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chat icon StPetersburg2018 Restart Final Laps Rossi Crashes into Leader Wickens
So gutted for Wickens. Dominated the race only to be taken out right at the end.

chat icon Adelaide2018 Race3 Last Lap Finish Chaos
Very entertaining finish from an entertainment motorsport category Smilie

chat icon Belgium1981 Horrible Start
The reactions of the driver who ran into him are so raw Smilie

chat icon Canada2007 Kubica Crashes amateur
Such speed!

chat icon F1 1970 Ickx Oliver Crash Jarama
That music is horrible.

chat icon F1 1969 Rindt Crash Montjuic Park
Brutal Smilie

chat icon Perth2011 Race2 Start Reindler Huge Fireball Crash

chat icon Baltimore2011 WarmUp Kanaan Crashes Over Castroneves
Yeah that was 1 meter away from the marshal...

chat icon Monaco05 Qual Piquet Crashes Over Artam

chat icon Queensland2011 Race1 Ward Protest Delayed Start
This is so messy. "This is actually professional motor racing" haha

chat icon Daytona 1998 DashSeries Hobgood Frank Flips
physics.exe has stopped working

chat icon Monaco1957 Moss Collins Hawthorn Crash
The real rockstars Smilie

chat icon Italy07 Race1 Soucek Zuber Big Crash Live
Tarmac runoff would have prevented that.

chat icon Adelaide2012 Qual Murphy Crashes Hard Into Webb
Webb saw it coming and pulled over but was still on the racing line and now going slower. Big hit

chat icon Japan06 Short Highlights
This track is so wide! It looks like the main straight at Pocono

chat icon Macau2009 Boyd Flips
Brutal Smilie

chat icon MT89 Indy500 2009 Race Andretti Moraes Crash
"You have to finish to have a shot at winning" - commentator of the year...

chat icon INDY500 2012 02 AE HD RACE conway power

chat icon LagunaSeca99 Prac Rodriguez Crashes Hard wildturnip
Its never good to have a stuck throttle especially when approaching the cork screw. RIP.

chat icon Formula Renault 04 Donington Round19 Start Crash Replays and More Chaos
Junior formula at its finest Smilie

chat icon Atlanta 1997 FP Smith Crash Huge Fire
I'm so thankful large fires are pretty much removed from modern motorsport. No one wants to see this Smilie

chat icon Palanga2017 Start Live
@vettelisthebest Very unique!

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chat icon Palanga2017 Start Live
I have never heard or seen this race before. What a strange looking event! What is the history behind this race? Anyone know?

chat icon Nurburgring2016 Dontje and Jodexnis Big Crash Amateur
Damn that barrier just bounced that car

chat icon Belgium2012 Race Raikkonen passes Schumacher inside Eau Rouge Replay

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chat icon BrandsHatch2010 Race2 Van Der Drift crash Replays
Massive. So brutal. That part of the track has seen some bit ones.

chat icon Daytona 1987 Jacobi Fatal Crash

chat icon RoadAtlanta 1989 Liebler Fatal Crash

chat icon Mosport 2001 Gagliardo Fatal Crash

chat icon Goodwood2000 Dawson Damer Huge Crash
Brutal Smilie

chat icon LeMans2013 Simonsen Fatal Crash Amateur
Such a shame Smilie

chat icon Mexico07 Sprint Start Crash Live
I miss this series

chat icon Andorra2017 2 Pro Super Final Bakkerud Onboard
This is crazy! Amazing skill Smilie

chat icon HongKong2017 Qualifying 1 Highlights
A bit silly Smilie

chat icon Lakeside1970 Start Brauer Big Crash
Smilie It's crazy looking back and consider how far safety has progressed. Why would you have a wall like that!

