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DarcyF1 News

New DarcyF1 is open for testing
Open for public testing! The new DarcyF1 is now available to all members to test.

We'd love to have you come on over to our test site to check out the new look and features of DarcyF1 but there's thing you need to know first.

Please familiarise yourself with the current issues ->
You'll probably deduce the test site's home page is

The point of having a test site is that you can get on, try it out and (most importantly) let me know what doesn't work. We're always interested in feedback and suggestions too, but you must report all issues you discover; simply use the Report Problem link at the bottom of every single page. Feedback and suggestions can just me messaged through to me. Please give yourself time to adjust to changes before writing them off, and consider providing constructive feedback if you don't like a change.

Some important notes.
1. This is still a work in progress. You may find some things work one day but don't the next - I'm probably making changes.
2. Some pages have been completely re-written and should work great, while others have been roughly translated and may be a bit clumsy - report what's going wrong!
3. Niceties are missing - changing themes, discord link.
4. Critical system functions have not been replicated into test - moving files from the FTP to the website is one of them.
5. Some things will link back to the main site - feel free to use the main site to do things that you can't do on the test site yet (like discuss the new site on the Forums).
6. Things. Will. Change.
7. Points are now known as Tokens, because points was confusing! Nothing else about them has been changed on the test site.

Please, get on there, have a click around, maybe try and use it as your 'main' way to access DarcyF1 and see how it goes.

Last, but not least. Members browsing the test site have a chance of find new, rare collector cards exclusive to the test site. There's plenty of them to be found! But I wouldn't recommend trading them just yet as users browsing the current site won't be able to see them!

As always, comments, questions, concerns are very welcome. Feedback has and will continue to power DarcyF1.

User Upload Count
I have just pushed out a fix that corrects the uploaded video count for each user. This significant bug has existed for quite some time. All moderated videos (where a site admin has to manually approve the uploaded content) were not being counted towards the uploader's total. I have fixed the issue and re-counted all uploaded videos to bring everyone's total to the correct number.
All other aspects of the moderation process were correctly awarding uploaders XP, Points, collector cards and other rewards.

Project Update
For the past couple of months I have eluded to two special projects that I have been working on. One of those is a rebuilt DarcyF1 – a new, responsive design that retains all the things that make DarcyF1 special, but presented in a way that’s easier to navigate and more consistent between devices. Over the next couple of months I hope to invite members to test this new site before a launch towards the end of the year, depending how much time I can dedicate to the build.

The second of those projects, and the real reason for this news update is that my beautiful wife and I are expecting the birth of our first child. Today is Father’s Day in Australia, and marks one month until we’re expecting to meet him, hence the timing of this announcement. The reason that I want to share this news here is that his due date is Bathurst week – the biggest weekend for the site. Obviously, if he arrives around his due date, I will be (gladly) pre-occupied which may introduce small delays to clips, approvals and other moderation activities.

Otherwise, it is business as usual! Both these projects are taking a LOT of my time lately, and will continue to over the remainder of the year. I continually check the site, no less than once per day and some admin-required activities message me directly so that I am alerted. If you think I’ve missed something that you’re waiting on, please be patient, but don’t hesitate to send me a polite reminder.

As always, feedback, suggestions and comments are always most welcome!

VASC Tipping Bug
I have found and corrected a bug with the VASC results from Queensland which prevented scores being included in the calculations of round and season results. I have now recalculated those and the results and season ladder are back up-to-date. Check it out.
Delayed Tipping Results
Hungary GP results have finally been added to the F1 Tipping pages - sorry for the delay, busy, busy, busy at the moment!
Event Season 2 Results
Sunday July 22 brought to an end Season 2 of DarcyF1 Events. We saw all over 3,000 tasks attempted by users with almost 2,500 of those completed.

Congratulations to those who completed all the available tasks;
@Jeroen, @FredJimBob, @Fredo, @hgb, @John1504, @kaupo22, @martino161921, @Mustang, @Nascar47fan, @pedro27, @Raptor1, @Rocky7up, & @ThomasFisher

The winner was decided by who had the most race wins over the season. The race winners were;

Race 1 @Mustang in 12:13 minutes
Race 2 @maxdonaldo in 8:07 minutes
Race 3 @FredJimBob in 21:41 minutes
Race 4 @Nascar47fan in 17:34 minutes
Race 5 @Jeroen in 51:10 minutes
Race 6 @martino161921 in 11:54 minutes
Race 7 @Nascar47fan in 16:30 minutes
Race 8 @Rocky7up in 39:50 minutes
Race 9 @hgb in 55:16 minutes
Race 10 @Rocky7up in 1:24:55 hours

@Rocky7up and @Nascar47fan both had two race wins each, meaning the overall winner decision came down to fastest season completion time. As both users did complete the season, let's go to the clock!
@Rocky7up completed the season in 2 days, 1h 24:34
@Nascar47fan completed the season in 7 days, 1h 40:41
making @Rocky7up our Season 2 champion, with 2 race wins and a faster season completion time as a tie-breaker!

