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woudys commented on Velopark2017_Race_2_Pizzonia_Rocha_Foresti_Khodair_Valerio_Big_Crash.mp4
What a dork

I would say .. licence suspented .. what was he thinking

woudys commented on China2017_Perez_Crashes_Into_Stroll.mp4
I must give Stroll some credit here ..
It's a 90 degree blind corner so looking in the mirrors it's hard to detect if a car is next to you.
second .. an opponent must be level or in front of the front tyre to do an overtaking pass, Perez wasn't even close to that and dive bombt the inside on the curve leaving no room whatsoever.
You can't blame Stroll for being a rookie on a young age, racing is doing up experience and takes quite a while specially in F1.
Maybe the one thing you can blame him for is his lack of driver awareness, hopefully he will learn from his mistakes soon otherwise I see him ending up just like Magnusen did at McLaren a few years back

woudys commented on Tasmania2017.Race1.Massive_Pile_Up.mp4
I was suprised how much speed Davison had before t-boning his opponent, Courtney was carrying the same speed but somehow managed to slow the car down enough to avoid a huge front impact.
Although Davison was breaking on the grass I wonder if he could have done something to slow his car down

woudys commented on Misano2017_QR_Start_Huge_Multiple_Car_Crash_Pile_Up_Red_Flag.mp4
So stupid to do a night race at Misano.
The track is just NOT suited for night racing.

The way the back markers pilled in not knowing wich way they should go tells it all.

Shame on the the Blancpain organisation, Hopefully all drivers are O.K

woudys commented on Sun_Valley_1968_Kern_Fatal_Crash.mp4
No problem mate

Call it a kind of fetish but I always wondering how crashes happened and what caused the death, many I know from memory but some like this one are hard to find some info on.

I remembering something about this crash I read a long time ago that a wheel of the car of Lynch hit the head of Kern, Kern died on instant from head trauma but nothing I can find about that these days .. it was many years ago on the internet I read it but maybe it might not all be true what I am saying here.

Sad thing is that a drivers head is what causing the most death, brain trauma, broken neck, hitting by cars or debris is the main reason a driver loses his life

woudys commented on Sun_Valley_1968_Kern_Fatal_Crash.mp4
Sun Valley Speedway, Indiana 1968.

A race that was known from 1962 to 1971 as the "little" 500 and was raced with USAC sprint cars, here is some info about the crash ..

The accident started when Steve Lehnert of North Olmstead, Ohio got sideways coming out of turn two on lap 208. Kern, driving the Roger Hegg Ford, slid into Lehnert and was, in turn, broadsided by 1967 co-champion Cy Fairchild. Fairchild’s ride careened into the infield and about that time, Chuck Lynch of Springfield, Ill, crashed into Kern’s mount, rode up over the cockpit of the Minnesota sprinter and flipped one and half times. Lynch machine came down its side, rolled up onto its wheels and burst into flames. The fire was quickly extinguished and Lynch escaped without any burns. Both Kern and Lynch were rushed to St. John's Hospital where Kern died of his injuries and Lynch was treated from cuts and bruises of the left arm and shoulder and then released.

Credits to

woudys commented on Montreal_1990_Big_Crash_Red_Flag.mp4
Unique it is and never seen a car hitting "the wall of champions" that hard in my life

woudys commented on Daytona2007_Xfinity_Big_One.avi
Ebay will be full of second hand used cars tomorrow LOL !!

I'm counting down the cars that are just running .. and those ain't much I'll tell ya

woudys commented on Kentucky_2006_Fuller_Huge_Crash.mp4
From Wiki ..