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chat icon Bathurst1987 Qual Percy Crashes
Torn up Smilie

chat icon Bathurst04 Cleland Smashes Into Plato Rolls Replays Only
Brock didn't even get time in the seat that year as this was early on in the race, like in the 20s before the first stop if i recall Smilie

chat icon Adelaide04 McConville Dumbrell Pile Up
2004 was a year for big hits. Starting with this one.

chat icon NationalTrail 1984 Kerhulas Career Ending Crash
That deceleration G force Smilie

chat icon MT89 GTOpen 2010 Imola Race2 Marcel Tiemann Career Ending Crash
Smilie Absolutely zero speed decreased before the wall. That hurt.

chat icon Bathurst07 Bright Ingall Skaife Crash Replays
I was sitting at The Esses without a tv screen around when this happened, was a skaife fan and was disappointed when he didnt come down the mountain that lap

chat icon Queensland2002 Forbes Scott Spin
The first motorsport event i went to. I remember the No.7 Milk car spinning in front of me at the final corner, i was hanging on the fence just near there Smilie

chat icon Darwin2002 Race1 Start Crash Pile Up Replays
"And Paul Morris to finish it all of" Dick Johnson always in there with the hard hitters haha

chat icon Bathurst03 Murphy Pole Lap
Still amazing 14 years later... Smilie

chat icon Bathurst06 Skaife Onboard Lap

chat icon RoadAmerica06 Legge Massive Smash Full
I remember recording this race on vhs as it was on in the early hours of the morning (australia), could believe she walked away.

chat icon Townsville2015 Ute Crashes into Safety Car during Demo Amateur
Umm thats pretty bad organising, everybody keep left!

chat icon HongKong2017 Race 2 Highlights
Great race!

chat icon Hits of 2017 720p
Champion. I appreciate your efforts!

chat icon Hits of 2017
@Rocky7up Thanks mate!

chat icon Queensland2010 Race1 Magro Rolls Into Crowd With Interview
I think from memory they changed the fencing and spectator area after this. Very lucky no one was badly hurt.

chat icon Hits of 2017
Any chance of a smaller file size? 2 hours to download and Im on good internet.

chat icon MF87 F Campus 07 Pau JimPla big crash
Both incredibly unlucky and lucky at the same time

chat icon Supercars 2017 Round14 Newcastle Race2
What a tense race!

chat icon Supercars 2017 Round14 Newcastle Race2
What a tense race!

chat icon Macau2011 Yau Shen Huge Crash

chat icon Nurburgring97 Morelli Huge Crash
That would have to be one of the scariest moments you could ever have in a race car. Throttle jam, no steering, feet exposed heading straight towards a wall Smilie article states he had complicated fractures of his feet and several cuts in his face but otherwise was stable. Amazing safety.

chat icon Australia02 Start Crash Amateur
Terrible accident but incredible amateur footage. Not even a flinch or wobble and a perfect pan right with the main crash.

chat icon Australia02 Start Live TEN
This was the first Indycar race i watched and boy was I hooked after this mess.

chat icon Interlagos2017 Endurance Valle Vario Borlenghi Crash
Crashing in a straight line takes a lot of talent...

chat icon 2012 GP3 Monaco Race2 Daly Huge Crash
That marshal in the top bought a lottery ticket after that day. Huge. Thanks

chat icon Japan2014 Bianchi Horror Crash into Crane Amateur

chat icon Suzuka02 Nagaya Massive Crash Roll
@Purzel1990 that really inciteful! This crash has always been in youtube compilations but that's the first time I've heard the history of the driver. Thanks!

chat icon HongKong2017 Race 1 Start Crash Pile Up Red Flag
Thanks! I tuned in late when the red flag was already out and they didn't show a replay of what happened.

chat icon Qatar2017 Race 1 Teammates Bennani Chilton Amazing Battle for Lead
That commentary at 30sec haha "Ohh oooooo oh ooo". Very insightful!

chat icon BrandsHatch05 Race2 Start LIVE
I really enjoyed this series and loved the look of of the A1GP cars up until 07.

chat icon Dubai2005 Race1 Brazil cars evacuated by helicopter
That seems excessively dangerous! I loved this series but never saw this one.

chat icon AbuDhabi2017 Race 1 Teammates Leclerc Fuoco Photo Finish for Podium
Right, for team orders. I'd say that's as close to showing your disagreement to team orders as possible haha

chat icon Monaco2017 Button Wehrlein Crash
This wins the weirdest crash all year, second to stroll and vettel after the checker flag in Malaysia

chat icon Azerbaijan2017 FP2 DarcyF1 Tweet
Yes! I remember hearing this and getting way too excited!

