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BuenosAires2019 2 Clase A Final Giovanetti Horror Crash Into Rescue Car
A few cars stood on there brakes while others continued at full speed and got wide, the last white car hit the gravel and spun towards the safety truck.
As to my opinion there was no yellow flag out on that point at that time.
Memphis1994 Caminitio Horror Crash Another Angle
maybe a 2 second replay was better .. pretty short.
Azerbaijan2019 Qualifying Gelael Runs over Marshals
When you don't grab the clutch the car can turn itself on by rolling it .. that was what happened, he did not put power on the wheels .. the car just started and run on his own the first few meters.

He had better put the power off instead.
Interlagos2019 2 SBK Light Evolution SuperStock 1000cc Paludete Fatal Crash Amateur
Another bad accident on Interlagos, RIP
StPetersburg2019 Race 1 Start Baron Flip Amateur and Onboard
That was a very nice flip, very unusual though ..
Mexico2019 Piquet Crashes Into Vergne
When a car can fly over another at that kind of speed then the back of the car has a design fould.
That was a pretty heavy impact at low speed.
Macau2018 MR Florsch Horror Crash Amateur
I can't find any words for this one, that's probably the worst that could have happend in a crash like this.

I hope she will make a full recovery as well as for the marshall and photographers.
Indianapolis 1971 Start Pace Car Crashes Live
Here is a very nice story about this accident and what happened.
LagunaSeca 1999 FP Rodriguez Fatal Crash Extended
If they had the HANDS device back then his neck would have sustained the frontal impact.

Very sad :(
LagunaSeca2018 Race 1 Monk Big Crash
Holy cow that was hard :o
Homestead 2007 Cunningham Justice Huge Crash Extended
So glad for having the saver barrier back in 2007, that could have been a very bad outcome without it.
Nurburgring2018 6 Shoffner Big Crash Flips Amateur
@metallica101 Good to hear he's doing ok mate, that was one hell of a ride :o
Nurburgring2018 6 Shoffner Big Crash Flips Amateur
I counted 9 and a half flips .. wow I hope he's o.k. :o
Taruma2018 Crestani Crashes Hard
How ironic it would be surviving a crash like that without a scratch and then getting hurt while getting out of his car.

Almost twisted his ancle there :o
Pocono2018 Restart Wickens HunterReay Hinchcliffe Fittipaldi Sato Horror Crash Red Flag Live
I'm so glad he did not hit that pole with his cockpit otherwise the outcome would have been catastrofic .. glad to hear he was awake and alert.

Pocono is such a great track but still very dangerous for indy cars to my opinion.
Goiania2018 Light Race 2 Cardoso Huge Off
Rally stock car racing new style perhaps ;D
Riverside 1968 Sell Huge Crash Rolls Fire
@mattia Thanks mate, I thought it was a bit strange doing such thing on live broadcast. :)
Riverside 1968 Sell Huge Crash Rolls Fire
Most disturbing thing I think is when the commentators are saying we'll get back because the action is on the racetrack and the accident is off.

While that poor man is fighting inside his car they just continued the race like nothing happened.

Glad he got out of that mangled car. :/
RoadAmerica2018 Lyons and Ward Huge Crash
Massive roll .. it might be a good idea to put a piece of saver barrier around that corner.
Spa2018 Race 2 Leader Blomstedt Massive Crash Red Flag
That's a shitty crash .. as a marshal your an assistant to the driver but this is a bad thing if one of those gets hurt.

Same as I feld with the DTM wet pit at the Hungaroring were marshalls were involved in pit lane incidents.
CalderPark 1984 Newton Huge Crash Extended
The expected challenge from Alan Newton in his Elfin MS7-Repco Holden (the same car that Elfin Sports Cars founder Garrie Cooper had used to win the 1975 Championship) came to a premature end during the first lap of the second heat at the opening round at Calder. Sitting in second behind Clearihan going down Calder's back straight, the cars throttle jammed open going into the braking area and Newton veered left, running at high speed across the infield until hitting a small rise which saw the Elfin literally fly across the track (it was airborne for approximately 20 metres) before landing and hitting the guardrail at undiminished speed. Newton survived the crash with nothing more than a busted knee and broken ankle (later during the race Newton was shown by race broadcaster Channel 7 sitting up and talking to medical staff as he was being placed into an ambulance)

Source: Wikipedia.
Austria2018 Race2 Start Crash
Terrible team effort :o
Norisring2018 Race 2 Start Ticktum Vaidyanathan Big Crash Red Flag
@Nascar47fan I agree on that mate, hard lesson but he will learn from it I hope .. 5 seconds to not avoid a solid object is indeed a bit too much.
Norisring2018 Race 2 Start Ticktum Vaidyanathan Big Crash Red Flag
When starting on the right side of the straight all you do as a driver is first look at the left for other drivers because you won't expect a stolling car in front of you .. well not directly in front ..

