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chat icon StPetersburg2018 Race 2 Start Franzoni and Telitz Crash
Shame they haven't been able to up the field size after years of it being about 10

chat icon Daytona 2005 Feese Crashes Into Spectators
Was anyone hurt?

chat icon NewZealand2017 Race1 Coulthard Reynolds Crash Roll
Seriously? Both cameramen follow only davey when there are clearly 2 cars spinning towards a tire barrier

chat icon Argentina2015 Day 3 Paddon Crashes into Spectators Amateur
Was anyone killed?

chat icon Atlanta 1988 Marmor Huge Crash
what is it with ARCA at Atlanta

chat icon GoldCoast2017 Race2 Highlights
What's with the low number of safety cars and incidents at Clipsal and Gold coast this year? Usually very eventful races

chat icon GoldCoast2010 Race1 Ingall Passes Brabham
Funny how nowadays this would be a straightforward bump and run and be a penalty

chat icon SanRafael 1998 Farina Fatal Crash
what a stupid fucking accident

chat icon Bathurst 1996 Jones Spins Richards
What's with the 80s music they always used to play in the replays

chat icon Goodwood 2000 Damer Fatal Crash Extended Version
Didn't he have a medical problem which caused the crash?

chat icon Britain 1995 Alesi Onboard Lap
Unbelievable quality

chat icon ArizonaFairgrounds 1962 George Crashes Into Public
Did this kill anyone?

chat icon Thruxton2017 Big Start Crash
Was everyone OK?

chat icon Thruxton2017 Superstock 1000 Teammates Walker Fincham Horrific Crash
Did that tear his lower leg completely off?

chat icon BrandsHatch2017 1 Ducati Cup Guiver Wilson Ford Scary Crash on Warm Up Lap
How the hell can the back wheel of a bike launch someone in the air like that. scary stuff

chat icon Townsville2017 Race2 Seton Brook Crash Pile Up
What a stupid crash

chat icon Daytona2017 Xfinity Big One Red Flag
What is with the amount of crashes that happen going into turn 3

chat icon Indianapolis2017 Start Teammates Herta Kellett Norman Crash
@vettelisthebest righteo, good to hear

chat icon Indianapolis2017 Start Teammates Herta Kellett Norman Crash
Is the field of indy lights every gonna expand?

chat icon Winton2017 Race2 Start Pile Up Red Flag
Wow, second pile up for the year. It breaks your heart to see these machines destroyed like this, at least none looked like write-offs

chat icon Bristol2001 Xfinity Santerre and Teague Crash
Bloody hell how many crashes were in this race

chat icon Tasmania2017 Race1 Massive Pile Up
I'll admit part of me used to get excited when i saw a big crash, but this is just so sad for everyone involved - especially LDM and BJR after what happened in the DVS race

chat icon Denmark 2008 Huge Crash In The House
Fantastic from the owner of the house

chat icon Desoto2017 Steele Fatal Crash Amateur
Interesting how it doesn't look that bad to the naked eye. Maybe his head hit the wall?

chat icon Michigan 1998 Borkoski Huge Crash
1998 and no catch-fencing?

chat icon Winchester 1992 Huge Pile Up
Were the drivers OK?

chat icon Adelaide2017 Race3 Start Pile Up
These rolling starts are a joke, they only cause carnage like this

chat icon Australia2017 WSS Mulhauser and Rea Crash
Was he alright?

chat icon Langhorne 1951 Big One
Was anyone injured? The car that is hit in the second impact was absolutely destroyed

chat icon Sobota1993 Bublewicza Fatal Crash

chat icon Britain 2010 SSP Huge Start Crash Red Flag
Were they alright?

chat icon China 2008 Qual 250cc Takahashi Huge Crash
How can he walk away from that

chat icon Jugoslavia 1981 350cc Rougerie Fatal Crash
Hard to watch. One step sooner or later and he might have lived

chat icon Macau2016 MR Vanthoor Huge Crash Flips Red Flag
Why would you even enter a car in this race, it's worse than Gold Coast this year

chat icon GoldCoast2016 Race3 Burnitt Wilson Pile Up
By far the most carnage filled race weekend for these guys i've ever seen - be lucky to have 10 cars for Sydney

chat icon Winton2016 Race1 Courtney Waters Crash
Was Courtney penalised for this?

