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Month of May 5 months

We're rolling out our now-traditional Month of May card event to mark the Indy 500. The Indy 500 Winners card (set #31) is featured heavily, and other Indycar sets will also appear this year.

Video browsing
Your chance of finding Set #31 cards when viewing relevant videos is increased, as are your chances of those cards dropping with Inverse colours.

Set 70 - Indycar Winners will be featured in the prize pool for Daily quest rewards.

There will be an additional daily quest that requires you to collect three cards from the Indy 500 Winners set - this will guarantee a Booster Pack as a reward (existing Booster Pack limits apply).

Thumb Hunt
Set 64 - 2021 Indycar Season cards will be featured in the prize pool for Thumb Hunt quest rewards.

Set 19 (Ovals) & Set 31 will be featured in the Bingo rewards prize pool.

And as usual, as we get closer to the Indy 500 race itself, something a little extra is likely to appear.

Reminder - current prize pools are published on the Information Pages.

Goodbye 2021 10 months

As another unusual year in history draws to a close, we're celebrating yet another big year at DarcyF1 with some stats, thank yous, and of course a gift.

Stats and milestones
Each year, I'm amazed by the growth in interaction with the site, its features and between our users. Each week we receive around 75,000 visits from 1,000+ individual visitors resulting in ~250k page views that totals over 1TB of traffic served.
Beyond the raw visitor traffic, the interaction across the site continues to grow.
25,000+ new videos
75,000+ cards played onto 4,000+ bingo boards
900+ new collector cards released
~400,000 cards collected
9,000+ sales on the Card Exchange
8,000+ comments on videos

As with most years, we passed some more milestones this year. Notably we have now delivered 30 million video downloads to our visitors since we started counting in 2009. We also went beyond 10TB of content hosted as we head towards 150,00 videos.
In less positive news, for almost a month we had significant performance issues across the site. Frustratingly, it turned out to be an issue with our webhost that they had caused, and failed to identify. While those four weeks were incredibly stressful, it's worth noting that our webhost remains incredibly patient and supportive as we push the limits of what their hosting was really designed to do when we moved to them some 15+ years ago! And it appears that cloud had a silver lining, and one of our fruitless attempts to solve the problem led to us trialling alternative systems which have provided much faster performance that before the issue!

Tipping Winners
Being the end of another years means the conclusion of our tipping competitions! Congratulations to everyone who competed in our Formula One and our Supercars tipping competitions this year! An extra special congratulations to our winners! Results have been finalised, and rewards are being distributed this week.

Supercars 2021 - Results
Winner: @Mcwisa [3x Archive Passes, 1x X-Coupons, 2x Bingo Free Play cards, 1x legacy booster, 3x boosters, 1x Set 61 booster, 2500xp, 125 tokens]
2nd: @iostoconvale [2x Archive Passes, 1x Elite Coupon, 1x Bingo Free Play card, 2x boosters, 1x Set 61 booster, 1000xp, 80 tokens]
3rd: @michael24 [1x Archive Pass, 1x Coupon, 1x booster, 1x Set 61 booster, 500xp, 30 tokens]

Formula One 2021 - Results
Winner: @C8H10N4O2 [3x Archive Passes, 1x X-Coupons, 2x Bingo Free Play cards, 1x legacy booster, 3x boosters, 1x Set 62 booster, 2500xp, 125 tokens]
2nd: @ThomasFisher [2x Archive Passes, 1x Elite Coupon, 1x Bingo Free Play card, 2x boosters, 1x Set 62 booster, 1000xp, 80 tokens]
3rd: @Jeroen [1x Archive Pass, 1x Coupon, 1x booster, 1x Set 62 booster, 500xp, 30 tokens]

A gift from us to you
[ this content is limited to members rank 2 and above]

New Booster Packs
We've also launched a new special type of booster pack. These new booster packs are specific to a set of cards - for example, you might pickup a Set 31 booster pack and it's guaranteed that all of its cards will come from Set 31. Check it out by grabbing an Indycar 2021 set 64 booster pack with the promo code INDYCAR2021 - expires at the end of the year. These new boosters won't be generally available, but instead be featured as rewards for relevant events. Our tipping top-3 finishers are each receiving packs related to their competition.

