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chat icon WatkinsGlen2017 Race 1 Huge Crash Pile Up Red Flag

chat icon MT89 2017 WRC Mexico SS19 Power Stage Crazy Finish
Incredible finish. Wow!

chat icon Bathurst2017 Stippler Crashes and Hit by Pither
Frank Stippler actually broke a rib in this accident.

chat icon MT89 2017 WRC MonteCarlo Paddon Crash
Not sure on validity of this, but the photographer's injury's were too much.

chat icon MT89 2017 WRC MonteCarlo Paddon Crash
Damn. Seriously picked a bad place to take photos. You can see him swept up the rocks then fall back down onto the road. Horrific start to 2017 WRC. Hope he recovers.

chat icon Nurburgring2016 Rain Hail Chaos Crashes Everywhere Red Flag
Incredible! Aquaplaning 101

chat icon Spielberg2016 Race 1 Tveter Li Piquet Horror Crash Red Flag
Was watching live and actually gasped when it happened. Horrific crash. Smilie

chat icon Perth2016 Race2 Emery Crashes
Emery suffered a broken L1 vertebra in this crash. Lucky no more damage but pretty rough injury to recover from

chat icon Concordia2016 Augusto Scalbi Terrible Crash
Thankfully that's not a spectators spot because those wheels flying off would have been deadly Smilie

chat icon Nogaro2016 Race 1 Bottemanne Massive Crash
Dangerous karma Smilie Glad he walked away with only a small limp

chat icon StPetersburg2016 GT Race 2 Fergus Big Crash
WoW. It moved the wall completely across the marshal track access point.

chat icon Goodwood2016 Bond Scary Crash Flips Amateur
If there is anything near a track... cars will always find it. This time its a tunnel. Glad he survived Smilie

chat icon Australia2016 Alonso Huge Crash
Scary crash. Glad he is okay. That slo motion pan from the camera man is amazing. Smilie

chat icon Adelaide2016 Race2 Jane Fire

chat icon Barcelona2016 Test2 Day4 Vettel Trials Halo Onboard
That's not pretty. If this cockpit protection goes through i really hope they come up with a better design.

chat icon Heinola2016 Eight Drivers Crash at Same Corner Amateur
Its like a war zone! Smilie

chat icon Malaysia2016 Day 2 Baz Huge Crash Amateur
That's a fast way to ruin a suit... and everything else.

chat icon Curitiba2015 3 Race 2 Chaotic Start Figueiredo Matos Crash into Brito
This looks live an online racing game, people on the grass, half the field cutting the corner and crashes everywhere!

chat icon Mugello2015 2 Race 2 Mugelli Puncture Crashes Hard
Wow, the car almost follows very similar skid marks already on the road. Luck there was plenty of run off.

chat icon Bathurst2015 Qual Reynolds Pole Lap
A little ambitious! But with another shower coming down its probably true...

chat icon Bathurst2015 Race2 Flack Massive Crash Roll
As soon as it burst into flames my heart sunk. Hope he's going to be okay.

chat icon Misano2015 QR Vanthoor and Szymkowiak Huge Crash

chat icon Japan2015 Qual Kvyat Huge Crash
Lots of energy in that one. Glad he's okay but i must say complete driver error. He's been on edge all weekend.

chat icon Goiania2015 2 Cup Race 2 Piquet Horror Crash Full Coverage
Such a high rpm on that rotation!

chat icon Singapore2015 Track Invader
What a cock.

chat icon Nurburgring2015 Race 1 Hubert Crashes on Sighting Lap Pronenko Zaruba Defourny Stall
Rear right wheel suspension broke as he gassed it up. Unlucky.

chat icon Sandown2015 Race1 Last Lap Campbell vs Foster For Win
Reminds me of 2003 with a similar move in the v8s put on the HRT car at the end of the race

chat icon Italy2015 Race1 Lynn Crashes Into Sirotkin
Double draft + late braking was a little ambitious

chat icon Silverstone2015 Race1 Start First Lap Massive Crashes
Smilie Oh my!

chat icon Italy2015 Race1 vanBuuren Crashes
Unfortunate that the opposite lock gripped up on that service road and shot him into the barriers, otherwise he may have got away with that one.

chat icon Mosport2015 CWTS Last Lap Tagliani Gearbox Failure Jones Wins
Terrible timing for that failure.

chat icon Montreal2006 Massive Horror Pile Up Onboards
1:46 - "let me just adjust my mirror and she'll be right.." hah. Scary.

chat icon Jyllandsringen2015 2 Heat 2 Elgaard Big Crash
What a stupid move.

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chat icon Sonoma2015 Last Lap Finish Post Race
Go Dixon! What a season of ups and downs for everyone.

chat icon Daytona2015 Finish Dillon Horrific Crash
That's an incredibly scary crash.

chat icon Australian Story 29062015 Driven Mark Webber

chat icon Sydney2014 Qual Lowndes Ambrose Crash Hard
Hard hit!

chat icon Cordoba2014 Werner Big Crash
Something must have failed to go completely straight like that, or throttle stuck? Scary for the crowd i bet!

chat icon Bathurst2014 Last Lap Finish
I think I will sleep well tonight. Exhausted from the best race I have ever seen on the mountain. I don't think this race lacked anything! And what a come from the back, I'm a Holden supporter but wowee that was incredible.

And the Dude on top, I don't think he was thinking of that outcome this weekend!

chat icon Japan2014 Bianchi Crash Red Flag
Smilie fingers crossed

chat icon Japan2014 Bianchi Crash Red Flag
Any news on him? The commentators made it quite concerning and no replays makes me worry Smilie

$ warnerd1 donated $50