chat icon V8Supercars 2015 Season Review
yesssss thank you!!!!

chat icon V8 Supercars 2014 Season Review
Hi! Wonder if you'd be lucky enough to have the '15 review too, and would feel like uploading it to get everyone back up to speed before clipsal??

You know we'd love you for that. Much thanks!

chat icon V8Supercars 2013 Season Highlights
I'm curious if anyone here can identify some of the music on this season review?

chat icon Adelaide2015 Race3 Whincup Mostert Moffat Pile Up
Bit of fault on both sides, but come on, Whincup's gotta share the racing line if he's that far ahead, he can't just "belt into people" as he so calls it if he thinks he's got the line.

Also, oh, the irony:

chat icon EasternCreek2015 Test McLaughlin Onboard Lap
Hat tip to foxtel if they give us that jandal cam this year. Where's that shootout lap?

chat icon Bathurst2015 Restart Last Laps Finish
I wonder if there's any camera footage (onboard from the Bentley) that shows what happened in the final corner? They totally had fourth before something with the #97 car, and...

chat icon EasternCreek2015 Test Winterbottom Onboard Lap
Good to see the new Foxtel stuff here--thanks for the upload!

Not much hoodflex to be seen here. So is there a full shootout vid that I'm missing?

chat icon Sandown2014 Race2 Full Race darcyf1
They oughta give this pre-race some points or something for the insanity these guys go through. Great stuff!