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DarcyF1 News

Supercars Tipping Winners 5 days

Congratulations to everyone who competed in our Supercars tipping competition this year! An extra special congratulations to our winners who managed to keep up with an always changing season. Results have been finalised, and rewards have been distributed.

Supercars - Results
Winner: @ThomasFisher [2x X-Coupons, 2x Bingo Free Play cards, 1x legacy booster, 3x boosters, 1000xp, 100 tokens]
2nd: @michael24 [1x X-Coupon, 1x Elite Coupon, 1x Bingo Free Play card, 2x boosters, 500xp, 50 tokens]
3rd: @John1504 [1x Elite Coupon, 1x Coupon, 1x booster, 250xp, 25 tokens]

See you all again in 2021!

Bathurst 1000 Card Event 15 days

To celebrate the 2020 Bathurst 1000, we are launching our newest card set, Bathurst Winners. This set has been created by DarcyF1 member @Nascar47fan

This event runs from Thursday to Sunday (GMT+11). This new card set will be available across Bingo boards, Thumb Hunt clues and Daily quests during the four day Bathurst 1000 event. In addition to this new set, other prizes from Bingo will be featuring winners from across the history of the Bathurst endurance event (legacy cards will be available).

To further focus your attention on Bathurst Winners, some spaces on the Bingo board will require you to play cards known to feature Bathurst winners. It's going to be a big Bathurst weekend at DarcyF1! Stay tuned for live updates across the four days of action. Here on the site, over on our twitter @darcyf1 or on our discord https://discord.gg/uAwBrWQ

Get your Bathurst Winners collection started by redeeming the promo code B1000 on your Rewards page to collect our reigning champion, Scott McLaughlin (inverse). Redemption available during the event period only.

Daily Quest Updates 28 days

Today, we've pushed two updates to the Daily Quests, aka 'Dailies'. As a reminder, you can see your Dailies on the Profile > Rewards page.

The first change is to the Find a Collector Card quest. We have found that this Quest is typically completed by users when collecting a card that is delivered as a reward from another Daily Quest. This tends to get lost in the noise and doesn't deliver the interest or challenge of setting out to find a collector card. As such, we're changing the interpretation to more literally mean find. Now, only cards that 'drop' while viewing related videos will count towards the completion of this task. Other collecting methods such as redeeming rewards, or opening booster packs will no longer progress this quest.

The other change is the Play a card to a Bingo Board. Again, we have seen this quest become a bit of a formality for players and doesn't offer much of a challenge for regular Bingo players. Instead, this Quest will now require you to play to a specific space on a Bingo Board. To assist with this, spaces are now identified by clicking the info button - they're simply numbered 1 through 25, left to right, top to bottom. Top right is #5, middle is #13, bottom left #21 etc. Your target space will change (randomly) each day. Because this Quest has now become a more difficult to complete, the reward has been bumped from 1 star rarity up to a 3 star rarity. You'll typically find yourself competing with roughly five others who have the same target space as you on a given day. To help you quickly identify your target space, it will glow golden on the Bingo board until you complete the Quest.

We hope these two changes freshen up the Dailies and provide a different challenge with new goals to aim for.

Back Catalogue Update 2 months

Just a quick note to highlight that we have removed some content from the Back Catalogue.

For those who might be new, the Back Catalogue provides a user-driven method for some older content to get uploaded to the site. Users can vote to prioritise which content is uploaded to DarcyF1, and from time to time we upload the most voted content.

Due to technical issues we are currently unable to retrieve content stored on old DVDs. As such we have hidden the DVD-based content from the Back Catalogue. All votes that we placed on that content have been reversed and users will find that their Token balance has had their tokens returned. We may restore this option again in the future if we can find a solution to the problem.

Townsville Supercars Tipping 2 months

Our Supercars tipping was a race short this week! We've created a special 'Round 7b' so you can submit your tips for Q3 and R3. Open until Q3 starts on Sunday morning. Submit your tips here.

The '7b' tips will be merged with the Townsville tips so that they appear as one round.

Updates - CardSpy, Bingo, Rewards 4 months

CardSpy is now in full production with the release of Treasure Card hints. Each day (GMT, aligned to re-burying of the Treasure Card) your first five video views will show you hints to help you narrow down where the Treasure Card is hidden. Further more, if your best friends (level 5) have found their own hints, up to three of those will be viewable to you, too!
The CardSpy trial that used to be limited to 15 uses has been changed to be a 48 hour trial - unlimited uses! We have reset all users' trial status to thank those who trialled the feature early so they can access an additional trial.
Users who do not have active access to CardSpy will now see the Cards > CardSpy menu item which will direct them to the information page.

To celebrate the return of Supercars racing, you'll be finding Supercars 2020 cards on the Bingo board over the weekend.