@FredJimBob had the fastest time overall, completing the 101 tasks in a total of 15h 26:20

All members to have won a race have been awarded a Legacy Booster pack, + 1000XP. As champion, @Rocky7up received an additional Legacy Booster, Regular Booster and 5000XP, plus an exclusive profile banner to be delivered later this week.

We loved the enthusiasm for Season 2 of our Events, and we managed to contain the bugs to one dodgy piece of script this time! We saw over twice as many tasks attempted compared to Season 1 and the changes made after Season 1 seemed to be welcomed by the majority.

Unfortunately, there were multiple users excluded this season due to a very few people creating duplicate accounts to complete tasks they had already completed on their existing account.

Season 3 is yet to be scheduled. I am currently putting all my spare time into two big projects so have not had time to research questions and write functionality for the next event. I would be open to others putting forward a season's worth of tasks if they wish. In the mean time, I'll throw another three booster packs (1x regular, 1x legacy, 1x glitch) and a chunk of to the first person who can tell me / guess (via the Season 2 Event thread) what the two big projects I am working on are.

Thank you again for your participation and continued feedback!

Relax, take your time
A few adjustments to time limits around the site.

1. Archived download links now expire after 12 hours (up from 5 minutes) to allow certain downloading software to perform as designed.

2. Site logins now expire after 45 days (up from 7 days).

3. Account removals while still at 90 days of inactivity now only affect users who haven't reached rank 5. Members who have contributed, or are rank 5 or higher will have their account disabled after that period of inactivity but can be reactivated if they return to the site at a future time.

Season 2 is now live!
More trivia, bigger rewards, the newest season of the DarcyF1 event is live. Head over to the Event page to get started! Who will win the most races and become champion?
Season 1 Event Results
Sunday May 20 brought to an end Season 1 of the new DarcyF1 Event. We saw all over 1,500 tasks attempted by users with almost 1,400 of those completed.

Congratulations to those who completed all the available tasks;
@Jeroen, @Rocky7up, @FredJimBob, @kaupo22, @Fredo, @mclaren2010, @Nascar47fan, @pedro27, @warnerd1, @michael24, @Raptor1, @vettelisthebest, @ThomasFisher, @John1504, @Mustang, & @hgb

The winner was decided by who had the most race wins over the season. The race winners were;

Race 1 @kq451 in 1:15 minutes
Race 2 @BarriKimi in 7:46 minutes
Race 3 @Jeroen in 18:47 minutes
Race 4 @Jeroen in 19:28 minutes
Race 5 @mclaren2010 in 12:36 minutes
Race 6 @FredJimBob in 38:29 minutes
Race 7 @Jeroen in 30:51 minutes

@Jeroen is our Season 1 champion with three race wins. @Jeroen also had the fastest time overall, completing the 51 tasks in 1h 20:50
All race winners have been awarded a Legacy Booster pack, + 1000XP. As champion, @Jeroen received an additional Legacy Booster and 5000XP, plus an exclusive profile banner.

Season 2 will launch during FP1 of the Monaco Grand Prix. Your feedback has been used to build the new season. With more races, more tasks, and more trivia, you'll find new mechanics and a broader range of task types.
Season 2 will focus on major motorsport events being run during the event season. Races will now unlock 30 hours after the previous race to give more variety to start times. The event will run for 8 weeks, ending July 22nd.

Chapters & Previews
Over the weekend I have been writing and deploying some new tools for videos owners, plus a new opportunity for members to earn points and XP. These new features apply to the new video player detailed in the previous news post.

1. At the rate of 264 videos per day, we are slowly converting our backlog of videos so that they will ALL play in your browser. Embedded and archived videos are excluded from this process.

2. At the rate of 132 videos per day, we are generating preview thumbnails for our video library. This allows viewers to drag their mouse along the control bar in the player to easily locate the action they are looking for. This feature is available on Desktop only.

Video conversion and preview thumbnails are processing in order of most, to least viewed videos.

3a. We have given videos owners the ability to add chapters to their videos. This function places markers along the player's timeline to pinpoint action for the viewer. Perhaps the chapters mark each lap of a race, or where the live footage and replays each begin. Video owners can add chapters to their video any time on the Edit Info link on their videos. Saving new chapters will overwrite any existing chapter information.

3b. Our most active contributors have thousands of videos on DarcyF1 which could benefit from these new features. This is where you can assist and earn more points to access archived videos, or increase your collector card stash. Ranked up members will see a new icon in the video player. Click this icon to open up the chapter creator tool. You can mark and name new chapters for that video, and send them to the video owner for approval. If your chapters are approved, you will be awarded points and XP. Video owners do have the right to decline your submission. Do not spam this system, or continue to produce chapters that are declined, or you will lose access to this tool.

As always, any comments, questions or concerns, please let me know or use the report problem button at the bottom of every page.

Chapters icon to look out for in the video player;
user inserted image preview

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