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Thank you for all the great videos. Just Great On Board Laps at the Old Hockenheimring, with Johnny Herbert. They were on the throttle most of the whole lap, I have seen recent pictures of the track, the through the woods section, has been returned to nature and the local farmers. The asphalt is all gone, torn up and trucked away. It is such a shame to see this great old circuit, emasculated to the point it is today by Hermann Tilke and Group, as per Bernie Eccelestones' surely separated the boys from the brave had to be brave as all hell and have a great amount of trust in your car...yes, it was dangerous, of course it is, it is auto racing. If people want to make something safer, well, that's fine, just don't make things safe that don't want or need to be safer or safer, we all know the riskks and accept them or we wouldn't race! Sorry for the rant, it is just all the recent stupid rules by FIA are bothering me, ...the Halo device and the Aero-screen....and the starts behind the safety car when the track is only just wet,...Silverstone and is 7/31/16.

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It sure is very cool to see the Top Drivers of today, learning the craft in F-Fords. way back in 2001, LMAO....wasn't long ago... I know of many of these guys, as I said Top Drivers and I am Canadian. I have to admit, the very best Racers, either 2 or 4 Wheels, are from UK or Australia...I could be easily convinced that it was Aus. I am new to this site and quite like it, everything a Gear Head would want. Glad to be here. The commentators here are giving much technical info, more than other broadcasts...Thanks