chat icon AbuDhabi2017 Race 1 Teammates Leclerc Fuoco Photo Finish for Podium
Did Leclerc have an issue or did he give his team mate a podium?

chat icon Newcastle2017 Race2 Last 5 Laps Finish Championship Decider
What a crazy final race. I feel sorry for McLaughlin for not handling the pressure, but it was do or die with Lowndes. If he was passed, the championship was lost, he did all he could. He will be back next year in the hunt for sure. Whincup is a boss at wrapping up points.

chat icon Newcastle2017 Race1 Last Lap Pile Up
Doing their best Macau impression.

chat icon Newcastle2017 Prac2 McLaughlin Onboard Lap
Quali will be even more important. Not only is it comparable to Monaco with the sea side track but its going to be very hard to pass

chat icon WatkinsGlen2017 Race 1 Huge Crash Pile Up Red Flag

chat icon MT89 2017 WRC Mexico SS19 Power Stage Crazy Finish
Incredible finish. Wow!

chat icon Bathurst2017 Stippler Crashes and Hit by Pither
Frank Stippler actually broke a rib in this accident.

chat icon MT89 2017 WRC MonteCarlo Paddon Crash
Not sure on validity of this, but the photographer's injury's were too much.

chat icon MT89 2017 WRC MonteCarlo Paddon Crash
Damn. Seriously picked a bad place to take photos. You can see him swept up the rocks then fall back down onto the road. Horrific start to 2017 WRC. Hope he recovers.

chat icon Nurburgring2016 Rain Hail Chaos Crashes Everywhere Red Flag
Incredible! Aquaplaning 101

chat icon Spielberg2016 Race 1 Tveter Li Piquet Horror Crash Red Flag
Was watching live and actually gasped when it happened. Horrific crash. Smilie

chat icon Perth2016 Race2 Emery Crashes
Emery suffered a broken L1 vertebra in this crash. Lucky no more damage but pretty rough injury to recover from

chat icon Concordia2016 Augusto Scalbi Terrible Crash
Thankfully that's not a spectators spot because those wheels flying off would have been deadly Smilie

chat icon Nogaro2016 Race 1 Bottemanne Massive Crash
Dangerous karma Smilie Glad he walked away with only a small limp

chat icon StPetersburg2016 GT Race 2 Fergus Big Crash
WoW. It moved the wall completely across the marshal track access point.

chat icon Goodwood2016 Bond Scary Crash Flips Amateur
If there is anything near a track... cars will always find it. This time its a tunnel. Glad he survived Smilie

chat icon Australia2016 Alonso Huge Crash
Scary crash. Glad he is okay. That slo motion pan from the camera man is amazing. Smilie

chat icon Adelaide2016 Race2 Jane Fire

chat icon Barcelona2016 Test2 Day4 Vettel Trials Halo Onboard
That's not pretty. If this cockpit protection goes through i really hope they come up with a better design.

chat icon Heinola2016 Eight Drivers Crash at Same Corner Amateur
Its like a war zone! Smilie

chat icon Malaysia2016 Day 2 Baz Huge Crash Amateur
That's a fast way to ruin a suit... and everything else.

chat icon Curitiba2015 3 Race 2 Chaotic Start Figueiredo Matos Crash into Brito
This looks live an online racing game, people on the grass, half the field cutting the corner and crashes everywhere!

chat icon Mugello2015 2 Race 2 Mugelli Puncture Crashes Hard
Wow, the car almost follows very similar skid marks already on the road. Luck there was plenty of run off.

chat icon Bathurst2015 Qual Reynolds Pole Lap
A little ambitious! But with another shower coming down its probably true...

chat icon Bathurst2015 Race2 Flack Massive Crash Roll
As soon as it burst into flames my heart sunk. Hope he's going to be okay.

chat icon Misano2015 QR Vanthoor and Szymkowiak Huge Crash