chat icon V8 Supercars 2015 Fox Sports Ad
Not controversial or anything!

chat icon Pizza Hut Advert With Murray Walker and Damon Hill
Love this from Damon and Murray; you won't see an F1 driver doing something like this anymore for a common brand like Pizza Hut!

chat icon Pocono2015 Leader Karam and Wilson Big Scary Crash Live
This is actually the first time i've seen this. God bless you Justin Wilson and Rest in Peace, how unlucky to be struck on the head at that exact moment. Hopefully we never have to find out but I wonder if the halo coming into Formula 1 next season will stop something like that.

chat icon BBC TopGear Ayrton Senna Tribute
One of the best films Jeremy Clarkson had done for the BBC, only wish he had done more stuff with Martin Brundle.

chat icon Macau2004 Hamilton and Rosberg Crash
Well....some things never change! Smilie Smilie

chat icon 2013 Firestone Indy Lights Indianapolis Photo Finish
By far and away one of the most amazing finishes to any car race I have seen in my life. All gave each other room, no bad blocking, just hard racing to the line. Great to see!

chat icon SurfersParadise09 Race4 Stupid Driving At Its Best Live
Who would have thought just several years later Richie Stanaway would become something of a superstar and both overseas and in Supercars. As of when I write this, confirmation is pending of his full time Supercars debut for 2018.

Scott Pye too, has an immense talent level, but has often either found himself at the wrong place at the wrong time on the racetrack or at the wrong team at the wrong team at the wrong team. Throughly impressed how he put James Courtney in the shade this year, particularly in the second half of the season.

chat icon AbuDhabi2017 Race 2 Final Lap Albon and Leclerc Amazing Battle for Win
Now that my longtime favourite driver Felipe Massa has retired, I am praying that Charles LeClerc ends up with a seat in 2018. Why won't Sauber just announce him?! It's making me nervous, looking forward to seeing how he gets on the Test today and tomorrow.

chat icon V8 Superstars Segment Nov 2005
Yes very much agree, it's not without the realm of possibility that we could see this happen again this year. However with the personalities of this new crop of drivers it won't be nearly as funny.

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Flag V8 Superstars 2002 Future of the Series
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Flag V8 Superstars Segment Nov 2005
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chat icon Malaysia2011 Simoncelli Rossi Edwards Horror Crash
R.I.P Marco I will miss you. I have been following you all year and it's a shame it came to end like this...see ya pal

chat icon LasVegas2011 Wheldon Huge Pile Up
R.I.P Dan Wheldon the Motor Racing community will miss you dearly Smilie Smilie Smilie Smilie Smilie Smilie

chat icon PhillipIsland06 125 Start Crash Full
You wouldn't have the full race would you?

chat icon Catalunya2011 Moto2 Sofuoglu Simon Crash
How many races is Simon out for?