Jeff was involved in an incredible accident at the Kentucky Speedway on June 17, 2006 when he swerved to avoid Jason Leffler's spinning car and ended up hitting the inside wall at almost full speed. The car practically imploded upon impact and then burst into flames briefly. Despite the car hitting the wall on the right side, the left side came apart. Amazingly, he never lost consciousness but the car's roof had to be cut off to extract him. He was taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation and amazingly only a broken wrist and finger. He was released the next day. They determined that the implosion of the car was due to a faulty roll cage which failed during the crash.

woudys commented on Kentucky_2006_Fuller_Huge_Crash.mp4
No saver barrier back in 2006, you can actually see the whole chassis bend over to the right on impact, what a nasty hit

woudys commented on Daytona2017_CWTS_Final_Laps_Crafton_Huge_Air_Flips_in_Big_One_Grala_Wins.mp4
The race that Matt should have won .. and wow what a first race of the season it was !!
The cars were so out of shape the whole race something was about to give .. and that was what happened, not that Grala is a well deserved winner but I would have liked Matt to win this one after those strong last laps he drove

woudys commented on Poland_1993_Bublewicz_Fatal_Crash_Aftermath.mp4
Poor guy didn't stand a chance

woudys commented on Talladega_1975_Owens_Fatal_Pit_Crash.mp4
One of the weirdest death on tracks

woudys commented on Nurburgring_1972_Muller_Huge_Crash.mp4
Herbert died in 1981 during the 1000 kilometers of the Nürburgring.
Attempting to avoid another driver spinning in front of him his car slid and hit a bank, then his can hit a already stranded car and cought fire.
Herbert did not wear his safety belts during that race (probably because of this crash).
By the time they got him out he had already passed away, not because of the burning but because of the severe hit and not wearing his safety belts.

woudys commented on Charlotte_1985_Akin_PaulJr_Crash.mp4
Lucky track workers there

woudys commented on Miami2017_Wehrlein_Crashes_into_Massa_Rolls.mp4
At least he didn't drove an expensive F1 Mercedes

woudys commented on Chicago2005_Briscoe_Massive_Crash_Extended.avi
Glad they had safety barriers and hands device back in 2005 otherwise this crash could have ended a whole lot worser for both drivers.

woudys commented on
@Seibaru on the top right just before the firy impact you can see Williams car spinning after hitting the wall really hard, Williams crash was a one car crash on it's own .. hitting the wall avoiding a head on collision and then turning backwards towards the grass.

people say he hit debris from the early crash between the 2 cars and that caused him crashing into the outside wall .. all other drivers escaped on injury and Williams died in 1989 from the injuries he sustained during his crash .. went into a coma and never got out of it .. sad

woudys commented on Macau2016_MR_Vanthoor_Huge_Crash_Flips_Red_Flag.mp4
He should have made a text underneath his car .. when you see this I'm Crashed

woudys commented on Suzuka2016_Race_2_Kagayama_Haslam_Watanabe_Huge_Crash_Red_Flag.avi
3 riders were involved in this crash.

Yukio Kagayama (who fell first)
Leon Haslam
Kazuki Watanabe

Kagayama and Haslam were taken to medical check on the circuit but both could start in race 2
Kazuki Watanabe however was taken to hospital for further medical checks but was fine afterall.

This could have ended very bad but thankfully all 3 drivers escaped without injuries

woudys commented on Pukekohe2016.Race3.Scott_Crashes_Over_Fence.mp4
Going over the catchfence wasn't the worst actually, it stopped the car from rolling

woudys commented on NewZealand2016.Race1.Wood_Crashes_Into_TKelly_Slade_Moffat.mp4
Those cars are not bumper cars or Wood missed out his child hood .. he drives like an idiot .. well you can't beat a Volvo if your gonna use the sissy Nissan as a bumper car that's for sure

woudys commented on NewZealand2016.Race1.Bright_Crashes.mp4
Well the sign showed 40 in pit lane so he'd been caught under speeding in pit lane .. Oh .. he stopped right in front of the pit STOP mark so that he could avoid a penalty

The sponsers name should be Rear Parts instead of Rare parts .. although the spares that are left in his pits should be pretty rare by now

woudys commented on Mexico2016_Verstappen_vs_Vettel.mp4
Well at least Verstappen is a lot smarter than Vettel.