And a thank you
As always, the most important people at DarcyF1 deserve endless thanks and I'd like to thank our amazing users who have made, and continue to make this little hobby site such an incredible place to be! There is no doubting that without our community of members, the site just would not continue to exist. Of the sites members, a special thanks must be given to a few special groups who do more than their fair share to make the site what it is.

First, our content contributors. Whether that be the amazing group that have uploaded thousands of racing clips, and season's worth of full races throughout the year; or its the creative few who put together new sets of collector cards for you all to discover. We strongly encourage those out there with access to motorsport content, or a creative flair mixed with a bit of motorsport knowledge to consider contributing their content to the site; for more information please check out the How can I help section of our Information page.

Second, our donators. We served around 50TB of data this year, and host 10TB of content continuously. Our hosting fees are larger than they've ever been before, but I'm so proud to say that almost without exception, each month's bills are covered by the donations contributed by our incredibly generous users who are single-handendly keeping this site online. I greatly appreciate that without these users, the site couldn't afford to stay online.

And the other group of course, is the DarcyF1 staff who continue to step up their volunteered effort to contribute to the site's functioning. Without our team of staff, I simply wouldn't have been able to maintain the site going forward, so the very fact you're reading this message is down to them. We're always on the lookout for engaged members who understand the purpose of DarcyF1 to step-up and become part of the staff team. With some changes to the staff team into the new year, I'd like to take a moment to encourage you to consider joining the staff team. You can choose how much effort you're able to contribute, and across what areas of the site (videos, site faults, queries, tipping, etc.). If you'd like to consider becoming a member of staff, please check out the How can I help section of our Information page.

And that's it, another year over. Cheers!

All down to Adelaide 10 months

We've just launched our newest cardset, All down to Adelaide! From renowned card set creator @PaddockHillBend, this epic card set contains 124 cards telling the story of the 1986 Formula One season.

Set 68 cards will be generally available across related videos, booster packs, and by completing collections of other cards.

To celebrate this new set, we're running a one-week event from 13th December through to 19th December (GMT) focused on set #68 and the 1986 Formula One season.
To coincide with the set's launch, [ this content is limited to members rank 2 and above]
Also, set 68 cards will be featured across Bingo, Daily Quests, and Thumb Hunt rewards. The bingo boards will also require you to play cards from set 68 more often than usual.
We are also featuring two cards from the set on the Card Exchange, head on over to check them out.

Get collecting, this set will be available until the start of the 2022 Formula One season.

December Events 10 months

I know there has been a bit of anticipation regarding our upcoming end of year event. Well, with still ~8% of the year left to run, let's not get ahead of ourselves!

In December we're running a 'few' events, so it was thought a News article would help to summarise them. All times below are GMT.

From December 1st through to December 12th we're featuring all the card sets that either debuted or were retired throughout the year. Each day one card set will be featured across Bingo*, ThumbHunt and Daily Quest rewards. Note that Throwback Thursday, and other Bingo events (below) will continue to dominate the Bingo boards on their respective dates. You can keep an eye on the Site > Information > Rewards page to see what rewards are currently available.

From December 2nd to December 5th, the Mountain to Climb card set will feature across Bingo boards to celebrate the Supercars' Bathurst 1000.

From December 10th-12th, the F1 2021 card set will be featured in Bingo to celebrate the end of the Formula 1 season in Abu Dhabi.

From December 13th through to 19th.. well, this one is still a surprise.

From December 20th through to Jan 2nd, our end of year event will be live! Expect to be hearing more about that before then. But to whet your appetite it might be time for a FOURTHHINT (promo code available until Dec 3rd).

Orange you glad it's Halloween! 11 months

This weekend we are getting into the spirit of all things pumpkins and featuring six sets of orange cards across our Bingo game from Friday-Sunday (UTC)! We also have some special orange cards turning up in our Daily Quests during that time too!

It's our first of a few big events that we're running leading up to the end of the year. After Halloween we'll be celebrating the end of the Formula 1 season and the Bathurst 1000 weekend with featured card sets, and what we've got in store for the end of the year is the biggest DarcyF1 surprise we've ever put together. In unrelated news, there is a promo code available during Halloween; WILLIAMS

Our regular rotation of monthly rewards with still be on offer during this time, as Throwback Thursdays also continue on the Bingo Boards. As a reminder, you can check out the currently available rewards on the Information Pages.

