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General Information
DarcyF1 Collector Cards launched early at the start of 2014 and enabled registered members to find and collect virtual cards hidden around the site. Each member can collect multiples of most cards. Members can both gift and trade the collector cards with other members. Sets of card can be released and added to at any time. Cards can only be valid for collection for a certain period of time, and expired cards may become valid again. Some cards will always be available.

Collector cards are assigned certain rarity levels. The odds of collecting a card are out of 10,000. The rarest card being 1/1,000 odds of appearing and cards with no rarity appearing every time a member is eligible to collect it. Cards are marked with a rarity symbol, identifying it's approximate rarity.
S - select members are awarded this card
C - common, 1/2 odds of appearing
U - uncommon, 1/20 odds
R - rare, 1/100 odds
M - mega rare, 1/1000 odds
N - nominal, no rarity, this card will always appear when eligible

Cards can be discovered in many ways and how and where cards can be found is not published. Cards that have a rarity of C, U, R of M will 'drop' when discovered. Cards that have a rarity of S will be 'delivered' to members and will appear in their card collection. Cards that have a rarity of N may 'drop' or may be be 'delivered' to users depending on the obtain method.

Collecting Limits
When eligible to collect a card, your attempt will be silently logged if not successful (due to not beating the odds) and you will not be eligible to try for the card again until the limit imposed on that card expires. For example, if a card has a 24 hour limit, you will not be able to collect this card, 'locked out' for another 24 hours, regardless of the odds of winning it. If you are successful in collecting a card, you will be locked out from collecting this card again for 5 days. During this lock out you can still be gifted the card, collect it in a booster pack and trade for and against this card. You can check your current lock out per card, in the
Card Gallery.
You are limited to holding a maximum of 9 of any one card at one time. You cannot receive more than 7 booster packs per week.

Create your own cards
We absolutely welcome submission of collector cards created by users. Please contact
the admin to discuss your ideas. Absolutely any idea is considered. You can create a series of cards, or add to an existing series, we would be happy to provide a (photoshop) template for existing sets created by DarcyF1. Any submitted cards will have a serial number and rarity added to them at administrator discretion. You may suggest rarity values for your created cards. Your cards do not need to conform to existing cards in any way, shape or form.
Get started with the (now complete) set 1 photoshop template.

Gift cards to other users
You can gift cards that you have collected to other users. Simply click on one of
your cards and select 'Gift Card'. Type in the username of the member you would like to gift a card to and it will be transferred to them. Gifting is not reversable, so please be sure you want to gift the card before you commit to it. Once you have gifted away a card, you are now eligble to earn that card again (if it is still in circulation).
DarcyF1 admins and moderators have the ability to gift any card (regardless of status) to any user for any reason. Don't ask for one.

Booster Packs
Booster packs contain 6 cards. The rarity distribution of the cards in the pack is fixed at, 3x Common, 2x Uncommon and 1 card which will either be a rare or mega rare card. Approximately 1/10 booster packs will contain a mega rare card. Cards will only be included in booster packs if they are still obtainable from the website by other members. Booster packs will not include expired cards, yet to be released cards, or 'selected members' cards. Booster packs may include cards you already have, and as such you won't be awarded that card. Booster packs may include duplicate cards. Card distribution within a booster pack's rarity categories is random. You can only earn booster packs by contributing to the website. You will not discover a booster pack by simply browsing the site. Booster pack cards are added to your card collection, from there you'll be able to open them to reveal your cards.

Card Trading
You can trade cards with other collectors. You can offer 1 or more of your cards for 1 of another members cards. You can propose a trade by selecting a card from another users' collection and clicking 'Trade for this card'. You can then select as many of your own cards as you like to offer for the other members' card. Once you are happy with your trade offer, you can click 'Trade!' and your trade will be presented to the user. That user has the ability to either accept or deny the trade.
Public Card Trading
You can now offer a trade to EVERYONE who has a certain card. When viewing cards in the card gallery you can click 'Make an offer' which will let you offer up 1 or more of your cards to every user who currently holds the card you are after. Any one of them can accept your offer, but once it has been accepted by one person, it is off the table for everyone else. Be sure to be checking your 'My Trades' often so you don't miss a potentially lucrative public card trade!