By not letting Vettel through he forced Vettel to slow down so Ricciardo could close in on him what the intention was because against Ferrari power the Red Bull would have lost it on the straits.

Smart guy .. just one place lower but a bigger team achievement

woudys commented on Australia2016.Moto3.McPhee_Pile_Up.mp4
There is a very slomo vid on youtube ..

As far as I could see he was hit at the upper legs or lower back but was knockout unconcious as he smashed to the tarmac.

woudys commented on Australia2016.Moto3.McPhee_Pile_Up.mp4
As far as I heard he suffered a broken thumb and is undergoing further investigation at Melbourne hospital.

Nasty crash though

woudys commented on GoldCoast2016.Race1.Coulthard_Tander_Crash.mp4
My favorite biggest crash (mmm if you can call that a favorite) is the Cart 2002 Surfers Paradise rain Crash.

woudys commented on GoldCoast2016.Race1.Coulthard_Tander_Crash.mp4
I never looked into the Supercars regulations .. so in this case it was Tander to blame for the crash ?

woudys commented on GoldCoast2016.Race1.Coulthard_Tander_Crash.mp4
Well Coulthard didn't wanted to give up his place and Tander just had enough of it.
I don't think Tander dilibriate crashed Coulthard as he was moving from left to right with Tander on his tail.

Such accident can only be blamed on the man in front, this case Coulthard should have led Tander pass.

woudys commented on Japan2016.FP2.Pedrosa_Crashes.mp4
Yikes .. Huge HIGH sider

woudys commented on HongKong2016_Marshal_Has_No_Fear.mp4

woudys commented on Jerez2016_CS_Race_1_Start_Cheung_Big_Crash.mp4
Even without the sound I had on I could understand what she said

Big shunt, glad he's o.k. though

woudys commented on Hockenheimring2016_Race_3_Oliver_Soderstrom_and_Robin_Brezina_Crash.mp4
What a dork ..

The guy in the red car hit the curb .. slide off and hit the one in the orange car .. and then he'd been mad like hell

I know a chicken runs fast but the guy in the orange car .. I'd give him an 8 out of 10 for the efford

woudys commented on Hockenheim2016_Race_2_Gounon_Big_Crash_Red_Flag.mp4
I have been looking at this corner several times ..

It's strange the way it was build, you just don't build a barrier 90 degrees off angle before any corner and this was the time something would be happing what I was afraid off.

At least the barrier should have been paralel to the race track to absorb the impact, hitting the edge only made this worser.

Also the marshall post is not well thought off either .. better have them more to the right, there is nowhere to go when a car hit the concrete and flips over the wall.

woudys commented on Spa2016_Endurance_Start_Sijthoff_Andersen_Mendez_Huge_Crash.mp4
Could well be @vettelisthebest

But normally one would check this before getting on the gas again.
O.k. I will downgrade the word Lunatic to .. mmm .. not so smart

woudys commented on Spa2016_Endurance_Start_Sijthoff_Andersen_Mendez_Huge_Crash.mp4
That was really poor driving there, the black car just hit the gas as soon he saw a gap but forgot to get onto the track again and taking an opponent with him.

what a lunitic

woudys commented on Sandown2016.Race3.Start_Golding_Huge_Crash.mp4
Just a small touch on his right tyre made it deflate suddenly just before the corner, poor James didn't had a change .. glad to see and hear him being alright (watching the race right now)

Tyre barriers took a blow so they red flagged the race for now to repair it

woudys commented on Sandown2016.Race3.Bates_Crashes.mp4
So glad those porsche's are that strong that they can survive a head on impact like that and the driver can walk away without minor or none injuries.

