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chat icon Charlotte 1988 Marlin Marcis Huge Crash
They should have thrown that yellow much earlier, it's just crazy to leave a crippled car on the racetrack that long .. and what about Marcis spotter ??

chat icon Talladega 2009 Finish Edwards Huge Crash English Commentary
This was 2009 ? man I can recall this crash like it happened yesterday Smilie

chat icon Montreal 1990 Pareja Huge Crash Amateur
Comment Posted! @SimonKevNorris According to Wikipedia ..

The 1990 Montreal incident
Pareja was involved in a massive accident during the 1990 WSPC round at Montreal. On his 59th lap driving a Porsche 962C entered by (and shared with) Walter Brun, he hit a fragment of a manhole cover which had been torn out of the ground by a car further ahead. Several cars hit the debris but Pareja was especially unfortunate. His fuel tank was ruptured and the car immediately burst into flames. Remarkably, the marshals were able to put the fire out and rescue Pareja.

chat icon Montreal 1990 Pareja Huge Crash Amateur
If we only had cell phones to capture movies back then Smilie

chat icon Indianapolis 1994 Mansell Vitolo Crash Report And Amateur Footage
What was he thinking .. pit lane speed limit ? what does that mean ??

chat icon Mid Ohio 1986 Garza Huge Crash
Me either Zag .. 80's footage from indycars are rare except the 500 Smilie

chat icon Lakeside1986 Longhurst Richards Spin
Nice to see those old footage Smilie

chat icon Macau2017 Hegarty Horror Crash Amateur
I might be wrong but his body flew too high to hit the guard rail .. My guess is he flew into the metal catch fence and hit a metal pole .. it's the only explanation why he lost his helmet .. metal fences do absorb enough energy to the body to survive a crash like this .. his speed wasn't that high enough to cause death.

Hitting the metal pole would have caused enough energy to lose a helmet and causing brain damage .. nevertheless a terrible accident that could have been avoided .. just don't let any bikers allow to race on street circuits .. risks although fully taken by the bikers isn't worth it Smilie

chat icon Macau2017 Hegarty Horror Crash Amateur
no run off .. no grass .. no dirt .. no brains still in macau for the organisation to allow motorbikes to race there .. this has got to stop !!

chat icon Macau2017 Hegarty Horror Crash Red Flag
man this really pissing me of .. when do they realise that street circuits are not build to race savely for bikes .. after all the death in macau nothing has changed .. those bikers should state their own statement .. NO WE WON'T RACE HERE !! .. to freakin' dangerous Smilie

chat icon Macau2017 QR Start Crash Massive Pile Up Red Flag
Well E-bay will be having a busy day selling slightly damaged race cars in a few days Smilie

chat icon Nurburgring 1972 Muller Huge Crash
@pikachumotorsport His full name was Herbert Muller and no he did not survive this crash.

His car hit an already stranded car in pit lane and caught fire, the initial impact killed him before he got burned .. Muller refused to wear seat belts during races after the had a fiery accident a few years before this crash.

During his earlier crash he did wear seat belts but was unable to get out of his burning car quick .. he suit was on fire by the time he got out and luckily a marshall put out the flames.

I guess He was very afraid to wear seat belts after that incident off getting burned alive .. he never wear those after that race and ironicly that's what killed him during his last accident Smilie

chat icon Pukekohe2017 Race2 Smith Crashes Into Banks
indeed a great shame Smilie

The blue car lost his back wing under breaking causing the car to take a hard turn left .. nothing he could do Smilie

chat icon GoldCoast2017 Qual Mazzaroli Crashes Everingham Huge Air
Wow that's amazing Smilie

I've heard and seen a top full blowover but never this could be done with a f4 car ... what a lucky escape although I think his back will be sour for quite a while after that flyer Smilie

chat icon GoldCoast2017 Prac Idiots Robson Duckworth Crash
That IDIOT crashed me .. team back on radio .. what idiot ? Smilie

chat icon Dallas 2017 Torrence Huge Crash
Now we can actually see through the replay how little tyre pressure the cars are racing .. great footage Smilie

chat icon Malaysia2017 Feat Dutch TV Presenters Go Crazy
And that's how we Dutchess celebrate a victory !! Smilie Smilie

chat icon France2017 WSS FPx Sofuoglu Unknown Rea Crash
Smilie I would have a underwear change after that.