He had clear visability in front when starting and turned his head to the left for other drivers but realised too late there was this stalling car .. it looked like he had so much time to avoid this crash but he never expected this car .. if it was a car directly in front or maybe 2 cars in front he would have avoid him.
Catalunya 2006 Race 2 Start Crash
2006 .. no HANDS device .. look at his kneck on impact in slow motion and that wasn't even a high speed head on :/
Texas2018 ClamanDeMelo Power Crash
@Ncal7 True.

His spotter should had told him but he decided to close the gap by getting high, that poor rookie had no where to go with that speed he was carying.
Chang2018 1 Supercar GTM Race 2 Charoensukhawatana Suspension Failure Crashes
Nice Language ;D
NRing2018 Race 2 Belov Rolls during Recovery
And don't forget to put the steering wheel back my friend ;D ;D
Detroit2018 Race2 Pace Car Crashes On Formation Laps
The car was driven by some CEO from General Motors as I heard ?

In America they are talking about safety as they set the highest standart but they can't even let these guys drive with a safety helmet and protecting clothes ?

Just stupid !!
Italy2018 Marquez Crashes
Karma just did a good job there ;D
Italy2018 FP2 Pirro Crashes Hard Extended
He could easily broken both of his feet or anckles when he landed down .. his knee pads absorbed most of the force otherwise he would never ride a bike again in his life.

I must say .. THANK GOD for knee padding in Motorsports :o
Olavarria2018 R3 Cup Final Gerbasi Fatal Crash
@crills2000 We are talking motor biking here.
It's very sad to see a biker get hit frontal by another biker, there wasn't anything that could have done to prevent these kind of crashes.

To me it looked like a pretty save track with wide open run off erea.
Accidents like these happens sad but truth.
Italy 1999 250cc Start Crash
feels so unreal after nearly 20 years valentino rossi is still driving at the highest level of motorsport while all these other drivers are playing with their memories ;D
Monaco2018 Qualifying Norris Crashes
I bet that steering house wasn't straight after that hit but he managed to get an excellent time out of it dispite that hit :o
Monaco2018 Serie G Group 2 Qualifying Lajoux and FolchRusinol Crash
@metallica101 It gives me a good feeling now with the wise words you choose and I really do believe these cars should always be available for racing because that's what they used to mend for.

I Honestly still get a slightly broken heart seeing damage done to a historic GP car but well .. that's part of the sport of racing ain't it :w
Monaco2018 Serie D Rowley and Delbene Crash
The yellow flag couldn't stop Delbene from crashing into Rowley as it came out right after Rowley crashed.

Sad to see 2 historic cars get crashed out :-[
Monaco2018 Serie G Group 2 Qualifying Lajoux and FolchRusinol Crash
It's sad to see so many unknown drivers driving an old F1 car and just think they can handle all that horse power.

And it makes me really angry to see those drivers crashing those fantastic historic cars .. to be honest the cars are ment to be driven but only in the hands of drivers that can handle the cars. :/
Belgium2018 Isaakyan Big Crash Flips
Too bad there isn't actually a television footage of the crash itself beside one amateur recording.

I wonder if there wasn't any safety cam on that piece of track ?
Europe 1992 250cc Shimitsu Zeelenberg Huge Crash
Slight name error .. it's Wilco Zeelenberg .. not "Zeelemburg" :)
RioCuarto 1992 Etchegaray Throws Fire Estinguisher
I just can't believe what I saw :o
Belgium2018 Qualifying Fittipaldi Big Crash Pure Sounds
@neteye well that's just bad luck that it happened in one of the most dangerous corners at Spa with a speed up to 280KMH :-[
Belgium2018 Tincknell Big Crash
Man .. identical to fittipaldi's crash :o
Belgium2018 Qualifying Fittipaldi Big Crash Pure Sounds
I always wonder what caused a crash, to me it looked like a broken suspencion .. car went straight in the middle of the corner with no wheelspin on the back tyres wich should ended up with a tail spin .. instead the car didn't turn as should be expected with a normal racing speed.

