSS300 Kalinin Crashes Hard
That was a very bad crash. Glad he managed to let go off the bike and scrub off some speed before impacting the wall. Would have been a terrible crash if he rode the bike into the wall :o
Knockhill2018 Race 2 McKell Crashes Flips
Looks like a front brake failure. Bit odd he went full speed directly after getting out of the gravel trap, I would expect he would have noticed the brake failure at that first off.
Monaco2018 Serie G Group 2 Qualifying Lajoux and FolchRusinol Crash
@woudys yeah it's never nice to see them crash but as you said it's part of racing, even when racing these old things.

I have a real love/hate feeling towards the Monaco GP in particular when it comes to historic racing. It's a great event on a track with a long heritage, which I love, but I hate knowing beforehand that some really cool cars will crash in the process.
Monaco2018 Serie G Group 2 Qualifying Lajoux and FolchRusinol Crash
@woudys these people do really care for these cars and their heritage. They race them because that is what is meant to be done with them. Yes they crash every now and then but that is part of racing. Honestly some of the drivers are really skilled as well. I've been at the Historic GP at Zandvoort for a few years now and the top drivers really do race these things properly and are perfectly capable of controlling them. Fortunately nowadays the resources are there to basically build one of these cars from the ground up if they have to, so these two cars will be just fine since the damage was pretty minimal :w
Monaco2018 Serie F Pastorelli Crashes
That Durex joke from the commentator ;D
Monaco2018 Serie G Lyons Grogor Pastorelli Great Battle for 3rd
In the entirty of the upcoming 2018 Monaco GP we won't see this many overtakes....Just look how close to eachoter those cars could run, this is the aeropackage modern F1 needs.
Nurburgring2018 Vanthoor Big Crash
That Mercedes was in a terrible spot. Vanthoor is lucky he didn't hit it, would have been a horror crash if he did. Still a big crash now though!
Nurburgring2018 Qualifying 2 Speich Big Crash Flips
That is a nasty place to have a crash. How that other car didn't get involved is a minor miracle as well! That was an amazing effort to miss it.
Nurburgring2018 Classic Thielert Crashes
haha commentator only barely pulled out of some german swearing ;D
Belgium2018 Isaakyan Big Airbourne Flip Amateur
What a horiffic flip! The speed at which he took off was insane. Very lucky to land right side up and somehow walk away from it all :o
Virginia2018 GT SprintX Race 1 Start Parente Crashes
Second huge crash for Parente in 2018. He's having a rough year so far.
Spa2018 1 Race 1 Van Loon Onboard Fire Extinguisher Explodes
For those that don't speak Dutch: His driveshaft failed, that punched a hole in the exhaust and the fire extinguisher went off as a result of that.
LongBeach2018 GT Final Lap Harata Fuentes Crazy Battle for GTA Class Win
Would have been impressive if Fuentes would have won it crabbing like that. Harata rightfully won though since the move that put him in the wall wasn't on.
LongBeach2018 GT Sullivan Big Crash
Really unnecessary crash. The other Porsche had no reason to pull over like that, just staying on the same line he would have carried exactly the same amount of speed...I assume he got a penalty for it but a really silly mistake resulting in a very hard crash
Rafaela2018 Final 2 Mari and Ricciotti Horrific Crash Red Flag
What a hit! Bit of a uncommon place to crash but I still feel like there should not have been a wall at such an angle towards the track, atleast they put a lot of tires in front of it. Glad both driver are okay
Bangsaen2017 Qualifying Nandy and Shen Crash
Not exactly the best barriers. They almost folded over from the Porsche hitting it side on. Anyone has a bigger crash here and they will just go straight through the fence it seems.
Mugello2018 CS Race 1 Nussbaumer Big Crash
Unfortunately another typical Ferrari Challenge crash. I don't think he even saw that other car and just straight up drove into him and spun himself out.
StPetersburg2018 GT Race 2 Parente Brake Failure Big Crash Red Flag
Brake failure on a street track, scary stuff. Glad he is okay after that because that was a huge crash
Adelaide2018 Race4 Chick Crashes Hard
Big shunt, but Chick was probably lucky he hit the other car like that. It would have been a horiffic head on crash into the wall if he didn't get spun away from it.
