DarcyF1 News

New categories & Associated bug fixes 1 month

WSBK and Superbikes have been created as popular categories, which means about 4,000 videos will be recategorised out of the Other Categories. DarcyF1 uploaders might receive lots of notifications as your videos are recategorised by staff. YOu are of course welcome and encouraged to update your own videos to fit into the new categories.
Please make sure that all new uploads use the new categories.

During the build for this, we noticed two issues with recategorising videos.
1. Videos with preview thumbnails (the ones that show up when you hover over the player progress bar) and/or chapters lost that information. We have corrected that behaviour but previously recategorised videos might still be missing that information, so as always - use the Error button under each video, or the Report Problem link at the bottom of every page to report the problem to staff.
2. On the video edit page, you could not enter a new value for the race - you could only select previously used race values. This was a complete oversight during the new site build (can I still say 'new' even though its almost a year old?) This has been updated and uploaders and staff can now assign new race values from the edit page.

DarcyF1 Staff - Expressions of Interest 2 months

With development of delegated administration tools nearing release, we are now accepting expressions of interest from users who wish to join the team of DarcyF1 staff. Please see Information > How you can help to submit an expression of interest, or get in touch with admin with any questions.

New Bingo Rewards 3 months

After over 1,200 bingo boards, it's time for a refresh!

Starting from the next bingo board, you'll see new requirements, new prizes and adjusted prize values. There are plenty of changes here but some of the more noticable will be;
Set 30 cards have been rotated out, and are now available in booster packs.
Three other sets of cards have been added to bingo prizes to replace set 30 cards. This includes an entire legacy set, and two other sets that are amongst the rarest seen in users' collections.
Card pieces are now playable, and avaialble as bingo rewards - more on card pieces soon!
Legacy cards can appear as (generally, rarer) rewards outside of events and Throwback Thursday - their chance of showing up on Throwback Thursday has not been adjusted.
Generically named Common, Uncommon and Rare card rewards have been removed - instead specific cards denoted by their serial will be available as rewards. Mega rare and extreme rare card will remain as before.
All card rewards have an increased chance of being available as an inverse reward, displayed with golden text. The already increased chance that a Bingo reward randomly drops as an inverse card has not been changed.
Every 500th bingo board will automatically be a 'Booster board', with all 12 prizes being a booster pack. This is in addition to the existing random chance that any given board can be a booster board.

Bits and pieces 4 months

Multi-part collector cards are now being rewarded correctly again. A series of bugs with these cards that came about during the new site build (6 months ago) have finally been ironed out. Multi-part cards will now always be rewarded, they will not expire, even when their nominal date has passed. That means that you might still find them in 'legacy' branded rewards, but if you collect all the parts you will still be able to collect them.

Multi-part cards are now also an option to be a requirement of a Bingo board space.

Uploaders, the thumbnail picker has been updated to accurately reflect when a thumbnail is saved. Previously, during busy times the saving process would take a few seconds but the 'saved' message would appear automatically, meaning that the image wouldn't save if you clicked away from the page. The 'saved' message now only shows once the thumbnail has saved. Note that caching rules mean that you may not see the updated image straight away, but now that the 'saved' alert is accurate, you can have faith in that.

Our 34th card set, 'Le Mans Legends' launched last weekend, thanks to Mustang. This set takes the total collector cards over 1,000 individual cards. This set will also feature in our next Bingo event, next weekend.

VASC tipsters, the recently announced Kostecki brothers endurance cup wild card entry has been included in the tipping options. I have listed Brodie as the driver as it isn't clear which will be nominated as the 'main' driver, but as with all enduro pairings, the tip for one drivers counts for that entry.

Card Trading Enhancements 4 months

A few new features have been added to the card trading pages. One is a new look Active Trades page, this makes more information more easily visible instead of cramming it in to small spaces. The page is now mobile-responsive too (but still looks better on a Desktop!).
Trader names now link to their user page, and include a quick message icon to jump into discussion about the trade. We're working on a way to send a trade back and forth with modifications too, instead of having to decline and start a new trade each time which should help with negotiations.
The Trade Builder now includes a live value indicator so you can keep an eye on the changing value of your trade proposal as you add and remove cards. Thanks to sheffy for the suggestion! The value calculator now understands Extreme Rare cards (X) too, they were previously weighted the same as Mega Rare (M) cards.
Speaking of rarities, these are now denoted as overlays on cards in the Trade Builder (along with quantity) as we found that rarity markings were either covered by the quantity marker or hard to read due to the card design at that smaller size.
The quantity indicator has had a small upgrade in that it will now be colored gold when overlayed on an Inverse card, to bring it in line with how Inverse cards are referenced across the site.
Another new feature on the Active Trades page is a bulk view button to bring up all the cards in an offer / request at once and know at a glance which cards are on the table and how many of those cards you have. We expect that will help a lot with those multi-card trades!