chat icon Mexico2016 Start First Lap
How the hell can Hamilton not be penalised for that but Verstappen be penalised for the exact same thing later? Both should be punished, preferably by having a bloody gravel trap there or a time penalty

chat icon Sydney2013 Race1 vanGisbergen Crashes Into Coulthard
Was he penalised for this?

chat icon Australia2016 Moto3 McPhee Pile Up
Any word on the condition of the riders?

chat icon Kansas2016 Restart Big One Red Flag
ARCA brakes

chat icon GoldCoast2015 Race1 Dumbrell Crashes Twice
From memory, did Canto get penalised for getting into Dumbrell? It looked like he was definitely up far enough

chat icon Brock Part1
Has anyone who watched it got an opinion on it? Is it worth watching?

chat icon Bathurst2016 Whincup McLaughlin Tander Crash
The whole redressing rule is a fucking joke, Bargs should resign after the penalties he handed out

chat icon Bathurst2016 Chahda Denyer Spin
Whoever the second commentator is is the worst I've ever heard

chat icon Sandown2016 Race3 Start Golding Huge Crash
Happened right in front of me. Boy that corner has claimed a few over the last few years! Imagine if they hadn't replaced those small, loose tyres they had there until that mini crash in 2009 with the ones we see now!

chat icon Zandvoort2016 Race 1 Idiot Crew Work on Car Outside Pit Lane Red Flag
What was the driver so angry about?

chat icon Nurburgring2015 Mardenborough Horror Crash Amateur
Didn't they introduce some sort of speed limit after this crash? Is it still enforced?

chat icon V8 Supercars 2016 Round07 Townsville Race2
Bloody fantastic race, absolutely gutted for Davey though

chat icon Darwin2016 Race2 Start Pile Up Crash Replays
First of all glad Lee is mostly OK but why did the cameraman have to focus on his car in the very background at 3:10 rather than what was happening right in front of him, where there is clearly gonna be more action

chat icon Catalunya2016 Moto3 Race 2 Ramirez Crashes Hard Red Flag
Since when has Moto3 had more than 1 race at a race meeting?

chat icon Detroit2016 Race 2 Mingay Huge Crash Amateur
For his face to be injured, you'd think the fence got up under his helmet after the roof was torn off - just terrible

chat icon Monaco2016 Qual Ricciardo Onboard Pole Lap
Beautiful lap, easily the most talented driver in the field

chat icon Talladega2016 Xfinity Restart Big Crashes Epic Close Finish
Poole was absolutely robbed. If they are only a second or two from the finish line, why the hell would you throw a caution? Let them race to the line first

chat icon Netherlands2016 STK1000 Russo Crashes
There's always a marshall that falls over haha

chat icon Tasmania2016 Race2 Waters Oil Pile Up
How was there no safety car called for this...

chat icon LaPampa2016 Final Restart Big Pile Up
Incredible how they have officials standing on the inside of the track - also I've noticed how so many of these south american (?) tracks are extremely flat and fast

chat icon Amozoc2016 1000cc Big Crash Red Flag
Looked like he got run over, was he hurt that badly?

chat icon Australia2016 Alonso Huge Crash
Hats off to that cameraman, and glad Alonso's alright. Bloody fantastic race

chat icon Australia2016 Qualifying Highlights
There were no highlights to this qualifying

chat icon Gainesville2016 Stevenson Big Fire
Driver get out OK?

chat icon Mobile2016 KNPSE Cabre Crashes Flies Red Flag
I can't believe these wallless tracks exist

chat icon LagunaSeca1998 Race 1 Huge Start Pile Up Red Flag
You gotta tell me, were any riders hurt?

chat icon Junin2015 2 Season Crash Highlights
With those couple of huge crashes around the 1:18 mark with the car flipping and that pileup with the guy getting out and holding his side, were they OK and can I see the full videos of them?

chat icon Assen92 Lawson Schwantz Crash Out
This was the same weekend that Doohan had his bad crash, right?

chat icon Cascavel2013 300R Pacheco Big Crash
was he alright?

chat icon Kouvola2012 Kaisanlahti Huge Crash Amateur
Were they OK?