chat icon Malaysia2017 FP2 Grosjean Crashes
I don't think Romain won't feel sorrows for being for the last time at Sepang Smilie

chat icon Mugello 2017 PreMoto3 Marfurt Amazing Crash
what a shame, he nearly saved that one Smilie

chat icon Sonoma2017 FP2 Two Spectators Cause Red Flag
That one brain cell discovered an open fence .. hey let's get closer to the track .. don't bother why they put a fence anyway girls Smilie

chat icon Sandown2017 Race1 Hazelwood Massive Crash
I wouldn't think of the outcome of this crash when his car went through the catch fence .. the public behind it is very close .. maybe too close to the track in this sort of accidents Smilie

chat icon Singapore2017 FP1 Verstappen Great Save
Great car control Smilie

chat icon Italy2017 Massa Crashes Into Verstappen
Forced to the outside, holding his very tight line through the chicane but getting no room whatsoever from Massa .. race inciddent .. no further action ...

How clear can you be as race control to say .. well Max we don't like your driving style ... charlie needs a replacement and the sooner the better !!!!

chat icon Bristol 1990 Waltrip Huge Crash
@Seibaru Indeed, the car just splitted upon impact.
How he'd survived was just a miracle.

A simalair crash accured at the same spot, later on they decided to get rid of the opening at Bristol but those 2 accidents could have been fatal Smilie

chat icon Lobos 1992 Mouras Fatal Crash Aftermath
@zaggi222 Thanx for the vid made, I guess missed that one ..

Looks like maybe a tyre went down or he was steering onto the grass for some other reason ..

Anyway a freak accident that could have been prevented by putting tyre barriers instead of a solid dirt wall, that driver side impact was not survivable Smilie

chat icon Silverstone 1980 Two Unknowns Spins
If the cars were a "Williams FW07B-Ford" and a "Wolf WR6-Ford" then the drivers were "Eliseo Salazar" and "Ray Mallock"


chat icon Lobos 1992 Mouras Fatal Crash Aftermath
@zaggi222 there was a dirt wall on the right side drivers view .. did he hit that first before spinning the car to the left that you know ?

chat icon Madeira 1993 Aghini Crash
He was lucky to get away with that.
If there was a steel guard rail it could have ended up like a crash Kubica had Smilie

chat icon Belgium2017 Perez Ocon Crash Again
There will be much talk after the race about this incident.

One day Perez will cause a major crash if he goes on like this .. It's about time the FIA should make a statement about dangerous driving.

This can't go on 'till someone ends up in hospital or worse !!!

chat icon Belgium2017 Race2 Matsushita Crashes
I was just talking to my girlfriend .. hey no crashes in Au Rouge this year .. 5 minutes later this happened.

Hope he's ok .. stepped out but was a bit crocky when the adrenaline dropped. Smilie

chat icon Belgium2017 FP1 Massa Crashes
There's lesser room at the end of the sand pit due to safety reasons, their used to be only one tyre barrier but they put up a 2 stack with an angle change so any driver going of strait would not hit the barrier strait on.

Side impact crashes are still the worst a driver can take and with the combination of a direct slow down after impact it could lead to brain damage, Massa was very lucky here although the crash itself didn't look that hard.

chat icon Gateway2017 Start Power Carpenter Crash
@vettelisthebest I don't think a Halo can protect a driver this way as flying debri can easily enter the cockpit.

But on the other hand, if a tyre should hit the cockpit with Halo protection then the Halo would protect the helmet.

Either way, Halo or no Halo it's open wheel racing and drivers understand the risks their taking, a Halo just put up an invisible protection where drivers can think their save but it's still racing and freak accidents will accur in the future no matter what protection system will be used.

chat icon Atlanta 1986 Glidden Flips
Nice footage .. many taken from the "decade of Thrills" VHS tapes by Diamond P Sports.