The Site > Information > Rewards page has been launched in beta, and displays almost all rewards available around the site. You can also use filters to narrow down the information to what you might be after.

We have removed collector cards and thumb hunt and other game elements from videos tagged as displaying a graphic or fatal accident - we wanted to remove any unnecessary spectacle from these accidents. Additionally, these accidents are no longer going to be displayed when using the Videos > Random feature.

Finally, the 'Race of the Day' feature on the home page will be retired in early July as racing returns broadly across the world.

CardSpy - Donator Perk 5 months

We're excited to announce the launch of CardSpy - a new tool that is available exclusively to user who have donator status.

CardSpy Features
CardSpy is available in the Cards menu and will be activated when viewing videos (on the download.php page, specifically).
CardSpy allows you to see exactly what cards you hit when you view a video, and why they did / did not drop for you.
CardSpy will allow you to see, for the first time, live card odds for each card including all global or personal boosts to those odds. When those odds are randomly adjusted, you will be able to keep track of them and use this information to help you target specific cards.
CardSpy will also let you see where Hidden cards are available.
In a soon-to-be-released update, CardSpy will start to give you hints to help you try and find the DarcyF1 Treasure card, which is 'reburried' every day.

All users can access a limited trial (Profile > Edit Preferences). Once activated, this trial allows you to use CardSpy a limited number of times (currently 15). Each time you view a video, CardSpy is populated with information - so each video view counts as a use of CardSpy whether you choose to look at that information or not.

Donator Status
We've recently added some additional rewards (now, including CardSpy) to our Donation rewards. We like to acknowledge and reward those members who contribute financially to the site. After all, without donations this site wouldn't be able to continue to exist. Some of these rewards apply per-donation (booster packs, XP, Tokens) and some apply for a period of time. When a user makes a donation over a certain amount (refer to the Donations page for specifics), they obtain Donator status. This status is retained for 28 days. If your donation earns you access to CardSpy, you will retain access for 28 days and will have unlimited use of it.

For more information, check out the Collector Card Information Page section on CardSpy - including a screenshot of the functionality. We will be closely monitoring use over the first few weeks of its widespread use and may make changes to resolve issues. If you'd like to make sure that any future functionality is included in your Trial period, I would recommend holding off starting your trial for a couple of weeks. Users who already have Donator status now have live access - an additional donation is not required to gain access.

Month of May 6 months

Although the actual Indy 500 might not be running in May this year, our (now) annual Month of May collector card event is back!

Bingo board card rewards will be from the Indy 500 Winners set (set 31) throughout the month, with 20% increased Inverse odds.
You'll have a 25% increased chance to find Indy 500 Winners cards through video browsing, and a 10% increased chance of them being Inverse.
Also, your card lock out on Indy 500 Winners cards will be limited to a maximum of an hour.
An additional Daily quest (to be revealed) with a 1/33 chance of rewarding an Extreme Rare Indy 500 Winner.
Videos featuring action from Indianapolis Motor Speedway will have a 1/4 chance of revealing a Thumb Hunt clue.

ANZAC Day Event 6 months

Today, we're celebrating an Australian/New Zealand commemorative day - ANZAC day. Our event will run all day from New Zealand time through to Perth time (28 hours). You'll find card set Aussie Heroes has been greatly expanded and launches today. Featuring Formula 1 and Indy 500 starters, MotoGP winners and Motorsport Australia Hall of Fame inductees, there's 62 new cards to collect. What about a KIWI, you might say? Well, the new Aussie Heroes card aren't where you'd normally find them, you might have to cross the ditch to find what you seek.
The original 13 Aussie Heroes cards are also featured as rewards across Bingo, Dailies and Thumb Hunts, with greatly enhanced odds of them being Inverse coloured in their glorious gold. This includes the limited time Marcos Ambrose card (4.13) - available for collection again today.
Finally, there are a handful of secret Reward codes that can redeemed for rewards including Inverse Aussie Heroes cards. You'll need the right ingredients, and a little bit of local knowledge to discover these codes. Each code has limited redemptions, so don't miss out!

Note that for the duration of this event, Aussie Heroes cards will not be available in collector card booster packs.

New Card Set 6 months

DarcyF1 collector card set #40 has just gone live! Created by CARDBOARD, this set features Formula One drivers who have won a world championship race, but no title. The current driver line up spans the 20th century and includes all rarities of cards. This set is available via regular means - for now.

For the time being you will be able to find cards by browsing videos related to the card's content. However, this is for a limited time only, and this card set will become limited to booster packs and prizes (eg. from bingo, daily and thumb hunts quest) once the F1 2020 set is launched.. whenever round 1 ends up happening!

Thanks to CARDBOARD for putting their hand up and creating a new card set for the site - best of luck on the card hunt everyone!