Heavy crash as can seen by the bending of the guardrail on impact

woudys commented on Monza2016.Race.Eisemann_Bauer_Lopez_Huge_Crash.mp4
Die porsches rollen wel snel .. gelukkig iedereen ongedeerd op wat materiële schade dan

woudys commented on Britain2016.WarmUp.Iannone_Crashes.mp4
We see too many good riders this year losing the front without a warning, wandering if that is caused by the smaller tyre this year ?

woudys commented on Pocono2016_Rossi_Kimball_Castroneves_Crash_in_Pit_Lane.mp4

Kimball's team could have warned him about Rossi leaving his pits but on the other hand that would have cost him time as they were driving under green that time.

It's just a freak accident that would not have accured if they'd stopped under yellow where the pressure is a bit of the teams.

woudys commented on Pocono2016_Rossi_Kimball_Castroneves_Crash_in_Pit_Lane.mp4
Rossi saw Kimball coming while driving away, Kimball was slowing down at that moment so Rossi thought he had a gap not realising Castroneves was just leaving his pits.

You could say it was Rossi's fould but it was just a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Neatherless this could have been serious, the car flipping over nearly missed Castroneves's helmet ..

I feel another Halo discussion coming up in open wheel racing

woudys commented on Zandvoort2016_Race_1_Idiot_Crew_Work_on_Car_Outside_Pit_Lane_Red_Flag.mp4
Rule number one: always listen to the track marshalls and race director.

Causing a red flag for what reason? they couln't get the car fixed anyway before the race would resumed.

The team principle should be banned for life in car racing, what a idiot

woudys commented on MidOhio2016_Xfinity_Winner_Marks_Emotional_Interview.mp4
What a great guy Marks is, not only for his win and driving skills in the rain but surely remembering what a great race driver and friend for the ganessi team brian was.

It had been a fun race to watch !!

woudys commented on
38-year-old Anthony Craig Owen was killed during the race, according to the coroner.

A video posted to Facebook then removed appeared to show a car flipping off of the track towards the crowd.

Laurens County Sheriff’s Office says one other person was injured and a child was taken to the hospital as a precaution.


woudys commented on Britain2016_Feat_Herbert_Falls_from_Hoverboard.mp4
Biggest crash in his career

woudys commented on Kentucky2016_Xfinity_Practice_Jones_Crashes.mp4
Some sort of new aero package ?

woudys commented on Austria2016.FP3.Rosberg_Suspension_Failure_Crashes.mp4
You mean .. Finally the other Mercedes with bad luck cause the driver was not to blame in this freak incident.

I think Mercedes has come to a point where to stay ahead of the competition they need to make risks .. maybe using lighter material than the past because a suspencion doesn't brake like that in normal conditions.

If so then Mercedes will have a big problem regards to safety issues with their cars and should be under investigation by the FIA.

You just can't make an unreliable car and put your drivers at risk just for trying to win races .. not done .. safety first !!!

woudys commented on Daytona2016_Final_Practice_Busch_Puncture_Crashes_Hard.mp4
So glad we have saver walls these days fellows

woudys commented on Gateway2016_CWTS_Restart_Townley_Gallagher_Crash_and_Fight_Red_Flag.mp4
Same way I met my wife

/sarcasme off

woudys commented on Darwin2016.Race2.Start_Pile_Up_Crash_Replays.mp4
Thanks @admin .. he took a damn hard lick here

woudys commented on Darwin2016.Race2.Start_Pile_Up_Crash_Replays.mp4
In europe that would be a driver side impact for that yellow car wich could have hurt the driver big time .. glas aussie racers are on the right in their cars

woudys commented on Europe2016_Thursday_Maylander_Safety_Car_Onboard_Lap.mp4
Very short run off erea's after the high speed straight .. this is the most dangerous circuits I've ever seen .. fingers crossed all cars and drivers return home safe to their families after the race

woudys commented on Michigan2016_Xfinity_Practice_Groundhog_on_Track.mp4
Finally they caught that speeding and running the wrong direction ground hog .. that will teach him !!