I still own 2 VHS tapes, Decades of Thrills wich covers the late 70's and 80's and one calles Decades of Thrills 2 wich covers races and crashes from the 90's.

Shame I don't own a VHS anymore but the tapes stays in the collection just to bring up some good memories.

Both tapes can be seen on youtube .. First tape ..

Second Tape ..

chat icon Riverside 1984 Felton Huge Crash
This crash happened in the 6 hours race of Trans-Am in 1984 . not 1987.

It took 19 month for Felton to recover and get back behind the wheel of a race car but left him with a paralyzed vocal cord and partial paralysis the left side of his body.

Injuries he sustained were his hangman`s vertebrae, fractured a couple of shoulders, broke 7 ribs, bruised his heart, bruised his brain and some internal hermorrhaging.

Now age 81 he is founder of the "Gene Feltons Restorations" restoring older race cars including many old Nascar cars.

chat icon Indianapolis 2002 FP Jones Crash
Even with the safety barrier instalted his back must have hurt big time Smilie

chat icon Detroit 2001 Tagliani Almost Flips
It was Alex Tagliani who hit the barriers, his foot got stuck between the pedals after impacted the tyre barrier.

chat icon Goodwood 2000 Start Huge Crash
It was Nigel Corner who flipped his car and got trowned out but luckily survived.

He broke 20 bones including his backand punctured both lungs wich took a year to mend, the next year he was back but retired the same day.

chat icon Pergusa 1989 Qual Gache Crash
@mattia Qualification crash from "Philippe Gache" who did not qualify for that race.

chat icon Mont Tremblant 1969 Huge Pile Up
@mattia 8 drivers involved in this crash, George wintersteen took the hardest hit into the guard rail and his Lola bursted into flames.

The other drivers involved were .. Scooter Patrick, Chuck Dietrich, John Mahler, Rich Galloway, Mike Hiss, Peter Rehl, Roger McCaig (Roger only took bodywork damage but was out of contention)

No drivers were injured in this crash.

chat icon Austria 1978 Patrese Spins
@mattia Riccardo Patrese in the Arrows according to the German announcer.

chat icon Austria 1978 Tambay Spins Again
@mattia Patrick Tambay spun there according to the German commentator.

chat icon Mallory Park 1978 Serra Huge Crash Aftermath
@mattia It was Brazilian driver "Chico Serra" that had a nasty crash there in august 1978.

Left him with a severe concussion and out of the championship for that year.


chat icon Zandvoort2017 Qualifying 2 Glock Deliberately Blocks Mortara and Calls Him an Idiot
What Timo did here was playing for judge and jury himself, he should not be an a race track with that attitude.

He might had a point he was held up but it's up to race control to deal with situations like this.

causing a dangerous situation on a race track is in my eyes one of the worst things a professional race driver can do and timo should know that with all his experience Smilie

chat icon Pocono2017 Qualifying HunterReay Crashes Hard
This is what makes Pocono so hard to drive for an indycar .. nearly no banking.

Bad angle to hit the wall though hope he can race on sunday Smilie

chat icon Zandvoort2017 Race1 Start Beckmann Crashes Rolls
@vettelisthebest I saw that race live on Ziggo sport.
The broadcaster directly said ow he's ok cause the rollbar prevented the helmet touching the sand trap.

To my personal opinion he was way wrong on this because those sand traps are build with too many sand and with the rain overnight it acted like quick sand .. when the car flipped over the roll bar dug in way too deep and Beckman could have easily ended up with head trauma wich luckily he escaped from.

Zandvoort is a good track but they have to look again at those sand traps ... specially with open wheelers they are very dangerous Smilie

chat icon Montreal2017 Race 1 Buemi Angry with Frijns and Abt
what was in his drink bottle ? Smilie

chat icon Hungary2017 Start Crash Replays
What Vettel means is that race control is not consistant in giving penalty's in wich I MUST agree.

Bottas jammed the curbes twice, once in spain and once in baku resulting both times he ran into another car wich he did not get a penalty for.

