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DarcyF1 News

Subscriptions are back 3 days

One of the few remaining site features to be rebuilt following the launch of the updated site in was subscriptions. Subscriptions are back! You can find a + Subscribe button on the Videos > Browse pages. You can subscribe to either a whole category, or a season of a category. Still to come are user subscriptions - existing user subscriptions from 'back in the day' are still live, but you can't add new ones yet. Also, we are looking to revive year subscription to subscribe to all categories for a given year, and potentially search subscriptions - though this is a low priority right now.

You can unsubscribe from any subscription on the Profile > Edit preferences page (once you have subcriptions).

The new subscriptions feature is significantly improved over the previous. There's some nifty design features to let you one-click subscribe, but more importantly is the way it affects your home page. Previously, your subscriptions would replace the entire home page with only content you had subscribed to. This was ineffective from two angles. 1 - you lost sight of the new and trending content from recent motor sport events, and 2 - subscription to out-of-date content like defunct series or departed users clogged up your home page with stagnant content.

Now, subscriptions influences what you see on your home page. You will see the regular content from the home page, recent events that are popular with users, PLUS your subscribed content. There is a heavy weighting towards content that matches what you subscribe to so that the content you are interested in is prioritised in your view. We'll continue to adjust this weighting so that popular content and your areas of interest are nicely balanced. You will be able to identify content that has been promoted onto your home page by a little graph symbol and can click this to reveal and unsubscribe button that will take you straight to the Edit Preferences page.

Also, you know that DarcyF1 has a history of April Fool's Day fun, right?

Le Mans Constructors - Card Set 10 days

As you might have seen, yesterday we released a brand new card set, designed by Mustang! These cards are available through traditional methods; browsing videos related to the card's subject, as well as in booster packs. Unfortunately, three of these cards were assigned the incorrect rarity. Those cards have now been removed from circulation and replaced with the correct rarity cards. Apologies for the inconvenience - I know finding X-Rare cards as often as commons must have seemed too good to be true.. unfortunately it was.

Event Cancellation Updates 20 days

As you'll be aware, motor sport events are being regularly cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. At DarcyF1, we will adjust the F1 and VASC tipping leagues as best we can.

For Supercars, the Albert Park round will be annulled - no points awarded. We'll continue to update the competition as rounds are cancelled or postponed.

For Formula 1, the Tipping competition is temporarily closed until it becomes clear what the new schedule will look like.

DarcyF1 events tied to scheduled motor sport events will continue to run - you're probably finding the Albert Park collector card available more frequently at the moment - as originally scheduled. We may replay events when motor sport events are rescheduled.

As motor sport events continue to be cancelled or rescheduled in the future, we will make adjustments as required, to bring our site features up-to-date.

To help fill the void, members can head over to the Back Catalogue, where we have halved the tokens per vote requirement for the time being (rounded up to the nearest whole token). The Back Catalogue allows you to browse through the DarcyF1 archives for unpublished content and vote for it to be uploaded to the site. While there's a lull in live motorsport, we'll spend more time providing the most voted for historical content instead.

Updates and Fixes 3 months

Over the past couple of weeks, you've almost definitely noticed some changes around DarcyF1. Whether these were new features that we've been testing, or bugs that have shown up, there's been a bit going on!

New Features
DarcyF1 Dailies - After some delays during testing, we finally launched the DarcyF1 dailies this week. You'll find daily challenges on your Rewards page. This feature helps reward our members who are regular visitors, but don't have the opportunity to contribute to, or participate on the site in other ways. Of note is a likelihood of regular tokens, and cyclical rewards for daily visits that ramp up to 7 day streaks with new rewards!

Card Coupons - new to DarcyF1, you can now collect card coupons and trade them for an available collector card. Coupons can be traded for C, U, & R rarity cards. Elite Coupons can be traded for C, U, R, & M rarity cards. And X Coupons can be traded for C, U, R, M, & X rarity cards. Coupons are currently only available through DarcyF1 Dailies. When you receive a card by trading a coupon, you have a 1/10 chance of receiving an Inverse colored card.

Trade Negotiation tools - There is now a simple way to discuss card trade options and modify submitted trades. Click the chat bubbles next to the trade ID on the Active Trades page and you can instantly communicate with your trade partner. You will be notified via DarcyF1 messages too. The trade submittor and the trade receiver can also click the new Modify button to be able to modify the cards up for trade. This effectively makes them the trader, and when they re-submit the trade, their adjusted offer is sent to the other user. These changes are backward incompatible - you may wish to cancel existing trades and start a new trade to ensure bug-free performance.

Archive Server #3 - We have now operationalised our newest - and now our preferred - archive server, #3. We have been testing this new server for a few months (thank you to those users who have been performing tests) and we're very happy that this server strikes the perfect balance between availability, stability, speed and cost. A special thank you to tongphafu whose generous donation allowed us to make our big move to bring this server online sooner than we had budgeted for. To learn about video archiving at DarcyF1, please check the Information page.