woudys commented on Canada2016.FP1_Massa_Crashes.mp4
@Jeroen .. Just like in real life mate .. drinking beer and ending up in a wall with your car

woudys commented on Catalunya2016_Moto_2_FP2_Salom_Fatal_Crash_Italian_News_Report.avi
I always hope some vids won't make it to Darcy but the sad thing is that this part of crashes also belongs to motorsport in general

With all the safety around tracks it's nearly impossible to have a crash like this sooner or later, the old days where the circuits had gravel around where a lot safer for motor bikes than the run off tarmac they use today ..

A gravel trap might have saved his life .. something to think about in motor racing

woudys commented on Indianapolis2016_Bell_HunterReay_Crash_In_Pits.mp4
@vettelisthebest who ever thought he would make it on the laps drops of methanol, winning the 500 is not always who's the best but who are willing to take a risk.

I qualified Rossi not upon one of the best drivers in the field but the team strategy sure helped him a lot and to see one of the Andretti's cars is something I would have never thinked of ... setted my mind on Kanaan this year ... but hey that's indy !!

woudys commented on Indianapolis2016_Final_Laps_Rossi_Out_of_Fuel_But_Wins.mp4
Not the most exciting 500 but with a very nice twist at the end

woudys commented on Monaco2016_Kvyat_Crashes_Into_Magnussen.mp4
Oh well @vettelisthebest .. we can actually see now what kind of a driver he really is now he's driving for a lesser team then RBR.

Did not like him, never will but that's just my own opinion

woudys commented on Monaco2016_Ericsson_Crashes_Into_Nasr.mp4
To be honest .. the angle the corner is, there is nearly no room to pass other than a car letting another by .. therefore the front runner must drive a complete different line to make the corner.

Nasr did had a warning from his pits to let Ericsson by but that was a call in replay , the actual call was made a few laps earlier and Nars ignored a team order by doing so because Ericsson ask the team if Nasr's radio was working.

Just a combination of both frustrated drivers .. Nasr who thought was no slower and Ericsson thinking he was getting held up on purpose.

There will be a lot of discussion going on right now between the Sauber drivers.

woudys commented on

Here is a nice .. uhmm well nice picture and article @vettelisthebest and @Rocky7up

woudys commented on Monaco2016.Qual.Ricciardo_Onboard_Pole_Lap.flv
Wait a few years and I will tell you who will be the best talented driver in the field @HughJass .. MAXimum Dutch Power (I'm only telling you because I'm Dutch myself )

woudys commented on Germany2016_Race_1_Final_Lap_Leaders_Monteiro_Muller_Crash_Hard.mp4
@vettelisthebest .. even in btcc they are struggling with tyre issues this year mate .. something to do with the costs of tyres maybe ?

woudys commented on Monaco2016_Finish_Heavy_Rain_Chaos.mp4
@vettelisthebest well mate .. once they throw the red it comes down on track order the lap before they thrown the red .. that's a system they use on most racing series but to my opinion that sucks.

I've seen nascar races where 2cond place drivers destroys a race for the leader and win anyway just because it depends on when the yellow was throwned .. ridiculous ..

Why not order the group of race cars on the moment the flag (red or yellow) drops so racers can actually score points releated to their track position at that time .. that will make racing much more intresting ...

In this case .. Klaus lost control and crashes and should never had given the second place to him just because the red come out .. he crashed .. he lost and should be listed as DNF !!

woudys commented on Germany2016_Race_1_Final_Lap_Leaders_Monteiro_Muller_Crash_Hard.mp4
They really need to do something on the tyre life in wtcc .. seen too many crashes tyre related because they wear so quickly

woudys commented on Nurburgring2016_Rain_Hail_Chaos_Crashes_Everywhere_Red_Flag.mp4
Well at least the grass was less slippery than the asphalt

woudys commented on Spa2016_Race_1_Zlobin_Big_Crash_Flips_Aftermath.mp4
Better footage here @vettelisthebest

woudys commented on Spielberg2016_Race_1_Tveter_Li_Piquet_Horror_Crash_Red_Flag.mp4
Update ...