Verstappen made a slight mistake, trying to get position back and slides underbreaking into his team mate with no intention while Bottas took the risk on purpose in Spain and Baku knowing he wouldn't make the corner in a normal race matter.

I think race control can only give penalty's to drivers in equal matters and this wasn't the case here looking back at earlier giving penalty's in the season.

By doing so drivers are not feeling comfortable in what they can do on a track within the limits to avoid a penalty.

There was another issue with Alonso and Saintz in the race after the safety car period were no further action was granted while Saintz pushed Alonso off track on purpose.

So .. what are the rules than or will we make up rules every single race compared to wich drives does what on track ?? crap !!

chat icon BrandsHatch2017 1 Ducati Cup Guiver Wilson Ford Scary Crash on Warm Up Lap
The guy in the black suit took a nasty hit from the sliding red bike there also Smilie

chat icon BrandsHatch2017 1 Ducati Cup Guiver Wilson Ford Scary Crash on Warm Up Lap
@HughJass It can happen when his body slides faster than the bike in front of him.
I guess his suit got tangled with the back tyre and throwed him in the air.

Scary Smilie

chat icon Montreal2017 FP2 Buemi Crashes Hard
One of the biggest I've seen in FE Smilie

chat icon Spa2017 QR Start Hook Detavernier Vogt McKansy Earle Crash
Sometimes you just don't want to be on a certain part of the track but got involved in a crash you didn't intend.

The black Audi of Detavernier ran wide, almost ran out of road and got back on track with a slower speed.
Two cars behind him are battling and one hit Detavernier wich causes him te spin and causes a small mayhem.

Just a blink of an eye and your race is finished Smilie

chat icon Imola2017 Porsche Lorient Driver Stops in Wrong Box Causes Chaos
Medal for worst driver of the year maybe ? Smilie

chat icon Interlagos2017 4 SuperBike SuperSport Escola Santos Fatal Crash
O man that's really ugly Smilie

chat icon BetoCarrero2017 Last Lap Coletta Huge Crash Over Galli Rolls
@zaggi222 Glad to hear mate Smilie

chat icon BetoCarrero2017 Last Lap Coletta Huge Crash Over Galli Rolls
@JJ lol you're serious .. or not ? Smilie

chat icon BetoCarrero2017 Last Lap Coletta Huge Crash Over Galli Rolls
the impact of the kart above on the back of his helmet could easily caused some sort of neck fracture .. hope he's allright @zaggi222 ?

chat icon BrandsHatch2017 FP3 Smrz Big Crash
Glad to see those fences were high enough to catch the bike otherwise it would centainly had go flipping into the spectators Smilie

chat icon Oschersleben2017 FP Florsch Almost Hits Safety Truck Onboard
@Lucasjeha Can't go along with that.

If there was any footage inside the car of Dale Earnheart's crash and the family was holding the pictures back to blame it on the car or the organisation there could be a law suit against Nascar in wich way they can't defend themself.

An organisation always wants to examine any footage to determ who is to blame for any crash before footage is released to the public.

In this case I find it a good case because she could have blamed the organisation only for having a safety truck on track while driving at pretty high speed .. also she lied about the fine wich was 5000 euro's and not 20.000 what she said on twitter, her action would have bring the Adac organisation in discredid.

chat icon Oschersleben2017 FP Florsch Almost Hits Safety Truck Onboard
Here's the link btw for further info about this incident ..

chat icon Oschersleben2017 FP Florsch Almost Hits Safety Truck Onboard
@metallica101 So I'm not so great into German language but for what I understood is she took the pictures from the onboard herself without permission from the Adac organisation and put the onboard tape on her own youtube channel.

Then she falsly claimed the fine she was given was 20.000 euro's instead of 5.000.

She is now under probation for the rest of the season and can be excluded from the series by doing such thing again.

Her case will also been handed over to the German autosport board (DMSB) for further investigation.

The bizarre thing is that she did not got any penalties for failing to slow down under red flag conditions.

