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DarcyF1 News

Bathurst content will be added as-live all weekend. Site resources have been doubled to serve the demand all weekend, with rolling happy hours during coverage time.
Bulk Video Downloading
A new feature has entered testing phase. Bulk video downloading is now available. For beta testing, only members Rank 4 or above can use the bulk downloader, only when browsing Action Clips or their own collections, and the bulk downloader will max out at 1GB. These restrictions should be relaxed depending on how testing progresses.

Please provide feedback, both positive and negative via DarcyF1 Messages.

New Home Page
As you can see, the home page has changed! The home page is the page that I receive the most feedback about. In consultation with those who have given feedback, this new design has been months in the making - delayed mostly by my busy schedule.

The new page respects most legacy subscriptions - currently Search subscriptions are not processed (being considered), and subscriptions to User Collections have been depreciated.

Not enjoying the content you see? Subscribe to content when browsing clips. Remove subscriptions from the Edit Preferences page.

Worth noting, your subscriptions now control all the content on the home page, there are no additional rules applied. If you do not subscribe to anything, you will see the most recent / popular content.

Content is ordered vertically by a balance between popularity & recency, and horizontally by popularity. You can click through to more videos using the segment's title.

The new home page leads to 10x as many videos displaying by default, with greater discoverability and more varied content - even in line with your subscriptions.

As always, feedback and suggestions welcome - you never know what new feature you could be contributing to!

PHP 7 + HTML 5 = Bugs
Sorry for the big bugs present recently. The massive overhaul to get the site up to modern web standards caused some ancient and terrible code to rear its ugly head.
Good news is that some eagle-eyes members have been quick to point me in the direction of faults that I have been squashing. The delay in alerting you to this was due the Add News function being one of those broken pieces of code, d'oh!

Messages, Forum posts and video Comments weren't formatted correctly - fixed!

Pop-over boxes not displaying or empty - fixed.

Numerous other tiny bugs being fixed constantly. I still have some cosmetic touch ups to do, but restoring functionality is always my number 1 priority! Thank you for your patience, and I hope that you all enjoyed the Open Archives weekend event. The participation was encouraging, so I hope to do another one soon!

As always, report all bugs you find!

Open Archives Weekend
This weekend is a very quiet weekend of international motor sport. To help you find something to watch, we're opening up the DarcyF1 Archvies.

DarcyF1 Archives now contain over 1TB of content. This weekend, all members will have complete access to the Archives without the need to spend points.

This zero-point Archives access will run from 09:00 Friday 21st July, through to 09:00 Monday 24th July, GMT+10.

Put it in your calendars, favourite some Archived videos and come back over the weekend to download as much as you want.

If you're not a member, sign up to access this content, and to unlock further site features and thousands more videos.

HTML5, Bug Hunting and New Features
Registration issues have now been resolved. There were a small amount of users who were contacted individually to resolve issues they encountered while registering. Any further issues should be reported.
Multi-use invite codes have been enabled, allowing better promotion opportunities. If you have a group of people you’d like to invite to DarcyF1 and would like a multi-use code created, please contact admin via Messages. Coming soon are promo codes for existing members to unlock rewards.
Operating a site that was built on technologies that were standard in 2009, it’s evident that as standards develop, the site had fallen behind. Poor standards lead to modern browsers displaying the site incorrectly in certain situations. I have been working hard over the past month to update the entire site to current standards. Around 40,000 lines of code have been updated to bring the website up to HTML5 standards. I estimate that I’m about 90% of the way there. 99% of the most visited pages are now up-to-date. Having so much code change has let a few bugs slip in, so thank you to those who find them and report them. There are some changes that are necessary to complete this work including the complete retirement of the Java uploader, and a change in pop-over message boxes. These two changes will be obvious, but unavoidable. If you have any questions, or notice any bugs during the standards update, please get in touch via Messages.
Forums have been receiving a big update lately to make it simpler to browse and to enable future feature development. There will be more information in this space soon, but you will already find some cosmetic improvements.
There was a significant bug introduced in the collector card system a month ago which resulted in many display issues and some minor, repairable collection issues. Users who managed to collect more than 9 of a given card have had those extra cards revoked. The reason this bug came to life was updating of the trading system, work which is now nearing completion. The updates allow you to visit the Trade Maker page, search for a user and view their duplicate cards and your duplicate cards to find a potential trade. You can click on these cards to start building up a trade option right there.
The menu system on DarcyF1 also received a re-organisation and cosmetic update to better match the most popular items that users click on.