European Formula 3 racer 'Peter' Li Zhi Cong has sustained four fractured vertebrae and multiple broken bones in one heel in his enormous Red Bull Ring crash.

Li was launched into the air when he hit Carlin team-mate Ryan Tveter's car after it had spun in Saturday morning's opening race.

The Carlin team issued a statement on his condition, saying: "Peter is undergoing treatment for multiple broken bones in his heel, which will require surgery in the near future.

"Peter has also been diagnosed with four fractured vertebrae, which do not require surgery.

"While suffering with bruising and other small injuries, Peter is alert and speaking with team personnel."

Both Li - who was flown by helicopter - and Tveter were transferred to hospital in Graz.

Tveter has already been discharged from hospital, with heavy bruising to his knee.

woudys commented on Spielberg2016_Race_1_Tveter_Li_Piquet_Horror_Crash_Red_Flag.mp4
What a horrible crash it was .. wasn't paying attention to the race and saw a red flag .. the replay was about ten minutes later and I was shocked.

I really hope Li is OK .. although Tveter did had a big rear impact Li is the one I'm concerned most of

woudys commented on a video that has since been deleted

woudys commented on Calabogie2016_Race_2_Start_Big_Crashes_Pile_Up.mp4
Oh man the impact of that first car heading for the tyre barriers .. must have took all the breath out of his body

woudys commented on Spain2016_Start_Rosberg_Hamilton_Crash.mp4
I will never miss a F1 race in my entire life if it's up to me .. watched every F1 race live from 1989 untill now and probably will untill I die, I always loved Jos even in slower cars .. driven for Benetton to begin with and moved on in his career to Tyrell, Simtek, Steward and finally Arrows but never had the oppertunity and management like his son has these days dispite Jos himself was an excellent driver himself.

I've seen many many talented drivers but what Max is doing .. although F1 is not that touch as in the older days .. All drivers have to cope with new rules cars etc etc so for such a young guy doing what he did .. driving the car to P1 in his first weekend with a new team is quite astonishing.

The best scenario would have been P3 behind the Mercedeses but after their clash Max didn't put one foot wrong, and it's not all about being in the position he was .. Max is so solid on tyre management he actually forced his team to do a 2 stop strategy and that was the key that led to his first victory.

Some will say that Red Bull actually wanted Max to be in front of Daniel but in fact it was Max himself with his skills that brought him this well deserved victory.

Is Max better than all other drivers on the grid ? maybe not better but probably one that drives with his head like I've never seen one doing before .. were on the brick of an era were old school F1 driving is going to vanish .. Max will be the first in line of new drivers that will win and be champion in the future.

woudys commented on Spain2016_Finish_Verstappen_Wins_Dutch_Commentary.mp4
Yohee, Yohoo .. en dat laatste mag alleen Olav zeggen

woudys commented on Spain2016_Feat_Dutch_TV_Presenters_Go_Crazy.mp4
Op een mooie pinksterdag, als het even kon.
Zag ik max verstappen winnen, ik was buiten zinnen ook al scheen hier buiten even niet de zon.
Heeft u dat nou ook meneer, jawel meneer net als iedereen .. op een mooie pinksterdag .. ontplofde hier een BOM !!

woudys commented on Spain2016_Start_Rosberg_Hamilton_Crash.mp4

woudys commented on Spain2016.Race2.Giovinazzi_Crashes_Over_Gelael.mp4
Saw that crash, driver with no driver awareness .. or just no brains .. either of them conclusion is he should not be racing a car

woudys commented on Russia_2016_Start_crash_analysis.mp4
Bit harsh for kvyat .. He made a mistake at the first corner true but the collision caused a flat left tyre for Vettel who lifted in one of the quickest corners trailing Kvyat behind him .. there was no room or time to react for Kvyat to avoid a second collision ..