Speaking about a bad hair day Smilie

chat icon Austria2017 Qualifying Valsecchi Makes It Awkward
Going back in time .. 1989 ..

The Prost / Senna clash in Suzuka Japan .. then the race after that Clay Ragazzoni doing the interviews after the Australian qualifications and saying .. come on lads kiss and shake hands Smilie

chat icon Oschersleben2017 FP Florsch Almost Hits Safety Truck Onboard
@vettelisthebest That explaines, didn't know about the red flag condition but seeing the video a few times back now .. there is indeed a red flag on the right hand waved .. about 2 to 3 seconds into the video.

I guess the safety workers assumed it was save to assist the stranded car as the red had come out .. Smilie

chat icon Kentucky2017 Xfinity Qualifying Jones Drives Off with Notebook
@vettelisthebest Someone forgot his playboy Smilie

chat icon Austria2017 FP3 Hamilton Brake Failure
I was watching his right front when he braked, the wheel looked it was bending inwards while he drove at a strait line.

It tells me something broke big time, at least not a normal brake failure. Smilie

chat icon Oschersleben2017 FP Florsch Almost Hits Safety Truck Onboard
@vettelisthebest where did that safety truck coming from ? there were no yellows waved there .. plain stupid Smilie

chat icon Kentucky2006 Xfinity Fuller Huge Crash Red Flag
Jeff was involved in an incredible accident at the Kentucky Speedway on June 17, 2006 when he swerved to avoid Jason Leffler's spinning car and ended up hitting the inside wall at almost full speed. The car practically imploded upon impact and then burst into flames briefly. Despite the car hitting the wall on the right side, the left side came apart. Amazingly, he never lost consciousness but the car's roof had to be cut off to extract him. He was taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation and amazingly only a broken wrist and finger. He was released the next day. They determined that the implosion of the car was due to a faulty roll cage which failed during the crash.

Source: Wikipedia.

chat icon Kentucky2004 Xfinity Geisler and Jones Big Crash Fire
Only 13 years ago and you can see how much safety improved over the years.

Saver walls, HANS Device, and the cars are a lot saver to drive or in this case .. better to stand a big crash like this.

Thanks Zag. Smilie

chat icon Leon2017 Challenge Jaitovich Brake Failure Crashes Hard
Well he almost split one of those .. either a tree or the car .. Smilie

chat icon Leon2017 Challenge Jaitovich Brake Failure Crashes Hard
Some tracks really take safety measures not serious enough.

There should have been at least 3 tire racks tight together and much higher to create a saver wall in front of those trees.

Those lose tyres now worked only as a ramp and did not take any impact whatsoever, he was lucky not to hit one of those trees Smilie

chat icon Azerbaijan2017 Vettel Hits Hamilton Behind Safety Car
Rubbing is racing Vettel must have thought.

10 second penanty ?? that's like robbing a bank and get a bag of gold as present ... Charlie should be replaced for his kiddy decisions, you just can't wheel banging another opponent to damage a car on purpose and get away with a kiddy punishment like that.

My decision would be .. Hamilton scrapped out of the results for dangerous driving and Vettel getting a 3 race penaly for unsportsman behaviour.

I don't think any last words are spoken after the race about this Smilie

chat icon Assen2017 Moto2 Qual Baldassarri Massive Crash
Although he landed hard on his head .. he passed out the moment the bike hit the helmet.

Nasty crash but thankfully only a concussion and a suspected broken ancle.
He will spend the night in hospital but will be released the day after.