Video contributor chat - mattia has taken the lead and is operating a channel on our Discord server (https://discord.gg/uAwBrWQ) that allows users who contribute videos to the site to easily plan and communicate what they're capturing and uploading. If you're interested in participating, please ping admin or sabbenza (mattia) on the discord channel.

Last weekend, our webserver pushed an update to PHP, which broke a lot of underlying code. While we had prepared for this change, there were two oversights which resulted in the initial loss of user sign in functionality, but lingered throughout the week as numerous smaller bugs were encountered - search settings lost, verification emails not being sent were a couple of the more pervasive issues. Thank you to all who have been reporting bugs, and we have been rewarding multiple Bug Hunter rewards (instead of just the first-to-report) to recognise your efforts. We think we're at a pretty good point now, so here's hoping we've moved through it.

Encountering so many deep bugs during a high period of development as new-for-2020 site changes are pushed online has been challenging, so thank you again for your patience and commitment while staff have been responding to issues. Keep your eyes peeled as next month we have a new card set coming as well as refreshed tipping competitions.

As always its your feedback and suggestions that keep features like these coming along - we're always keen to hear what you think. You can get in touch with admin via DarcyF1 messages, report issues using the Report Problem link at the bottom of each page, or head over to the Forum to start a new discussion.

2019 Year in Review 3 months

I say it every year, but 2019 was another massive year for DarcyF1. We turned 15 years old - which feels ancient in internet terms, and I still can't believe how many people we have forming this ever-growing community and making such generous contributions to the offering that is 'DarcyF1'.

2019 saw a LOT of behind-the-scenes refinements and improvements, including welcoming our first official DarcyF1 staff who are busily working on providing more real-time responses to video submissions, error reports and more while I find myself with regular availability.
It's been a concerted effort to make the site more resilient and self-sustaining to reduce (or avoid!) significant outages. But we haven't just been working in the dark, we've launched some big items on the backs of that, including the new Rewards system to centralise rewards and make them more consistent across the site, and then Thumb Hunt to reward those motorsport buffs out there launching late in the year. We continue to make rewarding challenges more self-generating and readily available, instead of relying on admin or staff to manually create events.

I like to dig up a few stats from the year to demonstrate just how much I'm in awe of this community and its willingness to share.

14,000+ videos uploaded in 2019, and we passed 100k videos online for the first time!
600,000+ unique videos watches in 2019, a little over 50TB of bandwidth served.
10,000+ comments in 2019.
20,000+ unqiue visitors in 2019.
1.8m page views in 2019.
1,100+ new user registrations in 2019.
100,000+ cards collected in 2019.

2020 is already off to a flying start with two new card sets dropping this week, new reward rotation across bingo, thumb hunt and more. Plus, in the very near future you'll see enticing rewards (including a new tier of rewards with a new type of reward) for participating across the site on a regular basis - DarcyF1 Dailies.

Finally, the thing that's the most exciting for me at DarcyF1 in 2020 is you. It's you, the visitors that we welcome to the site, the contributors who provide video content, the donators who help pay the continually increasing hosting bills, the members who spark conversation through video comments and forum posts, and those who provide feedback, suggestions and report issues they find in great detail. It's you that makes DarcyF1 what it is today, and what it will be tomorrow. Thank you for your participation in this small little corner of the internet.


End of Year Event 3 months

Starting at midnight December 25 (GMT), and running through until the end of the year is our end of year event! This event focuses on our December Thumb Hunt challenge - as members work to find videos based solely upon a thumbnail for unbelievable rewards!

First off, in Bingo we'll have an increased reward pool (with rarer rewards), including a brand new card set!

In Thumb Hunt, clues will be appearing a lot more frequently! Keep on watching videos in the web player to uncover clues - keep your eyes peeled, the Clue button will only appear at a certain point in a video. Not only will you find more clues, but we're upping the prize pool here too, with never-before-available inverse cards ready to be found!

Speaking of new cards, we're going early with a few cards from another forthcoming set. These not-yet-generally-available cards will be exclusive to Thumb Hunt rewards until the set starts launching in the new year. See if you can make your friends envious by collecting a new card before it goes live!

Found a card you're pretty proud of? Favourite it and show it off on your mini-profile! You can now favourite one card in your collection and it will display in most places your username is displayed on the site. You can do this by clicking the 'your collection' link when viewing card details, which will list each copy of that card you have in your collection - click the heart to favourite it! There are further changes in the pipeline for the mini-profile, too.

Finally, we'll be throwing regular happy hours, and opening up the archives for zero-token access to enable easy access to our newly archived content.