Bathurst2018 Walsh Fullwood Martin Huge Crash Red Flag
Massive crash, glad everyone got out of that ok. I will say I'm also very impressed by the save from that red touring car. No idea how he managed to miss that Audi, he must have come within inches of that Audi while fully sideways
Mid Ohio 1986 Garza Huge Crash
That was massive, looks like he got huge air after flying off that bridge embankment :o
Mugello 2016 SSP Race 2 Stirpe Amazing Pass On The Grass
Wow, he just kept it flat :o
Palanga2017 Aukstuolis Big Engine Blow Up
This race just throws up the weirdest moments. Why would anyone continue on towards the pit lane throwing a smokescreen like this XD
Macau2017 FP2 Pommer Big Spin
That is impressive :o
Pukekohe2017 Race2 Smith Crashes Into Banks
I enjoy my fair share of historic racing and what I have learned from that is that pretty much every car is repairable. I have seen cars that were torn in half and still got repaired, it takes months to do it but they can be fixed
Jennerstown 1995 Finish Senneker Nott Huge Crash
That is one way to win a race I guess :P
Sonoma2017 GTS Race 2 Michaelian Crashes
That was a nasty impact, pretty much pancaked the wall
Zolder2017 Race 2 Van Kuijk and Oguzhan Crash
lol that Dutch track speaker is the same one as at my local speedway.
SanRafael 1998 Farina Fatal Crash
Why no safety car or red flag, and why was the driver just hanging around in the middle of the track...nothing about this makes sense. Terrible accident that could have easily been avoided
Silverstone 2007 Huge Start Crash
How was it possible that the car split nearly in half right in front of the cockpit?! That should not happen to a formule car not even with such an impact.
Englishtown 1986 Garlits Flips
What a save!
Venray2017 Elite 1 Race 1 Start Longin and Gabillon Crash
haha love the accent of the commentator. "Green flag wavesuuuhhhh, great start by Anthony, he takes the leaduuuhhh" ;D
Oschersleben2017 FP Florsch Almost Hits Safety Truck Onboard
Flörsch has been fined for uploading this video without permission. She is also being investigated for her failure to slow down under red flag conditions.
Hungaroring2017 Race 1 Leeds Crashes Flips
The guy commentating isn't very impressed by this crash he just continues on with his random story ;D
Hungaroring2017 Qualifying 1 Cardoso Crashes
Trying to pull a super grippy formula car sideways, good thinking lads
Leon2017 Challenge Jaitovich Brake Failure Crashes Hard
Lucky he managed to split those trees :o
Portugal2017 FP1 Coronel Wheel Failure Crashes into Fire Truck
Coronel's crash was caused by his entire front left wheel breaking off, straight was his only option even if there wasn't a wall to the left. I'm baffled that there is such a large gap with no further protection though. Atleast put like a tyre stack or something at the end of it. If that van wasn't there he could have gone straight into a specator area.
Knoxville2017 Zoutte Big Airborne Crash
wow, that was an impressive flight, almost landed on the road outside of the track :o
France2017 FP4 Miller Huge Crash
That was massive, how he walks away from that I have no idea :o
Velopark2017 Race 2 Pizzonia Rocha Foresti Khodair Valerio Big Crash
Bad move on pizzonia's part. He drove straight into the path of the other drivers.
Donington2017 Race 3 Monger and Pasma Horror Huge Crash Red Flag
That is one of the worst crashes I have seen in a long time. No chance to avoid....I hope they both recover from their injuries.
Hungaroring2016 Race 1 Davies and Egsgaard Crash German Commentary
Commentator not looking right. He's got full right hand lock on. Reason he kept coming further across seems to be a broken left front suspension.
Hassberg2016 Jager Crashes Flips Amateur
Did he not have a rollcage or did it collapse? I know in eastern europe they have rallies where people race without rollcages but I wouldn't expect that in Germany.