Glad he can walk away from a very nasty crash like that Smilie

chat icon Aragon2017 Race 2 Smolyar Lloveras Haapalainen Big Crash
Pretty lucky he drove backwards the sand pit in otherwise he would have flipped the car over with no back end Smilie

chat icon Portugal2017 FP1 Coronel Wheel Failure Crashes into Fire Truck
And I noticed 2 fire guys were in that truck as well Smilie

chat icon Portugal2017 FP1 Coronel Wheel Failure Crashes into Fire Truck
That's a terrible way to make a runoff area .. just stupid building and waiting for an accident to happen Smilie

chat icon Azerbaijan2017 FP2 Verstappen Crashes
The impact wasn't that big but look how much force the back end took .. I'm afraid he damaged more than his ego here Smilie

chat icon IsleOfMan2017 Senior TT Leader Hutchinson Crashes Hard Red Flag
Fractured femur, hope he will recover soon Smilie

chat icon Catalunya2017 WarmUp Marquez Trips Over
Caution yellow flag .. debris on track .. o no that was Marquez .. race on Smilie

chat icon Texas2017 Hinchcliffe Aleshin Vautier Pile Up Crash
Tony Tony what were you thinking .. you cannot drive up the racetrack 3 wide like that.
A lot of good cars out now with 11 cars still on the track waiting for the restart.

Ed carpenter's car might be fixable so it might be 12 running soon.

Tristan Voutair drove one heck of a race for him I feel most sorry Smilie

chat icon BuenosAires2017 Final V6 Azar Huge Crash
Towing the car away after such a huge impact with the driver still in it doesn't seems to be a smart move Smilie

chat icon Charlotte2017 Busch Dissatisfied in Post Race Press Conference
Well that's the Kyle I'll always remember .. such a nice guy when he wins .. such a jerk coming in with a good result without winning Smilie

chat icon Monaco2017 Button Wehrlein Crash
Car inspection, how does a sauber's floor look like ? Smilie

chat icon France2017 Moto3 Start First Lap Massive Pile Up
Sponsered by Mobil 1 Smilie

Well I was playing some music while this pile up happened .. I must admit it did caught my attention .. thankfully all riders ok as it seems now .. lot of damage though Smilie

chat icon MT89 2017 IndyCar Indy500 Qualifying Bourdais Huge Crash
I'm so glad the cars these days are so much stronger than the past.

The angle he hit the wall was almost the same Gordon Smiley had and even the crash was similair, over correcting a slide and tank slapped his car head on towards the wall .. sadly Gordon hit the wall head on with no saver barrier and less stronger car back in 1982 but it was the first thing that popped up my mind seeing Sabastien's Crash.

A big Dejavú for me but thankfully non fatal.

I hope he recovers in good health Smilie

chat icon MT89 2017 IndyCar Indy500 Qualifying Bourdais Huge Crash
Last update ...

“Sebastien Bourdais was diagnosed with multiple fractures to his pelvis and a fracture to his right hip following an incident today while attempting to qualify for the 101st Running of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race,” said the statement.

“According to IndyCar Medical Director Dr. Geoffrey Billows, Bourdais will undergo surgery on his pelvis this evening at IU Health Methodist Hospital.


chat icon MT89 2017 IndyCar Indy500 Qualifying Bourdais Huge Crash
Man I held my breath when he hit that wall in that scary angle and then the car flipped wich actually took out the main speed thankfully.

That nose cone must had took a massive impact but stood the test Smilie

chat icon France2017 FP4 Miller Huge Crash
Front wheel went .. got grip again and because the steering is to the right the bike only steering to the right and there's nothing a driver can do just go on with the ride ..

Hate to say but happened to Marco simoncelli at Sepang and we all know how that turned out sadly Smilie

Miller is one hell of a lucky man here to walk away after a crash like this Smilie

chat icon Homestead2017 Race 2 Locke Big Crash over Archinaco Rolls
I know it's a reflex but protecting the head with your hands while flipping upside down could easily break the hands.

Must have been scary as hell going over like that Smilie

chat icon Kansas2017 Patrick Logano Almirola Huge Crash Red Flag
The spotter of Almirola should be fired.

Almirola was the tenth car on track behind the crash and could have had time enough to slow down and go low.

He was coming in so hot, not knowing what was ahead of him.
140Mph with a whole turn to get the car slowed down enough to stay on the bottom .. great spotter Smilie

chat icon Italy2017 Race 1 Laverty Big Crash Fire Red Flag
Although Laverty blamed Lowes for the crash it was a clean overtake from Lowes.
Laverty could have given up position but fight on for position and hit Lowes who was on the racing line before entering the corner.

