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Scotty commented on Sandown2016.Race3.Denton_Conroy_Crash.mp4
I think this is in exactly the same spot as Goldings smash in the V8's

Scotty commented on Silverstone2016_Race_3_Harper_Nicosia_Ayres_Hard_Crash_Red_Flag.mp4
Thanks for uploading

Scotty commented on Sandown2016.Race2.Start_Crash_Pile_Up.mp4
Good round for smashes - some very solid accidents

Scotty commented on Sandown2016.Race3.Start_Golding_Huge_Crash.mp4
How's the onboard!!!

Scotty commented on Sandown2016.Race3.Start_Golding_Huge_Crash.mp4
You are right angoman101- you have a memory like a steel trap

Scotty commented on Britain2016.WarmUp.Iannone_Crashes.mp4
Interesting point woudys - thanks for the clip admin

Scotty commented on Indianapolis2016_Hight_Engine_Explosion.mp4
Thanks vettelisthebest for another great clip

Scotty commented on Italy2016_Eisemann_Bauer_Lopez_Big_Crash.mp4
Thanks for the clip solid smash!

Scotty commented on Italy2016_Cullen_Flips_French.mp4

Scotty commented on France2016_Final_Last_Lap_Loeb_Passes_Solberg_and_Block_Crashes.mp4
Thanks - great racing

Scotty commented on France2016_Q1_Race_6_Start_Timerzyanov_Crashes_Red_Flag.mp4
Good clip - shame they didn't have another camera angle

Scotty commented on Watkins_Glen2016_Mikhail_Aleshin_Puncture.mp4
Thanks for the clip- lucky guy

Scotty commented on Vallelunga2016_Race_1_Matteo_Leone_Huge_Crash.mp4
Yeah it's a shame there wasn't another camera angle - thanks for the upload

Scotty commented on
Thanks for the upload. I enjoy watching the DTM series

Scotty commented on
Thanks for posting angoman101

Scotty commented on Belgium_2016_Magnussen_crashes_fullspeed_additional_replays.mp4
Thanks- good in car footage

Scotty commented on Mexico2016_Tung_Spins.mp4

Scotty commented on Mexico2016_Yamagishi_Crashes.mp4
Solid hit - thanks

Scotty commented on Mexico2016_Bernhard_Off.mp4
Thanks - how close was that!

Scotty commented on Mexico2016_Dalla_Lana_Crashes.mp4
Thanks again

Scotty commented on Britain2016.Moto2.Qual.Gardner_Crashes.mp4
Thanks admin for the uploads - you've got some good content

Scotty commented on Britain2016.Moto2.Qual.Lecuona_Crashes_Again.mp4
Thanks- he'll get better with age

Scotty commented on Britain2016.Moto2.Qual.Marquez_Crashes.mp4
WOW that was close

Scotty commented on Mexico2016_Thiim_Crashes.mp4
Thanks BarriKimi for the upload

Scotty commented on Britain2016.Moto2.Qual.Zarco_Crashes.mp4
Thanks for uploading

Scotty commented on Italy2016_Qualifying_Maini_Crashes_into_Janosz.mp4
nice 1

Scotty commented on Italy2016_Race_1_Restart_Boschung_Crashes_into_Teammate_Isaakyan.mp4
Thanks for uploading - should be an interesting team meeting

Scotty commented on CzechRepublic2016.Moto3.Qual.Bagnaia_Bastianini_Crash.mp4
Thanks for the upload

Scotty commented on CzechRepublic2016.Moto3.Qual.Hanika_Crashes.mp4
Thanks admin - nice highside - normally you'd lowside on the entry into a corner

Scotty commented on CzechRepublic2016.Moto3.WarmUp.Rodrigo_Pawi_Crash.mp4
Thanks admin- it would've been good if the cameras caught the start of this

Scotty commented on Belgium2016_Wehrlein_Crashes_Into_Button.mp4
Thanks admin - it's always someone else's fault Mr Wehrlein

Scotty commented on Rockingham2016_Race_2_George_Jackson_Flip.mp4
Thanks reiter - WOW a rollover without contact

Scotty commented on Bristol2016_WMT_WSMT_Pickens_Crashes.mp4
Thanks - its a shame the cameras didn't get the first impact

Scotty commented on WatkinsGlen2016_FP1_Daly_Crashes.mp4
Daly sounded devistated

Scotty commented on Stafford2016_KNPSE_Restart_Big_One_Red_Flag.mp4
Thanks for the clip - for a soft smash 7 cars - as the announcers said interesting team meeting!

Scotty commented on Sonoma2016_KNPSW_Bruncati_Spins_Kneeland_and_Rouse_Crashes_Wong.mp4
Thanks again

Scotty commented on MidOhio2016_TA_TA3_TA4_Fix_Crashes_and_Herbert_Fix_Big_Crash.mp4
Ur right James - Blind corner on a racetrack- Oh I'll just go anyway then have a go at the other driver

Scotty commented on Belgium2016_Magnussen_Crashes_Hard.mp4
Thanks for upload - can't believe he gets to walk away

Scotty commented on Sonoma2016_KNPSW_Start_Big_One_Red_Flag.mp4

Scotty commented on Bristol2016_WMT_WSMT_Solomito_Bonsignore_Crash_and_Big_One.mp4
Thanks again vettelisthebest

Scotty commented on Bristol2016_WMT_WSMT_Restart_Bonsignore_Crashes_and_Multiple_Car_Crash.mp4
Thanks vettelisthebest - you upload some great content

Scotty commented on Italy2016_Feat_Massa_Retirement_Tribute_Video_by_Williams.mp4
Outstanding career with more than 10 wins and 40+ podiums

Scotty commented on V8.Supercars.2016.Round09.Sydney.Motorsport.Park.Race2.mkv
Thanks Nubbin

Scotty commented on Snetterton2016_Race_1_Final_Lap_Jelley_Crashes_Hard.mp4
Nasty 1

Scotty commented on Dominion2016_KNPSE_Final_Laps_Davis_and_Haley_Epic_Photo_Finish.mp4
Legendary finish

Scotty commented on Finland2016.Review.mp4
Athanks for posting - how was Tanak's jump?

Scotty commented on
Thanks for posting - good luck to Vettel in Italy

Scotty commented on France2015_Heat_3_Race_3_Start_Crash.mp4