I'd say .. suspencion failure sadly with no time to react to it.
Belgium2018 Qualifying Fittipaldi Big Crash Pure Sounds
@x3xu14 although racing and crashes both goes hand in hand it's not really nice to see people get hurt so a bit more respect should be in place here.

Hope he get back soon.
Sydney2018 Heat9 Mackay Big Crash
@sadsac72 I wonder why they don't use the big wing on top to prevent cars to behave like this like they use in the states ..

This is just crazy
Argentina2018 Moto3 FP1 Canet Crashes into Yurchenko on Purpose Extended
just stupid .. Canet should have a big penalty for this stupid move, maybe a few races suspended would teach him a lesson !!
Indianapolis 1996 FP Brayton Fatal Crash Full Report
I've seen the footage of this crash multiple times but never the anouncement according to his crash and I felt so sad to hear he past away wich only realized to me beside he was a race car driver .. he was also a human being that lost his life by doing that one thing he loved :-[
Indianapolis 2008 Qual Foyt Strange Crash
As I see this crash did not happen during Quali so maybe the title should be changed to practice crash :)
Indianapolis 2008 Qual Foyt Strange Crash
2008 for sure .. according to wikipedia ..

Sunday May 18, 2008 - Bump Day time trials

Qualifications summary
Shortly after the track opened for time trials, A. J. Foyt IV easily bumped his way into the field, bumping Marty Roth in the process. Later in the afternoon, Roth was able to secure a spot by bumping Buddy Lazier.
After qualifying, A. J. Foyt IV took his car out for practice. The fuel buckeye cover broke off after he exited the pits, and in turn three, a fire started on the side of the car, causing him to spin and crash into the wall. The car was heavily damaged. With Roger Yasukawa on the bubble, Mario Dominguez made his first attempt to qualify, but was too slow.
Montreal 1990 Pareja Huge Crash Amateur
Comment Posted! @SimonKevNorris According to Wikipedia ..

The 1990 Montreal incident
Pareja was involved in a massive accident during the 1990 WSPC round at Montreal. On his 59th lap driving a Porsche 962C entered by (and shared with) Walter Brun, he hit a fragment of a manhole cover which had been torn out of the ground by a car further ahead. Several cars hit the debris but Pareja was especially unfortunate. His fuel tank was ruptured and the car immediately burst into flames. Remarkably, the marshals were able to put the fire out and rescue Pareja.
Montreal 1990 Pareja Huge Crash Amateur
If we only had cell phones to capture movies back then :/
Indianapolis 1994 Mansell Vitolo Crash Report And Amateur Footage
What was he thinking .. pit lane speed limit ? what does that mean ??
Mid Ohio 1986 Garza Huge Crash
Me either Zag .. 80's footage from indycars are rare except the 500 :/
Macau2017 Hegarty Horror Crash Amateur
I might be wrong but his body flew too high to hit the guard rail .. My guess is he flew into the metal catch fence and hit a metal pole .. it's the only explanation why he lost his helmet .. metal fences do absorb enough energy to the body to survive a crash like this .. his speed wasn't that high enough to cause death.

Hitting the metal pole would have caused enough energy to lose a helmet and causing brain damage .. nevertheless a terrible accident that could have been avoided .. just don't let any bikers allow to race on street circuits .. risks although fully taken by the bikers isn't worth it :(
Macau2017 Hegarty Horror Crash Amateur
no run off .. no grass .. no dirt .. no brains still in macau for the organisation to allow motorbikes to race there .. this has got to stop !!
Macau2017 Hegarty Horror Crash Red Flag
man this really pissing me of .. when do they realise that street circuits are not build to race savely for bikes .. after all the death in macau nothing has changed .. those bikers should state their own statement .. NO WE WON'T RACE HERE !! .. to freakin' dangerous :-[
Macau2017 QR Start Crash Massive Pile Up Red Flag
Well E-bay will be having a busy day selling slightly damaged race cars in a few days :o
Nurburgring 1972 Muller Huge Crash
@pikachumotorsport His full name was Herbert Muller and no he did not survive this crash.

