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After some new reports from members alerting us that some email providers were marking DarcyF1 email as spam, changes have been made to the way emails appear. It is worth noting that very few emails are sent from DarcyF1 - they are only sent upon account creation, deletion and when a user initiates a password reset. There have been changes to the technical method utilised to send emails as well as some cosmetic enhancements to make the email clearly from DarcyF1 and inclusion of notification preference management options.

Please keep alerting us when our email gets marked as spam by your email provider, and if any email arrives in an unreadable state.

With a great thanks to our generous donators, we have increased the size of the DarcyF1 archvies. You'll see a lot of content will soon be available in the archives, and with our recent changes to enable more members to earn more points, more often - archived content will be more available. Keep an eye out for DarcyF1 Happy Hours when the archives are opened to all for zero-point access.

As always, keep those suggestions and bug reports coming!

Watch Later + Donations
All members now have access to a Watch Later list. When browsing clips and races you can hover over a video thumbnail to reveal a red clock which enables you to quick-add videos to your Watch Later list.

Your Watch Later list can be found on your User Page, under Video Collections. Your Watch Later list is private to you and cannot be browsed by other members.

Please report any bugs or suggestions to admin.

Due to increasing visitor numbers and increased costs, I have re-introduced the post-video donation popover. It's simple to dismiss, just click anywhere and will not interrupt your usage of the site. Video uploaders who have added a PayPal address to their profile will have their PayPal account linked in these donation popovers. I have also added anonymous donation options with three cryptocurrencies now accepted.

Also new, members who donate will unlock a brand new banner exclusive to donators. Those members will keep that banner for 4 weeks.

Faulty Uploads
For a couple of hours today all videos uploaded to the site were broken. Long story short, our webhost upgraded the operating system and I lost one of the tools that the scripts relied on.

I have had to re-write very critical code in a short time. It appears to be working well, I think.

Please keep uploading and report any bugs you find with video details, thumbnails etc.

Card Trading Fixes & Higher Points Limits
A significant math error was found in the calculation of trade values. This miscalculation was caused by some cards having non-standard odds assigned to them, or no odds at all. All affected cards have been updated, and the value indicator is now completely accurate. This error would have affected a very small percentage of trades.

Another bug raised with me was with regards to users who had multiple trades involving the same card that they had multiples of. When one trade was accepted, the other trade could not progress despite them having enough cards to complete that second trade. I have implemented some code that should solve this problem. Please report any bugs that remain or are introduced as a result of this change.

An additional change has come to Points (used to access archived videos, and trade for collector cards). The limit of 999 points has been changed. Points are now limited by your rank. You can hold up to 100x your rank in points. Rank 6 = 600 maximum points. Rank 12 = 1200 maximum points. All members can hold at least 500 points, so those who are new to DarcyF1 aren't limited by their inexperience. Certain points rewards can exceed the limits, so keep an eye out for those bonuses pushing your balance to new heights!
Note that users who currently have more points than their rank-based limit will not have points deducted, but will not be able to collect more points until they have dropped below their limit again.

As always, keep those bug reports, feedback and suggestions coming in to admin or the Report Problem link at the bottom of every page.

Event Concludes, Welcome to 2018
Event results: 20 members maintained a 31 day streak and received 1 legacy booster each. 4 members collected 250k+ event XP each, with one member topping 500k, making Jeroen the undisputed champion of interacting with the site during December! Top 3 XP collectors have received 3x, 2x, 1x legacy booster packs respectively as rewards.

Overall, 3.5 million XP were collected, 662 gift boxes were found, but only 37 opened (out of 50 possible), of which 15 were rare boxes.
We love providing new experiences to members and hope your enjoyed our 2017 major event.

It's now 2018 for at least half the planet and as GMT passed midnight about 3 hours ago, two new sets of collector cards launched, with another two due soon thanks to @Rocky7up. The 2017-specific collector card sets have now been retired, but might be found in the new 'Legacy Booster' that is available as a rare reward for certain events and achievements.

Last but not least - thank you very much to all the DarcyF1 members, contributors and donators. It's your participation that keeps the site running despite ongoing battles and new hurdles. Here's to a strong 2018 for the site and for each of you! Look forward to seeing you online throughout the year.

As always - your comments, feedback, & suggestions are appreciated and encouraged!

Event is live!
The end of year event is now live, with two gift boxes already opened on Day 1! Get hunting now, find small rewards along the way. Check your progress and how others are faring on the info page.
Congratutlations Tipsters
Both our Supercars and F1 tipping competitions have drawn to a close! Congratulations to all who participated throughout the year and especially to our winners.

The top 3 in each competition receive;
1st: 1000XP, 100 Points, 10 Invites, 3 booster packs.
2nd: 500XP, 50 Points, 5 Invites, 2 booster packs.
3rd: 200XP, 20 Points, 2 Invites, 1 booster pack.

Top 3 F1 tippers received exclusive collector cards, while the Supercars winner receives and exclusive banner!

End of Year Event
Details here! Kicking off December 1st!
Bathurst content will be added as-live all weekend. Site resources have been doubled to serve the demand all weekend, with rolling happy hours during coverage time.
Bulk Video Downloading
A new feature has entered testing phase. Bulk video downloading is now available. For beta testing, only members Rank 4 or above can use the bulk downloader, only when browsing Action Clips or their own collections, and the bulk downloader will max out at 1GB. These restrictions should be relaxed depending on how testing progresses.

Please provide feedback, both positive and negative via DarcyF1 Messages.

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