Good luck everyone! Looking for some hints and tips, head over to the Forums where some members have been sharing what they've learnt to help uncover Thumb Hunt clues.

2019 Tipping Winners 4 months

Congratulations to everyone who competed in our Formula 1 and Supercars tipping competitions this year! An extra special congratulations to our winners of each competition. Results have been finalised, and rewards have been distributed.

Formula 1 - Results
Winner: @Kurrganslaw [2x Bingo Free Play cards, 1x legacy booster, 3x boosters, 1000xp, 100 tokens]
2nd: @pedro27 [1x Bingo Free Play card, 2x boosters, 500xp, 50 tokens]
3rd: @DirtyChaos [1x booster, 200xp, 20 tokens]

Supercars - Results
Winner: @michael24 [2x Bingo Free Play cards, 1x legacy booster, 3x boosters, 1000xp, 100 tokens]
2nd: @FredJimBob [1x Bingo Free Play card, 2x boosters, 500xp, 50 tokens]
3rd: @DirtyChaos [1x booster, 200xp, 20 tokens]

See you all again in 2020!

Introducing - DarcyF1 Thumb Hunt 4 months

How well can you identify all the big motorsport moments? Do you think you can pick a crash from a single image? Now is your chance to put your knowledge to the test, with the DarcyF1 Thumb Hunt!

Starting December 1st, put your detective hat on and look for clues. Open a clue to reveal a video thumbnail and the countdown starts! Find the video that matches the thumbnail before the timer runs out to claim your reward.

How to play.
You can find clues while watching videos in the web player. Not every video will have a hidden clue.
When you find the clue, and click it, your thumbnail will be revealed and your countdown begins.
Browse to the video that the clue leads you to, before the time runs out, to claim your reward.
You can complete up to 10 Thumb Hunt quests per 24 hour period (rolling window) and have three active at any time.
You can check your active quests via the new Profile > Rewards page.

We look forward to rewarding the most astute motorsport fans, and those who have been browsing DarcyF1 for years. Thumb Hunt rewards are generous, some of the biggest we make available.

DarcyF1 Staff - your beta trial access starts now! Report any bugs. The beta prize pool is limited.

Rewarding Rewards 4 months

You will now found a new page under the Profile menu - Rewards. This new rewards page centralises the rewards, prizes etc. that you earn and find around the website. This new page reduces the amount of Messages that the bots will send you when participating in games like Bingo, it also allows you to claim your rewards at a time that suits you, which both increases the excitement and lets you control when to 'cash-in' your reward.

This new mechanic allows new rewards (coming soon) and powers the upcoming December & January events. More on that soon. This has required a huge re-write of the rewards scripts around the site and has been released a week prior to the new events in order to completely test it out. Please use the Report Error button at the bottom of every page if you have an issue - include any error or debug codes you encounter.

Not all site rewards are currently feeding in to the Rewards page, they will eventually.

This site update includes some other extras as well, including your XP & Rank at a glance in the Profile menu (this has replaced the 'user page' link. A huge renovation of underlying code is ripe for bugs, so please keep on reporting those errors!

Bathurst 1000 Event 6 months

Over four days, the Bathurst 1000 site event will feature site-wide bonuses for all members!

Bingo - our biggest ever Bingo event, a huge prize pool featuring rare cards as common rewards. Every single collector card featuring a Bathurst 1000 winner is up for grabs - including legacy cards! More Inverse prizes than ever, with a generally higher rate of reward cards being delivered in its Inverse colors. Also, bingo boards will be refreshing every three hours (down from four)!

Themes - Two new themes have launched for DarcyF1 featuring famous racing brands. A darker theme 'Red Bull' brings the color pallet of the energy drink to DarcyF1. While a lighter theme 'Martini Racing' features the red, blues and white of the Martini brand.
Additionally, three limited time themes are available this weekend, paying homage to three famous Bathurst brands. Castol Racing, Bob Jane T-Marts 1000 and Tooheys 1000 brands are reflected with accented colors across our standard dark theme. You can change your theme via the Profile > Edit Preferences menu.

Double XP - over all four days, all XP earned will be doubled! Great news for long term members looking for their next rank up, and even better for new members to DarcyF1 who can rapidly rank up to enjoy more of the site's content.

Open Archives - our longest ever stretch of zero-token archive access has begun! All videos across both archive servers, ~4TB of content is available to access without using your tokens!

Happy Hours - check back in regularly over the four day event to find happy hours running frequently throughout the racing action. Happy Hours provide lots of benefits, including member-level access for non-members as well as increased rewards and card odds for members.

New card pieces - over 15 new card pieces and a new hidden card are available. You'll find them across bingo rewards and general video browsing.

We've given the site a bit of a tune up to support our busiest weekend of the year, and we look forward to seeing you on the site all weekend!