Say Thanks - just one click
Around half the comments posted on DarcyF1 videos are thanking the uploader for their effort in uploading a video. In order to make this easier and rewarding for the thanker and the uploader, a new feature has been launched.

Known as 'Say Thanks' and represented by the orange thumbs up icon, users can now click the Say Thanks button to instantly post their personal thank you message. Users can configure their own personal thank you message on their Edit Preferences page.

When a user decides to Say Thanks, the uploader is awarded XP and a Point, the thanker is also awarded with XP.

Thanks messages are collated and displayed below regular comments on video pages.

Users who leave regular comments are now awarded 10XP per comment, up from 5. This will really help new members accelerate through the early levels to unlock more features around the site.

Uploaders will not receive Messages to inform them when a 'Thanks' is added to their video.

As always, feedback welcome and encouraged! Alos, we're always seeking new suggestions!

More Fixes and new ways to use your points
The way that users can view their points history is now cleaner and easier to understand and a lot of error conditions have been accounted for. New uses for points are correctly displayed. One of those new uses for points is to unlock extra collector card booster packs. Additionally, more work has been done to ensure monthly points top-ups are working 100%, you will see these in your Points History.

Videos displayed on the Home Page will now error gracefully when a thumbnail is still being generated. Previously this has pushed the majority of the content off the page.

Archived videos access has been rewritten to reduce errors. Continue to report bugs if you find them.

Collector card information has had a rewrite after some frequent questions of late. Also the card display page, when browsing from the gallery, has had a rejig to fit in more information, including a clearer explanation of the rarity.

The random video page now runs a lot faster! It is the most popular single page on the site and it used to take up to 7 attempts to find a random video for you. It will now find that video on the first attempt and is more directed such that it provides content from the more popular videos on the site.

The Edit Preferences page has now been updated so that all members have access to change the site’s theme. In fact, new users will now default to the newer ‘Grey & Orange’ theme instead of the original ‘Bright White’ theme.

There was a significant fault in the way that the site was expiring account bans. Nearly all banned users whose bans should have expired did not. I have now corrected this, and all bans are now up-to-date. This work included further refinement to the inactive account clean up process. User accounts that have not been used for 3 months will receive a warning that their account will be deleted in one week if it has not been used. That email will now definitely be the only reminder, and also include a ‘what you have missed’ section to combat a lot of users who rely on the ‘there was no motorsport over winter’ reason, despite we saw almost 3,000 videos added during those 3 months.

DarcyF1 TV was made non-functional by a caching change. This change has been reverted and DarcyF1 TV can now be found on the Live Streams page, available 24/7 to let you watch non-stop motorsport content. The schedule is now dynamic, allowing new content to automatically be added to the line-up month-to-month.

As always, it is YOUR feedback and suggestions that make a lot of the above happen – please keep it coming in!

Fixes and Archives
Supercars tipping has been adjusted to account for wildcard entrants. The 'drivers who finish on the lead lap' option will now calculate the correct number of entrants and give that as the highest option, instead of the previously hard-coded 26.
Over 1TB of videos are now available in the DarcyF1 Archives. To help members access the archives, DarcyF1 Happy Hours will now include zero-point access to archived videos. Keep an eye on @darcyf1 on twitter to get alerts when Happy Hours go live, and watch for when the banner lights up to denote it. More information about the DarcyF1 archives can be found on the Information pages, under the DarcyF1 menu.
Additionally, it appears that the Search function was defaulting to ordering results by least amount of Downloads.. this was a significant fault, and has been corrected under most circumstances.. still a few more bugs to iron out.

As always, report bugs, give feedback and ideas and DarcyF1 will continue to improve for you! Thank you all for your continued patronage of this ever-growing website.

Still away
A reminder to all, I am on holidays and am only periodically checking the site, admin and moderation tasks will be delayed. Further details are in the preceding news article.
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