Archive Download - Temporary Cost Reduction 1 year

Until the end of August we're trialling a reduction in the amount of tokens required to access archived videos. The reduction will typically be ~33% as the cost calculation drops from 15 tokens per gigabyte to 10 tokens per gigabyte (calculate against megabytes). As we note on our Video Archival Information page we regularly review the costs of running the archive servers and our donations received from our very generous contributors. We'll monitor use over the month with a hope to maintain this token cost going forward, or perhaps find a middle ground. If you're looking to increase your token balance, try uploading content, playing bingo or if you find yourself in the position to financially contribute to the site, make a donation. or, use the promo code "cheap" on your rewards page for a 50 token top-up (expires at the end of August, GMT).

Speaking of uploading content, DarcyF1 are always on the look out for content contributors. Is there a motorsport series that you think we're missing, or that you'd like to see covered better? Do you have the time to create motorsport content for DarcyF1? Our capping crew are happy to help you get started. Either send me a message here or head over to our discord server (https://discord.gg/uAwBrWQ) and we can help you get started.

Card Set Launch - Mountain to Climb 1 year

We have a new set of collector cards to announce! The newest set from renowned creator PaddockHillBend tells the amazing history of the Bathurst 1000 event (and it's precursors) in "Mountain to Climb", this 100+ set features memorable moments from over the decades.

This set will be gradually rolling out in the lead up to the 2021 Bathurst 1000 race start. There are 20 cards available right now, with a new card being released each day between now and the race start. The cards are currently available in Booster Packs, but expect to find this set featured as reward prizes, Card Exchange promos, and other giveaways as we get closer to the Bathurst 1000.

To celebrate the launch, we have a mini event going on.
Firstly, use the redeem the code PADDOCKHILLBEND (on your Rewards page) to claim two booster packs. Be quick, the code is only valid on July 6th (GMT).
There is a Rare card from the set available in the Card Exchange for one week, head over to find out what it is. Oh, and it's only going to set you back one token.
Also, we have a flash event in Bingo starting from the next Bingo Board and running for eight hours only. See how many Bingo Boards we can complete in these eight hours to generate additional boards inside the event window. During the event, currently available cards from this set will be available as bingo prizes.

Month of May 1 year

It's that time of year again - Indy 500 month and we're bringing back our Month of May card event. The Indy 500 Winners card (set #31) is featured heavily throughout the month in the below ways. This event will run from May 1st until the scheduled start of the 2021 Indianapolis 500 (12:45pm ET, May 30).

Video browsing
Your chance of finding these cards when viewing relevant videos is increased, as are your chances of those cards dropping with Inverse colours.

If you're looking to complete this set, this is the month to do it as every card will be a guaranteed reward via the 'Visit DarcyF1' Daily quest. Each card will be available for approximately 10 hours and will also be rewarded for one-day visit streaks, too.

There is also an additional daily quest that requires you to collect three cards from the Indy 500 Winners set - this will guarantee a Booster Pack as a reward (existing Booster Pack limits apply).

Thumb Hunt
If you've finished Set 31, set yourself the ultimate challenge and work to complete the set of Inverse cards. During the month, all 5-star 'Extreme rare' Thumb Hunt rewards will be the same card currently available through the Daily Visit quest detailed above, but it will be guaranteed to be Inverse. This is the first time that Inverse X-Rare cards have been guaranteed rewards on DarcyF1. Again, these cards will rotate through the month, with each Inverse card being a 5-star ThumbHunt reward for approximately 10 hours.

Bingo rewards will also include Indy 500 Winner cards throughout the Event. These will be randomly distributed as usual. You'll also find some other famous American Oval tracks as Set 19 returns to the Bingo rewards prize pool.

New card set!
PaddockHillBend delivers an massive Indycar 2021 season set that features drivers, their cars, the teams, the tracks and a few more cards to set a challenging completion goal of 103 cards! This set launches on qualifying weekend for the Indy 500.

Enjoy the month!

Please note that the regular monthly and weekly rotations of the Rewards prize pool is unaffected by this event. Please check the Information Page for the current prize pool.