chat icon Macau1996 Qual Trulli Onboard Lap
makes you wonder how they remember all those corners, braking markers, etc

chat icon Rafaela2006 Final Noya and Miller Fatal Crash
So how did the second person die? The first was obviously T-boned, but the impact of the driver that hit him didn't look nearly hard enough to kill him

chat icon Australia2015 Iannone Hits Seagull
RIP in peace

chat icon Nurburgring2015 Race 2 Barnicoat Wins De Pasquale Flips after Finish
no replay?

chat icon V8 Supercars 2015 Round09 Sandown QualifyingRace1
Cheers mate

chat icon Perris2014 Niemela Horror Crash
Pretty obvious what happened here...

chat icon BuenosAries2006 Salles Horror Crash Other Angle
So was the driver OK?

chat icon Daytona2001 Russell Horror Crash
Any word on injuries?

chat icon EasternCreek2015 Race1 Weeks Crashes Aftermath
It looked like they didn't even make en effort to get any footage of the crash on the telecast - probably because it happened right at the end of the race. Glad he's OK

chat icon Belgium2015 FP2 Ericsson Crashes
did they really not have any other angles?

chat icon Malaysia2015 Race2 Highlights
Looks like an exciting track, although going for a move looks pretty brave

chat icon Thruxton2015 Superbike Race 1 Buchan Bridewell Crash Hard Brookes Wins
Was he alright?

chat icon Parana2015 Final Start Gianini Rolls
Bloody hell look at the size of that grid! Compare that with the V8 supercars...

chat icon Suzuka2015 Stoner Stuck Throttle Big Crash
Gotta love Japanese commentry

chat icon Townsville2015 Qual Lago Big Crash
He alright now?

chat icon Goiania2015 GP Light Prata Huge Crash
Why didn't he bail? Was he alright?

chat icon NewZealand2013 Qual Winterbottom vs ADavison Garage
What is Mark's problem? Usually he's a pretty calm guy

chat icon Silverstone2015 Race 2 Regalia Thinks He Won after Close Finish
Infinitely better than F1

chat icon PhillipIsland1990 Start Crash
Just have a squiz at that field size!

chat icon Monza2015 Race 1 Unknown Spins Pastorelli Crashes Hard
RIP Porsche

chat icon Monza2015 Race 2 Gunther Spins Out Beretta Flips
Euro F3 is becoming a demo derby every race

chat icon Queensland2013 Race2 Short Highlights
To be honest 2013 was a good year of racing (aside from Bathurst). I really think Jason Bargwanna is killing the racing this year and last, because of his anal approach to 'bump and runs' and his innability to see anything as a racing incident. I think it was Cameron McConville in the DSO role in 2013. I want him back

chat icon Monaco2008 Rosberg Crashes Onboard
What the hell even happened?

chat icon 1977 Indianapolis 500 Prac Clay Regazzoni crashes
How lucky is it that he landed wheels down

chat icon Texas 2015 Race2 Pro Light Rayford Rolls
Rollin, rollin, rollin...

chat icon Monaco1982 Nielsen Huge Crash
Was he alright?

chat icon Darwin2013 Race4 Start Huge Crash Pile Up
Peter Burnitt: The Danica Patrick of V8 Utes

chat icon BrandsHatchIndy2015 Superbike Race 2 Johnson Crashes
Wow, they have a safety car in motorcycle racing? I've never seen that before

chat icon Monza2015 CS Race 2 Huge Start Crash Live
I swear, Ferrari Challenge have the biggest wrecks Smilie

chat icon Donington2015 Race 2 Last Laps Jordan Morgan Collard Plato Close Battle
The racing in this series is so much better than it is in V8 Supercars today, because they keep reducing the number of tyres the V8s are getting. 10 years ago, the V8s would have it over the BTCC any day

chat icon Italy09 Hamilton Crashes Out Last Lap Live
No commentry?

chat icon Qatar2015 Final Laps Epic Lead Battle Part 2
MotoGP at its best!

chat icon Tasmania2015 Race 1 Davison Mad at Courtney Because of the Start
The most exciting part of the afternoon Smilie Very disappointed with the quality of racing. I say give them more TYRES!!!

chat icon VeloCitta2015 Race 2 Huge Start Crash
Holy shit