Now with Verstappen promoted to RBR their will be a lot more pressure on both drivers .. Kvyat would love to show RBR they made a big mistake while RBR demands good results from Verstappen who is still in a learning curve.

Both drivers have to deal with more pressure then ever bringing out the best .. or worse out of them .. the swap was in my eyes not more then to contract Verstappen for the 2017 season to RBR as Mercedes and Ferrari where on the hunt for him.

woudys commented on Talladega2016_Restart_Big_One_Keselowski_Wins_Live.mp4
I was really amazed that out of all the cars in the field bad Brad Keselowski finished the race without a single scratch on his car ..

woudys commented on Talladega2016_Busch_Triggers_Huge_One.mp4
Most of the debris was on the bottom of the track and most cars could actually drive on their own to their pits so there wasn't a need to throw out the red for this crash.

woudys commented on Talladega2016_Xfinity_Restart_Big_Crashes_Epic_Close_Finish.mp4
That's a strange answer there Vettel ? so you think when one blocks to much because he wants to win a race it's ok to crash him for doing nothing wrong but trying to win a race ??

I cannot agree with you on that just for one simple reason .. you just don't push someone out of your way just because he's driving in front of you .. rule N1 in racing .. if you're quicker find a way around .. not crash him.

We all know nascar cars are build to create a draft .. the second car is ALWAYS quicker than the car up front even in a 2 car situation.

woudys commented on Talladega2016_Xfinity_Restart_Big_Crashes_Epic_Close_Finish.mp4
Rules should be .. just race to the flag and the winner first to pass wins no mather what on the last lap .. any accident before the last flag leads to a caution and overtime.

But crashing an opponent to win a race should be resulting a driver to be banned for several races depending on the track speed and danger that caused the crash.

Drivers should be aware again that any car is not a toy no matter how good safety is these days and crashing an opponent on purpose could result in serious injuries not to speak for the race fans next to the track.

Nascar HAS to make a point towards their drivers about this before we see people killed .. I LOVE nascar .. I LOVE the atmosphere that goes on around any race .. but I HATE their stupidity thinking after dale died nothing serious can happen with the safety these days ..

WRONG nascar .. by doing so you let the drivers decide if they want to push the envelope by crashing an opponent on purpose.

The people who made up the rules these days are just creedy and only thinking about the money .. peoples lifes can be trade easily

woudys commented on Monza2016_Race_2_Final_Lap_Fontana_Flips_Leader_Zanasi.mp4
One of the best corners on a classic track that had been modified to a terrible chicane just to reduce speed.

There has been so many of these kinds of accidents at monza I just lost counting .. not to speak the difficulty of the breaking zone before the chicane.

I really HATE this chicane

woudys commented on Monza2016_Race_2_Venica_Big_Crash_Flips_Over_Pellegrino.mp4
Wowww .. If that bow above his head caught the grass any deeper he would have sustaind head trauma for sure not to speak fearing for his life.

One very lucky driver

woudys commented on BrandsHatch2016_Schjerpen_Crashes_and_Albert_Off.mp4
That photographer .. Ghee a car coming my way .. save my life or save my camera .. Thank god I saved my camera first

woudys commented on Goodwood2016_Bond_Scary_Crash_Flips_Amateur.mp4
Stephen Bond was involved in a dramatic collision which saw his car flip into the air and appear to land in a tunnel under the track.

He is said to have suffered only a broken collarbone, while Goodwood confirmed that no members of the crowd were injured by a wheel which came off and appeared to land close to spectators.

woudys commented on Australia2016_Verstappen_Spins.mp4
Even Hamilton couldn't ovetaken Verstappen with a better car, nowadays it's nearly impossible to overtake when riding that close behind at high speed.