February Findathon 2 years

Between now and 11:59pm February 24th, it's February Findathon time! It's time to get your detective skills out and search for clues.

Fur the duration of this event, we're hiding TONNES of Thumb Hunt clues around the site, and you'll find dozens of cards available as Thumb Hunt rewards during this time. You can uncover clues by watching videos on DarcyF1 - each clue will show you a thumbnail of a DarcyF1 video, and you have to find that video before the time runs out! (Bonus Thumb Hunt rewards will remain until the end of the month)

You can also Find F1 drivers during February Findathon, with all F1 driver sets appearing as Bingo rewards - a huge legacy extravaganza!

If Bingo and Thumb Hunt aren't keeping you busy enough, all collector cards will have enhanced odds during this event, with each card 50% more likely to be found!

And what better to help you Find with than accessing DarcyF1 CardSpy! Now is a great time to access the free trial if you haven't already. And hey, even if you have - all CardSpy trial statuses have been reset, so trial it again! You can turn this on from your Profile > Edit Preferences page.

Event - Celebrating 2020 2 years

What a year 2020 has been, hey? Here at DarcyF1 we had to make adjustments throughout the year as the pandemic through motorsport plans into limbo. Reliving old races, updating some older captures with high quality ones, and rejigging tipping calendars every other week kept us all busy during the down time. Not to mention, we released more DarcyF1 collector cards this year than ever before!

To celebrate, we're running a week long event leading up to the end of the year. We've got two member-made card sets dropping, a token bonanza, and a brand new site feature! From 1000h 24/Dec GMT until 23:59:59 31/Dec GMT, our 2020 event is on and features the following bonuses.

New Card Sets
MotoGP Special Liveries launches and @sheffy brings us a showcase of bikes from the last couple of decades of MotoGP featuring special liveries. These cards will be available by browsing video related to the card's subject. It will be available until the scheduled start of the 2021 MotoGP season. With a bunch of hidden cards to find, now might be the time to start your CardSpy trial, or make a donation to DarcyF1 to re-activate it.

The creatively titled And the winner is... set from @PaddockHillBend also drops (with no current end date). It will be predominantly available in boosters to start, with extreme rare cards featuring as rewards across Bingo, Dailies, and ThumbHunts. It's a big set, so best get collecting early.

Token Bonuses
We have a feeling (more on that, next) you'll be wanting to stock up on Tokens, so we're tripling (!) all Tokens earned during the event.
To give you an extra boost, use the promo code 50TOKENS on your Rewards page during the event to collect a mystery reward... it's 50 tokens.

Card Exchange
DarcyF1's newest feature is the Card Exchange. You can find it in the Cards menu.
The Card Exchange allows you to sell your collector cards to other members for Tokens. It also allows you to buy collector cards from other members with your tokens. As members are doing the selling, they'll be setting the price, so you might finally find that card you've been missing, or pick up an absolute bargain from someone who has been luckier than you.

You can list your cards for sale by using the new Sell option when viewing the Card Info modal (eg. via My Cards, or the Card Gallery). You can choose to sell the regular or Inverse version of the card (if you have it), and set your price.
If that card is already listed for sale by other members, we'll suggest a price to undercut the existing sellers.

You can also buy cards from the Card Info modal - we'll automatically find the lowest available price for you. Or, you can browse the Card Exchange directly and choose from different sellers, and varying prices. You can also see and manage your own listings here, and use the search filters to find cards by set, rarity or to locate those that you don't currently have in your collection.

One last feature of the Card Exchange are promo sales.
From time to time we'll feature cards on the Card Exchange that everyone can buy. You'll find promo sales during events, as well as a randomly selected card available for (a random) 48 hours every week.
We're kicking off the Card Exchange launch with three promo sales bargain to help you round out your 2020 F1 Drivers set, with Jack Aitken, Pietro Fittipaldi, and George Russell (Mercedes) all available in the Card Exchange promo sales throughout this event, going for just 3, 2, and 1 token(s) respectively.

Lastly, thank you all again for visiting DarcyF1 over the year. A huge thank you to our regular visitors and members who are the foundation of the community and why this site continues to thrive. An indebted thanks to those who found the means to donate to DarcyF1 over 2020, without these generous donations DarcyF1 simply could not continue to run. Here's to a brighter 2021!