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chat icon Austin2017 Race 2 School Bus on Track Red Flag
Apparently the bus is used to pick up the marshals, so it was supposed to be on the track, just not before the race finished!

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chat icon Brock Part1
The first part in particular is mostly very amusing. The portrayal of some of the characters is comical. I enjoyed it for what it was. Entertainment with some great cars, not to be taken as anything more than a loose insight.

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chat icon MT89 2011 BSB Snetterton Race2 Brogan Andrews Huge Crash
Damn, were they trying to go to the moon?

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chat icon V8 SuperTourers 2014 Round 3 Pukekohe
Brilliant, thanks again! Crazy 3rd race, looks like most of the teams forgot their calculators.

chat icon V8 SuperTourers 2014 Round 2 Manfield
Thanks, you make it a lot easier for us to follow the series, much appreciated! Always great racing at this track too.

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chat icon Pukekohe2013 Race3 Gibson Crashes
Nice one! I managed to make it to Pukekohe on the Saturday and glimpse a bit of the utes, but it looks like there's more action in race 3.

chat icon Hockenheim2007 Race1 Huge First Lap Pile Up Crash
I like how the still frame makes it look like the cars are disintegrating. I was hoping the crash wasn't as bad as that frame suggested, but it kinda was!