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Bloopy commented on Tasmania2017.Race1.Massive_Pile_Up.mp4
@motofever he meant Davison, not David. Davison suffered a minor transverse process fracture in his back along with being winded, but he was fit enough to race again at the next round 2 weeks later.

Bloopy commented on Tasmania2017.Race1.Massive_Pile_Up.mp4
Based on the videos out there, it may be the biggest pileup in the 'category' since Bathurst 1969. Fox reported previous biggest was Sandown 1998 (9 cars and a photographer injured). A lower speed 2002 Darwin pileup had up to 11 cars involved.

Bloopy commented on Supercars.2017.Round01a.Melbourne.Race3.mkv
Thanks Nubbin!

Bloopy commented on Brock__Part1.mkv
The first part in particular is mostly very amusing. The portrayal of some of the characters is comical. I enjoyed it for what it was. Entertainment with some great cars, not to be taken as anything more than a loose insight.

Bloopy commented on Germany2000.WarmUp.Villenuve_Verstappen_Crash.mp4
Cue 'Lucky Strike' jokes

Bloopy commented on MT89_2011_BSB_Snetterton_Race2_Brogan_Andrews_Huge_Crash.mkv
Damn, were they trying to go to the moon?

Bloopy commented on V8.Supercars.2015.Round01.Adelaide.Qualifying1and2.mkv
Thanks a lot! How crazy is it having nearly an hour of footage just for two 10 minute qualifying sessions?

Bloopy commented on V8_SuperTourers_2014_Round_3_Pukekohe.mkv
Brilliant, thanks again! Crazy 3rd race, looks like most of the teams forgot their calculators.

Bloopy commented on V8_SuperTourers_2014_Round_2_Manfield.mkv
Thanks, you make it a lot easier for us to follow the series, much appreciated! Always great racing at this track too.

Bloopy commented on a video that has since been deleted
Thanks, I missed the day's racing. Was great we could start downloading on the Sunday night of the race weekend.

Bloopy commented on a video that has since been deleted
Thanks as always!

Bloopy commented on a video that has since been deleted
Excellent, thanks! Slept in and missed qualifying today, oops.

Bloopy commented on Darwin2013.Race1.Winterbottom_Crashes_Into_Reynolds.avi
Unfortunate that they couldn't work together to catch Whincup. Winterbottom will be wanting to forget this year I think!

Bloopy commented on a video that has since been deleted
Working well on VLC here, thanks!

Bloopy commented on Perth2013.Feat.Pye_Crash_Analysis.avi
Wow, nice footage, don't get to see much of the post-race stuff here.

Bloopy commented on Perth2013.Prac4.Short_Highlights.avi
Another great practice video, thanks!

Bloopy commented on USA2013.Race4.WDavison_Crashes_Into_McLaughlin.avi
Indeed! It'd be nice if they had fixed cameras as a backup. Not sure why they didn't grab the replay of Will's view instead of Scott either.

Bloopy commented on USA2013.Race1.Start_Live.avi
Unfortunate with the unneeded safety car. Hopefully after a few more poles, Fabian will get one right!

Bloopy commented on Bathurst03_Murphy_Pole_Lap.avi
Nice, one of the defining moments of the sport. The best part is the look on Bowe's face at 2:00.

Bloopy commented on USA2013_Short_Practice_Highlights.avi
Superb quality footage, thanks! I don't normally get to see any of the practice action.

Bloopy commented on Pukekohe2013.Race3.Gibson_Crashes.avi
Nice one! I managed to make it to Pukekohe on the Saturday and glimpse a bit of the utes, but it looks like there's more action in race 3.

Bloopy commented on Hockenheim2007.Race1.Huge_First_Lap_Pile_Up_Crash.avi
I like how the still frame makes it look like the cars are disintegrating. I was hoping the crash wasn't as bad as that frame suggested, but it kinda was!