It's not fun driving behind a team mate with an equal car who is not capable to pass his own rivals .. therefore Verstappen would have to do a double overtake wich is not possible in Melbourne.

Verstappen was just being held up big time by Carlos .. lap times shows the evidence here @Tja

Carlos was not capable with the same material to do a quick overtake and Max asked for a swap to try by himself wich was ignored by Carlos.

So by giving the pit stop call all by himself and refuses to let Max by he did not only destroyed Max his race but his own race too as they could easily brought the cars home in 5th and 6th.

I'm no fan of team orders but when one of the two is the quicker the team must give the correct call and drivers have to accept that in favour of the teams strategy.

woudys commented on a video that has since been deleted
I would love to hear Japanese Commantary on this one @vettelisthebest

woudys commented on Australia2016_Hamilton_Cannot_Get_Passed_This_Guy.mp4
It would make racing in F1 more exciting for drivers when they have the oppertunity to drive up real close behind the car in front.

Ah those good old days will never come back I'm afraid

woudys commented on Australia2016_Alonso_and_Gutierrez_Huge_Crash_Dutch_Commentary.mp4
Maar had Fernando het er ook heelhuids vanaf gebracht wanneer de cockpit tegen de bandenstapel was beland .. ik wil daar even niet aan denken.

Hij had enorm geluk in deze en blij dat de veiligheid in F1 zo hoog is de laatste 10 / 15 jaar.

Wel een klasbak die Fernando om toe te geven dat het zijn eigen schuld was.

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True Martino but that's not the main point in this.

Sainz had all reasons not to let Max by but was struggling on his own and couldn't make the passes Max could have made on even tyres.

Besides that was Max being held up by Carlos because Carlos went into the pits for new tyres 2 corners before his call and the team wasn't ready for Max when he did his pit stop.

Carlos could have waited one or 2 laps and made his stop after Max did wich gave the team the overall pace to end up 5th and 6th as @vettelisthebest mentioned.

I wasn't a real fan of Carlos to begin with but by making this call on his own he destroys not only his own race but Max his race for sure and left the team no options to handle out the team strategy.

Sad thing is that Carlos didn't wanted to be overtaken by Max and by making this rediculous call on his own he will not make himself populair by Franz tost.

The teams strategy was to aim for a top 5 position wich could have been achieved when carlos held himself on teamorders but he was only trying to make Max his life misarable in wich he succeeded but not in favour of his team.

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As a Dutchman I must say, Carlos really messed up Max his race by calling himself in for new tyres and destroying Torro Rosso's team strategy by doing so.
A lot of talking must be done for next races as anyone could clearly see that Max his racepace even on Medium tyres was a lot quicker .. even after this spin he could easily drive up again to Carlos.
The team just made a bad call to put Carlos in first and leave Max with Medium tyres while he wanted softs to push and hold his position.

Carlos didn't had the pace after his pit stop while Max his lap times where so much faster.

I'm really disappointed by Torro Rosso's decision on this

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One of the worst accidents I'd witness for years, I was really scared for his life at that moment.
Such a releave to see him come out of that crippled car .. thumps up for all safety precautions made over many years of f1.

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Yup that 3 place grid penalty will centainly destroy any title inspirations for Manor

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Great 1984 Brabham BT52B type Picture you have @jack345667

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At least he got his brakes balanced after let's say a few 100 yards

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30 years later, yes son all I needed was just one more lap for victory but Nascar ruined my racing career.

Did nascar used a abacus to keep track of the running laps or what

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That's Olaf Mol, now a commentator for Ziggo Sport Netherlands.

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His team should have warned him getting a HOT day ahead on Misano

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At least no fire this time for her

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Nice to see this "new" kind of racing to me
I encourage any organisation that comes up with new ideas to entertain the fans .. it's like like watching downhill skiiers but with wheels