Try it out, keep the suggestions and bug reports coming, and most of all, enjoy!

Bingo - Indy 500 4 months

With two weeks until the running of the Indianapolis 500 and the recent launch of our Indy 500 winners card set, we are running a new event up until the race!
For two weeks you'll see Indy 500 winner cards available as prizes, with a boosted chance of being Inverse. There's also a rare chance to find Inverse Indianapolis (track) cards. As with all events, other prizes may be boosted and the rarity tiers are all boosted to drop rarer prizes more often!

But wait, there's more! Be sure to drop in to Bingo on Indy 500 race day for a day of extra-rare bingo boards with the highest boosts in the (short) history of Bingo applied across all aspects of the game!

Bingo updates!
The site menu now alerts you live Bingo events - this will not apply if you have opted out of collecting cards.
Secret card prizes (12.??) will now reveal their identity once the prize has been won - there are inconsistencies about this applying which I am monitoring.
Users who donate $5 or more will collect a Bingo Free Play card (on top of other rewards) which can be played to any space on any bingo board. This is a regular collector card and can be traded and gifted.

Bingo - Legacy Thursdays 5 months

A new way to access legacy collector cards is now available with the launch of Legacy Thursdays.

Legacy collector cards are sets of cards that are no longer available through regular collection methods. To ensure that new collectors can have access to these cards and to give long-serving collectors the chance to pick up Inverse cards we're increasing the opportunities to collect these cards.

Whenever a Bingo event isn't running on a Thursday, each Bingo board generated (including replacement boards when one is completed) will have legacy cards and legacy booster packs available as rewards. If a Bingo event is underway there won't be any interuption to that on a Thursday.

I can also confirm for the first time that cards earned through Bingo rewards have a significantly higher chance of being an Inverse card (generated at the time of delivery).

This change takes place at the commencement of the next Bingo board.

The DarcyF1 Back Catalogue 5 months

Members now have access to the DarcyF1 Back Catalogue.
The DarcyF1 Back Catalogue provides a way to access the content that I collected through the 2000s before and while launching DarcyF1. This content has been sitting on hard drives and DVDs since then, but has not been available on the website - instead acting as a archive for content creation.

This new feature allows you to browse the content and use your tokens to vote for content to be converted and uploaded to the DarcyF1 Archives. There is no schedule or guaranteed commitment to uploading the most voted for content, but when time and resources allow the top-voted items will be the ones to make their way onto the site. The information published on this page reflects an old register that will undoubtedly contain errors and should only be used as an indication of the content available. Once a video gets published to the website, it will no longer be available for voting. All votes are final and not adjustable.

There is a little over 10TB of content in the back catalogue, so I'm sure you'll find something that you're interested in.

Archive access has been rebuilt do work with the back catalogue, so please report any problems you might encounter - use the Report Problem link at the bottom of each and every page.

Legacy Week Bingo 6 months

Until the end of March we're hosting another Bingo event, Legacy Week! This event sees hundreds of prizes added to the prize pool as legacy cards are up for grabs! You'll also find legacy booster packs more commonly available as prizes as well as the regular event boosts to prize values and rarity.
We've also introduced two more conditions to the bingo board - Legacy Card, and Only 1. Legacy Card will require you to play a card that is no longer available for collection, and Only 1 will force you to give up a card that you only have one of in your collection.

Two bug fixes are included in this update. Inverse card quantities are now displayed when playing Bingo cards, and multi-part cards are available for unlocking again.

Jump into bingo this week to grab cards you might have never had a chance to earn before!

Bingo and Bugs 6 months

This weekend sees the release of the F1 2019 card set, and to celebrate the return of F1 we're hosting our first Bingo Event. Check out the Bingo board and find limited time rewards, more frequent rare rewards and larger XP and token parcels.

A number of bug fixes have been deployed;
Trade builder - show duplicates and show needed buttons now work together instead of only one or the other.
Bingo - level 3+ friends can now play twice per board, this was incorrectly restricted to level 2 friends.
Bingo - incorrect errors preventing you from playing the correct rarity card to Bingo have been corrected.
Bingo - two player playing the same board at the same time was causing the first player's move to be overwritten. Protection for this has been implemented.
Friends - friends receive messages to notify them of their friendship level increases and receive bonus XP.
Archived downloads - error messages have been restored as a generic one was showing by mistake.
Cards - multi-part cards are now being delivered. These have been broken since the new site launched.
Cards - card lockouts are now accurately displayed, they were rounding incorrectly.
Cards - card popovers now include an X to close the box.
Cards - the DarcyF1 treasure card is now available again.
Cards - card info now splits your inverse cards separately when displaying how many you have in your collection.
Tipping - countdown timers now show you an accurate time, instead of sometimes showing your local time.
Trending Videos - you can now toggle current year videos only.