His car hit an already stranded car in pit lane and caught fire, the initial impact killed him before he got burned .. Muller refused to wear seat belts during races after the had a fiery accident a few years before this crash.

During his earlier crash he did wear seat belts but was unable to get out of his burning car quick .. he suit was on fire by the time he got out and luckily a marshall put out the flames.

I guess He was very afraid to wear seat belts after that incident off getting burned alive .. he never wear those after that race and ironicly that's what killed him during his last accident :(
Pukekohe2017 Race2 Smith Crashes Into Banks
indeed a great shame :(

The blue car lost his back wing under breaking causing the car to take a hard turn left .. nothing he could do :*(
GoldCoast2017 Qual Mazzaroli Crashes Everingham Huge Air
Wow that's amazing :o

I've heard and seen a top full blowover but never this could be done with a f4 car ... what a lucky escape although I think his back will be sour for quite a while after that flyer :o
GoldCoast2017 Prac Idiots Robson Duckworth Crash
That IDIOT crashed me .. team back on radio .. what idiot ? ;D
Dallas 2017 Torrence Huge Crash
Now we can actually see through the replay how little tyre pressure the cars are racing .. great footage :D
France2017 WSS FPx Sofuoglu Unknown Rea Crash
:o I would have a underwear change after that.
Mugello 2017 PreMoto3 Marfurt Amazing Crash
what a shame, he nearly saved that one ;D
Sonoma2017 FP2 Two Spectators Cause Red Flag
That one brain cell discovered an open fence .. hey let's get closer to the track .. don't bother why they put a fence anyway girls :o
Lobos 1992 Mouras Fatal Crash Aftermath
@zaggi222 Thanx for the vid made, I guess missed that one ..

Looks like maybe a tyre went down or he was steering onto the grass for some other reason ..

Anyway a freak accident that could have been prevented by putting tyre barriers instead of a solid dirt wall, that driver side impact was not survivable :(
Silverstone 1980 Two Unknowns Spins
If the cars were a "Williams FW07B-Ford" and a "Wolf WR6-Ford" then the drivers were "Eliseo Salazar" and "Ray Mallock"

Lobos 1992 Mouras Fatal Crash Aftermath
@zaggi222 there was a dirt wall on the right side drivers view .. did he hit that first before spinning the car to the left that you know ?
Madeira 1993 Aghini Crash
He was lucky to get away with that.
If there was a steel guard rail it could have ended up like a crash Kubica had :o
Belgium2017 Race2 Matsushita Crashes
I was just talking to my girlfriend .. hey no crashes in Au Rouge this year .. 5 minutes later this happened.

Hope he's ok .. stepped out but was a bit crocky when the adrenaline dropped. :o
Gateway2017 Start Power Carpenter Crash
@vettelisthebest I don't think a Halo can protect a driver this way as flying debri can easily enter the cockpit.

But on the other hand, if a tyre should hit the cockpit with Halo protection then the Halo would protect the helmet.

Either way, Halo or no Halo it's open wheel racing and drivers understand the risks their taking, a Halo just put up an invisible protection where drivers can think their save but it's still racing and freak accidents will accur in the future no matter what protection system will be used.
Atlanta 1986 Glidden Flips
Nice footage .. many taken from the "decade of Thrills" VHS tapes by Diamond P Sports.

I still own 2 VHS tapes, Decades of Thrills wich covers the late 70's and 80's and one calles Decades of Thrills 2 wich covers races and crashes from the 90's.

Shame I don't own a VHS anymore but the tapes stays in the collection just to bring up some good memories.

Both tapes can be seen on youtube .. First tape ..

Second Tape ..
Riverside 1984 Felton Huge Crash
This crash happened in the 6 hours race of Trans-Am in 1984 . not 1987.

It took 19 month for Felton to recover and get back behind the wheel of a race car but left him with a paralyzed vocal cord and partial paralysis the left side of his body.

Injuries he sustained were his hangman`s vertebrae, fractured a couple of shoulders, broke 7 ribs, bruised his heart, bruised his brain and some internal hermorrhaging.

Now age 81 he is founder of the "Gene Feltons Restorations" restoring older race cars including many old Nascar cars.