Spectacular crash but no blame for Lowes in my opinion.

chat icon Indianapolis2017 Rookie Test Alonso Kills Two Birds
That's one of his bucket list ..

1. drive an Indycar
2. kill 2 birds while driving.
3. win indianapolis .. why not ? Smilie

chat icon Russia2017 Alonso Retires
I feel so sorry for Fernando, he should get a special reward for most frustrated race driver in F1 history.
No wonder Button retired last year, being fed up with the Honda project Smilie

chat icon Phoenix2017 Start Aleshin Bourdais Rahal Crash
Well I don't like the aggresive way eiither @vettelisthebest the way Aleshin attacks the ovals, you can't avoid a spinning car wich is in the bottom groove simple ..
But the worst part of this accident was the way Max Chilton spun and released his breaks letting his car roll up the track and giving Graham Rahal no room whatsoever to avoid him and crashing into Marco Andretti.

Aleshin's spin was a race accident but Max Chilton's could have avoid the damage to Graham Rahal in my opinion Smilie

chat icon Velopark2017 Race 2 Pizzonia Rocha Foresti Khodair Valerio Big Crash
What a dork Smilie

I would say .. licence suspented .. what was he thinking Smilie

chat icon China2017 Perez Crashes Into Stroll
I must give Stroll some credit here ..
It's a 90 degree blind corner so looking in the mirrors it's hard to detect if a car is next to you.
second .. an opponent must be level or in front of the front tyre to do an overtaking pass, Perez wasn't even close to that and dive bombt the inside on the curve leaving no room whatsoever.
You can't blame Stroll for being a rookie on a young age, racing is doing up experience and takes quite a while specially in F1.
Maybe the one thing you can blame him for is his lack of driver awareness, hopefully he will learn from his mistakes soon otherwise I see him ending up just like Magnusen did at McLaren a few years back Smilie

chat icon Tasmania2017 Race1 Massive Pile Up
I was suprised how much speed Davison had before t-boning his opponent, Courtney was carrying the same speed but somehow managed to slow the car down enough to avoid a huge front impact.
Although Davison was breaking on the grass I wonder if he could have done something to slow his car down Smilie

chat icon Misano2017 QR Start Huge Multiple Car Crash Pile Up Red Flag
So stupid to do a night race at Misano.
The track is just NOT suited for night racing.

The way the back markers pilled in not knowing wich way they should go tells it all.

Shame on the the Blancpain organisation, Hopefully all drivers are O.K Smilie

chat icon Sun Valley 1968 Kern Fatal Crash
No problem mate Smilie

Call it a kind of fetish but I always wondering how crashes happened and what caused the death, many I know from memory but some like this one are hard to find some info on.

I remembering something about this crash I read a long time ago that a wheel of the car of Lynch hit the head of Kern, Kern died on instant from head trauma but nothing I can find about that these days .. it was many years ago on the internet I read it but maybe it might not all be true what I am saying here.

Sad thing is that a drivers head is what causing the most death, brain trauma, broken neck, hitting by cars or debris is the main reason a driver loses his life Smilie

chat icon Sun Valley 1968 Kern Fatal Crash
Sun Valley Speedway, Indiana 1968.

A race that was known from 1962 to 1971 as the "little" 500 and was raced with USAC sprint cars, here is some info about the crash ..

The accident started when Steve Lehnert of North Olmstead, Ohio got sideways coming out of turn two on lap 208. Kern, driving the Roger Hegg Ford, slid into Lehnert and was, in turn, broadsided by 1967 co-champion Cy Fairchild. Fairchild’s ride careened into the infield and about that time, Chuck Lynch of Springfield, Ill, crashed into Kern’s mount, rode up over the cockpit of the Minnesota sprinter and flipped one and half times. Lynch machine came down its side, rolled up onto its wheels and burst into flames. The fire was quickly extinguished and Lynch escaped without any burns. Both Kern and Lynch were rushed to St. John's Hospital where Kern died of his injuries and Lynch was treated from cuts and bruises of the left arm and shoulder and then released.

Credits to