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hvs5b commented on Supercars.2017.Round01.Adelaide.Saturday.FullDay.WebRip.mp4
Excited. Been a long winter waiting! A thousand thanks for the continuing uploads Nubbin, yerra star mate.

hvs5b commented on V8.Supercars.2016.Round11.Bathurst.Saturday.FullDay.WebRip.mp4
Life just got much, much better! Thanks dude

hvs5b commented on V8.Supercars.2016.Round08.Sydney.Motorsport.Park.Qualifying1.mkv
As always, many thanks dude

hvs5b commented on V8.Supercars.2016.Round08.Ipswich.Race2.mkv
Legend. Don't know what I'd do without my V8 fix!

hvs5b commented on V8.Supercars.2016.Round04.Perth.Saturday.FullDay.WebRip.mp4
Always , always appreciated

hvs5b commented on V8.Supercars.2015.Round09.Sandown.QualifyingRace2.mkv
Legend, I go weak without my V8 fix!

hvs5b commented on V8.Supercars.2015.Round08.Sydney.Motorsport.Park.Race3.mkv

hvs5b commented on V8.Supercars.2015.Round05.Darwin.Qualifying3.mkv

hvs5b commented on a video that has since been deleted
Just another huge nod of appreciation to those responsible for uploading the v8 quali/races over the whole season. Thank you, thank you, thank you!