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chat icon LongBeach2018 GT Final Lap Harata Fuentes Crazy Battle for GTA Class Win
Would have been impressive if Fuentes would have won it crabbing like that. Harata rightfully won though since the move that put him in the wall wasn't on.

chat icon LongBeach2018 GT Sullivan Big Crash
Really unnecessary crash. The other Porsche had no reason to pull over like that, just staying on the same line he would have carried exactly the same amount of speed...I assume he got a penalty for it but a really silly mistake resulting in a very hard crash

chat icon Rafaela2018 Final 2 Mari and Ricciotti Horrific Crash Red Flag
What a hit! Bit of a uncommon place to crash but I still feel like there should not have been a wall at such an angle towards the track, atleast they put a lot of tires in front of it. Glad both driver are okay

chat icon Bangsaen2017 Qualifying Nandy and Shen Crash
Not exactly the best barriers. They almost folded over from the Porsche hitting it side on. Anyone has a bigger crash here and they will just go straight through the fence it seems.

chat icon Mugello2018 CS Race 1 Nussbaumer Big Crash
Unfortunately another typical Ferrari Challenge crash. I don't think he even saw that other car and just straight up drove into him and spun himself out.

chat icon StPetersburg2018 GT Race 2 Parente Brake Failure Big Crash Red Flag
Brake failure on a street track, scary stuff. Glad he is okay after that because that was a huge crash

chat icon Adelaide2018 Race4 Chick Crashes Hard
Big shunt, but Chick was probably lucky he hit the other car like that. It would have been a horiffic head on crash into the wall if he didn't get spun away from it.

chat icon Bathurst2018 Walsh Fullwood Martin Huge Crash Red Flag
Massive crash, glad everyone got out of that ok. I will say I'm also very impressed by the save from that red touring car. No idea how he managed to miss that Audi, he must have come within inches of that Audi while fully sideways

chat icon Mid Ohio 1986 Garza Huge Crash
That was massive, looks like he got huge air after flying off that bridge embankment Smilie

chat icon Mugello 2016 SSP Race 2 Stirpe Amazing Pass On The Grass
Wow, he just kept it flat Smilie

chat icon Palanga2017 Aukstuolis Big Engine Blow Up
This race just throws up the weirdest moments. Why would anyone continue on towards the pit lane throwing a smokescreen like this XD

chat icon Macau2017 FP2 Pommer Big Spin
That is impressive Smilie

chat icon Pukekohe2017 Race2 Smith Crashes Into Banks
I enjoy my fair share of historic racing and what I have learned from that is that pretty much every car is repairable. I have seen cars that were torn in half and still got repaired, it takes months to do it but they can be fixed

chat icon Jennerstown 1995 Finish Senneker Nott Huge Crash
That is one way to win a race I guess Smilie

chat icon Sonoma2017 GTS Race 2 Michaelian Crashes
That was a nasty impact, pretty much pancaked the wall

chat icon Zolder2017 Race 2 Van Kuijk and Oguzhan Crash
lol that Dutch track speaker is the same one as at my local speedway.

chat icon SanRafael 1998 Farina Fatal Crash
Why no safety car or red flag, and why was the driver just hanging around in the middle of the track...nothing about this makes sense. Terrible accident that could have easily been avoided

chat icon Silverstone 2007 Huge Start Crash
How was it possible that the car split nearly in half right in front of the cockpit?! That should not happen to a formule car not even with such an impact.

chat icon Englishtown 1986 Garlits Flips
What a save!

chat icon Venray2017 Elite 1 Race 1 Start Longin and Gabillon Crash
haha love the accent of the commentator. "Green flag wavesuuuhhhh, great start by Anthony, he takes the leaduuuhhh" Smilie

chat icon Oschersleben2017 FP Florsch Almost Hits Safety Truck Onboard
Flörsch has been fined for uploading this video without permission. She is also being investigated for her failure to slow down under red flag conditions.

