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DarcyF1 News

Relax, take your time
A few adjustments to time limits around the site.

1. Archived download links now expire after 12 hours (up from 5 minutes) to allow certain downloading software to perform as designed.

2. Site logins now expire after 45 days (up from 7 days).

3. Account removals while still at 90 days of inactivity now only affect users who haven't reached rank 5. Members who have contributed, or are rank 5 or higher will have their account disabled after that period of inactivity but can be reactivated if they return to the site at a future time.

Season 2 is now live!
More trivia, bigger rewards, the newest season of the DarcyF1 event is live. Head over to the Event page to get started! Who will win the most races and become champion?
Season 1 Event Results
Sunday May 20 brought to an end Season 1 of the new DarcyF1 Event. We saw all over 1,500 tasks attempted by users with almost 1,400 of those completed.

Congratulations to those who completed all the available tasks;
@Jeroen, @Rocky7up, @FredJimBob, @kaupo22, @Fredo, @mclaren2010, @Nascar47fan, @pedro27, @warnerd1, @michael24, @Raptor1, @vettelisthebest, @ThomasFisher, @John1504, @Mustang, & @hgb

The winner was decided by who had the most race wins over the season. The race winners were;

Race 1 @kq451 in 1:15 minutes
Race 2 @BarriKimi in 7:46 minutes
Race 3 @Jeroen in 18:47 minutes
Race 4 @Jeroen in 19:28 minutes
Race 5 @mclaren2010 in 12:36 minutes
Race 6 @FredJimBob in 38:29 minutes
Race 7 @Jeroen in 30:51 minutes

@Jeroen is our Season 1 champion with three race wins. @Jeroen also had the fastest time overall, completing the 51 tasks in 1h 20:50
All race winners have been awarded a Legacy Booster pack, + 1000XP. As champion, @Jeroen received an additional Legacy Booster and 5000XP, plus an exclusive profile banner.

Season 2 will launch during FP1 of the Monaco Grand Prix. Your feedback has been used to build the new season. With more races, more tasks, and more trivia, you'll find new mechanics and a broader range of task types.
Season 2 will focus on major motorsport events being run during the event season. Races will now unlock 30 hours after the previous race to give more variety to start times. The event will run for 8 weeks, ending July 22nd.

Chapters & Previews
Over the weekend I have been writing and deploying some new tools for videos owners, plus a new opportunity for members to earn points and XP. These new features apply to the new video player detailed in the previous news post.

1. At the rate of 264 videos per day, we are slowly converting our backlog of videos so that they will ALL play in your browser. Embedded and archived videos are excluded from this process.

2. At the rate of 132 videos per day, we are generating preview thumbnails for our video library. This allows viewers to drag their mouse along the control bar in the player to easily locate the action they are looking for. This feature is available on Desktop only.

Video conversion and preview thumbnails are processing in order of most, to least viewed videos.

3a. We have given videos owners the ability to add chapters to their videos. This function places markers along the player's timeline to pinpoint action for the viewer. Perhaps the chapters mark each lap of a race, or where the live footage and replays each begin. Video owners can add chapters to their video any time on the Edit Info link on their videos. Saving new chapters will overwrite any existing chapter information.

3b. Our most active contributors have thousands of videos on DarcyF1 which could benefit from these new features. This is where you can assist and earn more points to access archived videos, or increase your collector card stash. Ranked up members will see a new icon in the video player. Click this icon to open up the chapter creator tool. You can mark and name new chapters for that video, and send them to the video owner for approval. If your chapters are approved, you will be awarded points and XP. Video owners do have the right to decline your submission. Do not spam this system, or continue to produce chapters that are declined, or you will lose access to this tool.

As always, any comments, questions or concerns, please let me know or use the report problem button at the bottom of every page.

Chapters icon to look out for in the video player;
user inserted image preview

Video Player Update
After considerable testing (thank you to those who participated), DarcyF1 has updated its video player. The new video player takes a further step away from Flash as it has been depreciated and a vast majority of DarcyF1 visitors use browsers that no longer support flash. Note that videos uploaded that do not match our supported video formats, but were converted to flash will continue to play in this release, but will no longer play in future player updates. Uploaders - ensure that your video settings conform to the supported web standards so that they play online for our visitors who prefer to watch, rather than download.

Now, the good news! Our new player supports streaming to Chromecast and Airplay. If you have those devices on your network, you will have the applicable icon available in the player to stream - a great option for DarcyF1 TV.

Faster page loads, and video loads. The Downloads page now loads up to 1 second faster, and your video will be ready to play up to 5x faster (especially for longer videos). This has shown to combat a lot of the "content not found" errors that some visitors find when the site is running a bit slow.

As always, your feedback is much appreciated - get in touch with admin via Messages.

Event Progress
With only two races left to unlock, the event is in full swing! Be sure to finish each race to unlock the next. There's some seriously impressive times being set!
New Event
This event has now started, after a couple of bugs, tasks were available from 08:30 9/APR/2018 GMT.

Starting next week, a new event will launch on DarcyF1. Something new and moving more towards a challenge of skills rather than relying on random allocation of rewards.

Email & Archives
After some new reports from members alerting us that some email providers were marking DarcyF1 email as spam, changes have been made to the way emails appear. It is worth noting that very few emails are sent from DarcyF1 - they are only sent upon account creation, deletion and when a user initiates a password reset. There have been changes to the technical method utilised to send emails as well as some cosmetic enhancements to make the email clearly from DarcyF1 and inclusion of notification preference management options.

Please keep alerting us when our email gets marked as spam by your email provider, and if any email arrives in an unreadable state.

With a great thanks to our generous donators, we have increased the size of the DarcyF1 archvies. You'll see a lot of content will soon be available in the archives, and with our recent changes to enable more members to earn more points, more often - archived content will be more available. Keep an eye out for DarcyF1 Happy Hours when the archives are opened to all for zero-point access.

As always, keep those suggestions and bug reports coming!

Watch Later + Donations
All members now have access to a Watch Later list. When browsing clips and races you can hover over a video thumbnail to reveal a red clock which enables you to quick-add videos to your Watch Later list.

Your Watch Later list can be found on your User Page, under Video Collections. Your Watch Later list is private to you and cannot be browsed by other members.

Please report any bugs or suggestions to admin.

Due to increasing visitor numbers and increased costs, I have re-introduced the post-video donation popover. It's simple to dismiss, just click anywhere and will not interrupt your usage of the site. Video uploaders who have added a PayPal address to their profile will have their PayPal account linked in these donation popovers. I have also added anonymous donation options with three cryptocurrencies now accepted.

Also new, members who donate will unlock a brand new banner exclusive to donators. Those members will keep that banner for 4 weeks.

Faulty Uploads
For a couple of hours today all videos uploaded to the site were broken. Long story short, our webhost upgraded the operating system and I lost one of the tools that the scripts relied on.

I have had to re-write very critical code in a short time. It appears to be working well, I think.

Please keep uploading and report any bugs you find with video details, thumbnails etc.

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