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Nascar47fan commented on GoldCoast2016.Race1.Coulthard_Tander_Crash.mp4
The damning evidence against Tander here is the street lines. Everyone can say what they want, but those permanent white lines don't lie. Fabian stayed in the middle ones (sure, he moved in them, but didn't leave them), Tander left his. Those lines have well more than a cars width worth of room, so no excuses really. Especially when the on-board shows Tander turned into Fabian

Nascar47fan commented on Austria2016_Last_Lap.mp4
I swear that Rosberg has been the cause of 75% or more of the crashes between these 2

Nascar47fan commented on Darwin2016.Race2.Winterbottom_Spins_Russell.mp4
He then said this shouldn't have been penalised. What a joke of a day from a 'champion'

Nascar47fan commented on Monaco2016_Ericsson_Crashes_Into_Nasr.mp4
Both at fault. Nasr ignoring team orders. Ericsson for the world's dumbest move. I see Ericsson getting in more trouble for this.

Nascar47fan commented on Perth2016.Race2.Last_Lap_Close_Finish.mp4
Isn't the finish line back off the final turn? Meaning the bridge replay is technically worthless in determining the finish?

Nascar47fan commented on Bathurst1968_Citroen_Crashes.avi
@vettelisthebest They used it on the highlights video/DVD from 1960-1966 and 1967-1974. Always fun to watch

Nascar47fan commented on Bathurst1969_Seton_Roll_Aftermath.avi
You have many more old Bathurst footage? It's awesome to see footage I've never known about of The Great Race

Nascar47fan commented on Bathurst2016_Luff_Crashes.avi
I don't get why they didn't check his on-board footage?

Nascar47fan commented on Belgium2015.FP2.Ericsson_Crashes.avi
@HughJass It's better than having no footage though

Nascar47fan commented on
Wait, what? How? Why? What?

Nascar47fan commented on Townsville2015.Race1.Bowe_Crashes.avi
I amazed that the car got little to no damage from that impact

Nascar47fan commented on Daytona2015_Finish_Dillon_Horrific_Crash.mp4
Holy ****! He's one lucky guy, but boy will he be sore

Nascar47fan commented on Britain2015.Race1.Evans_Loses_Headrest.avi
Well, contender for WTF moment of the year

Nascar47fan commented on
It's good to see how far car structures have come over the years to enable drivers to walk away from these types of crashes

Nascar47fan commented on Fontana2015_Restart_Last_Lap_Finish_Briscoe_Big_Crash.avi
I thought Indycar were trying to prevent these types of accidents with these cars?

Nascar47fan commented on Austria2015_Raikkonen_Alonso_Crash_Replays.avi
Raikkonen just wanted to let Alonso have 1 final ride in a Ferrari

Nascar47fan commented on
Why are some people so damn stupid?!

Nascar47fan commented on Darwin2015.Race2.Last_Lap_Finish_Lowndes_100th_Win_Interviews.avi
About time he got 100. Awesome moment in Aussie motorsport

Nascar47fan commented on Darwin2015.Race1.Restart_2_Crash.avi
That was all Courtney. Jumped early, then swerved straight into van Gisbergen, and this was the end result. Yet he thinks he wasn't at fault, which I don't get

Nascar47fan commented on Darwin2015.Race1.Last_6_Laps_Morris_vs_Uebergang_Finish.avi
Awesome race. Nice to see The Dude has some class and sportsmanship

Nascar47fan commented on Austria2015.FP1.Massa_Almost_Hits_Arrivabene.avi
I've noticed a lot lately that people in the pit lane just walk across without looking. Hopefully this incident will make people more aware now

Nascar47fan commented on Darwin2015_Qualifying_Highlights.avi
Man, these are always such a blast to watch. I'd love to drive and race in one of these

Nascar47fan commented on Darwin2015.Prac.Grass_Fire_Red_Flag.avi
What is it with Darwin getting so many grass fires?

Nascar47fan commented on Toronto2015_Race_1_Highlights_Enerson_Huge_Crash.mp4
He's so lucky that the cockpit didn't directly hit anything. Very lucky

Nascar47fan commented on Canberra2002.Race3.Longhurst_Crashes.avi
Fairly certain that this is Max Wilson crashing

Nascar47fan commented on Bathurst2014_Lowndes_Spins_Winterbottom.avi
I don't get why people are so uptight about this. One, it's Lowndes, not like he'd intentionally wreck someone, especially after he went & hugged Luff after the practice wreck that he didn't need to be in. Secondly, Winterbottom went wide, and Lowndes just got caught up in Winterbottom's mistake, thats racing (though I agree with the penalty). Finally, there were less than 10 laps left of the biggest race of the year, everyone is going to bring the hip and shove to have a chance at winning, and this was the end result for the both of them unfortunately. Btw, what happened to the Super Black car? It was 5th on lap 160 then I didn't see it pass me on lap 161. Did it pit or did someone take it out?

Nascar47fan commented on Bathurst2013.Race1.Bergmuller_Crashes.avi
How the accident started (skip to about 0:36)

Nascar47fan commented on RoadAmerica2014_GT_Race_2_Figge_and_Lazzaro_Massive_Crash_Live.mp4
It was from the live stream, & they didn't have any replays. I'm sure on-board replays will surface once they air it on, I think it's the NBC (don't quote me on that, as I don't know American TV channels)

Nascar47fan commented on Detroit2014_GT_Race_1_Hahn_Crashes_Hard_into_Safety_Truck.mp4
There was so much water on the road, & he probably just tapped the gas whilst driving over it. Yes it was a stupid accident, but I'm certain the water had something to do with it

Nascar47fan commented on Monaco2014.Qual.Rosberg_Off.avi
That was very strange indeed.....

Nascar47fan commented on BrandsHatch2014_Race_3_Menu_Crashes_Ingram.mp4
100% correct James. Not safe at all & it should be investigated