chat icon Hungaroring2017 Race 1 Leeds Crashes Flips
The guy commentating isn't very impressed by this crash he just continues on with his random story Smilie

chat icon Hungaroring2017 Qualifying 1 Cardoso Crashes
Trying to pull a super grippy formula car sideways, good thinking lads

chat icon Leon2017 Challenge Jaitovich Brake Failure Crashes Hard
Lucky he managed to split those trees Smilie

chat icon Portugal2017 FP1 Coronel Wheel Failure Crashes into Fire Truck
Coronel's crash was caused by his entire front left wheel breaking off, straight was his only option even if there wasn't a wall to the left. I'm baffled that there is such a large gap with no further protection though. Atleast put like a tyre stack or something at the end of it. If that van wasn't there he could have gone straight into a specator area.

chat icon Knoxville2017 Zoutte Big Airborne Crash
wow, that was an impressive flight, almost landed on the road outside of the track Smilie

chat icon France2017 FP4 Miller Huge Crash
That was massive, how he walks away from that I have no idea Smilie

chat icon Velopark2017 Race 2 Pizzonia Rocha Foresti Khodair Valerio Big Crash
Bad move on pizzonia's part. He drove straight into the path of the other drivers.

chat icon Donington2017 Race 3 Monger and Pasma Horror Huge Crash Red Flag
That is one of the worst crashes I have seen in a long time. No chance to avoid....I hope they both recover from their injuries.

chat icon Hungaroring2016 Race 1 Davies and Egsgaard Crash German Commentary
Commentator not looking right. He's got full right hand lock on. Reason he kept coming further across seems to be a broken left front suspension.

chat icon Hassberg2016 Jager Crashes Flips Amateur
Did he not have a rollcage or did it collapse? I know in eastern europe they have rallies where people race without rollcages but I wouldn't expect that in Germany.

chat icon Nogaro2016 Race 1 Bottemanne Massive Crash
What a massive hit. Completely wiped the front off the car. Very lucky to walk away from that one Smilie

chat icon Goodwood2016 Bond Scary Crash Flips Amateur
A very lucky man! Seeing a crash like this with a classic car is such a scare. The rollbar and other modern updates to the car saved his life. If this crash would have happened in the 60's that car would not have had a decent rollbar and the driver outcome would have probably been much worse.

Sadly a classic car is now in ruins. I hope he car fix it but it seems like it took a lot of damage.

chat icon Mugello2016 Ratcliffe and Berton Huge Crash
Glad that Porsche driver had good enough reflexes to atleast avoid driving straight into the back of the stationary car. Glad he is okay. Why wasn't the yellow flag out? Clearly that car was in a dangerous place.

chat icon Cascavel2016 Mocelin Fatal Crash Amateur
Freeman that was definately a bad crash. They both hit that dirt embankment at high speed at one of the worst angles possible, side on. And hitting a dirt embankment is like hitting a solid wall, it has no give so everything has to be absorbed by the car. Both cars got very badly damaged and side one impacts have the least protection for the driver. One of them even hit it driver side.

chat icon Pedavena2015 Ragazzi Big Crash Amateur
This is actually a hillclimb for the Italian Championship, hence his usage of a Ferrari Smilie

chat icon Jyllandsringen2015 2 Heat 2 Elgaard Big Crash
He perfectly pit manouvred himself Smilie

chat icon BrandsHatch2015 Elite 2 Race 2 Gaudin and Melgrati Big Crash
They have a lot of big crashes in this championship Smilie I was at the races in Venray and they had a few biggies there as well.

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chat icon Monaco2015 FP Van Buuren Almost Runs Over Seagull
I like how that bird spreads it's wings like it's saying "you get the hell out of here, this is my property" It's hardly intimidated XD

chat icon VLN2015 Nurburgring Mardenborough Horror Crash Amateur
I'm going to be a spectator at the 24 hours of the Nurburgring this year. This does not make me happy :S