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Updates - CardSpy, Bingo, Rewards 2 months

CardSpy is now in full production with the release of Treasure Card hints. Each day (GMT, aligned to re-burying of the Treasure Card) your first five video views will show you hints to help you narrow down where the Treasure Card is hidden. Further more, if your best friends (level 5) have found their own hints, up to three of those will be viewable to you, too!
The CardSpy trial that used to be limited to 15 uses has been changed to be a 48 hour trial - unlimited uses! We have reset all users' trial status to thank those who trialled the feature early so they can access an additional trial.
Users who do not have active access to CardSpy will now see the Cards > CardSpy menu item which will direct them to the information page.

To celebrate the return of Supercars racing, you'll be finding Supercars 2020 cards on the Bingo board over the weekend.

The Site > Information > Rewards page has been launched in beta, and displays almost all rewards available around the site. You can also use filters to narrow down the information to what you might be after.

We have removed collector cards and thumb hunt and other game elements from videos tagged as displaying a graphic or fatal accident - we wanted to remove any unnecessary spectacle from these accidents. Additionally, these accidents are no longer going to be displayed when using the Videos > Random feature.

Finally, the 'Race of the Day' feature on the home page will be retired in early July as racing returns broadly across the world.

CardSpy - Donator Perk 2 months

We're excited to announce the launch of CardSpy - a new tool that is available exclusively to user who have donator status.

CardSpy Features
CardSpy is available in the Cards menu and will be activated when viewing videos (on the download.php page, specifically).
CardSpy allows you to see exactly what cards you hit when you view a video, and why they did / did not drop for you.
CardSpy will allow you to see, for the first time, live card odds for each card including all global or personal boosts to those odds. When those odds are randomly adjusted, you will be able to keep track of them and use this information to help you target specific cards.
CardSpy will also let you see where Hidden cards are available.
In a soon-to-be-released update, CardSpy will start to give you hints to help you try and find the DarcyF1 Treasure card, which is 'reburried' every day.

All users can access a limited trial (Profile > Edit Preferences). Once activated, this trial allows you to use CardSpy a limited number of times (currently 15). Each time you view a video, CardSpy is populated with information - so each video view counts as a use of CardSpy whether you choose to look at that information or not.

Donator Status
We've recently added some additional rewards (now, including CardSpy) to our Donation rewards. We like to acknowledge and reward those members who contribute financially to the site. After all, without donations this site wouldn't be able to continue to exist. Some of these rewards apply per-donation (booster packs, XP, Tokens) and some apply for a period of time. When a user makes a donation over a certain amount (refer to the Donations page for specifics), they obtain Donator status. This status is retained for 28 days. If your donation earns you access to CardSpy, you will retain access for 28 days and will have unlimited use of it.

For more information, check out the Collector Card Information Page section on CardSpy - including a screenshot of the functionality. We will be closely monitoring use over the first few weeks of its widespread use and may make changes to resolve issues. If you'd like to make sure that any future functionality is included in your Trial period, I would recommend holding off starting your trial for a couple of weeks. Users who already have Donator status now have live access - an additional donation is not required to gain access.

Month of May 4 months

Although the actual Indy 500 might not be running in May this year, our (now) annual Month of May collector card event is back!

Bingo board card rewards will be from the Indy 500 Winners set (set 31) throughout the month, with 20% increased Inverse odds.
You'll have a 25% increased chance to find Indy 500 Winners cards through video browsing, and a 10% increased chance of them being Inverse.
Also, your card lock out on Indy 500 Winners cards will be limited to a maximum of an hour.
An additional Daily quest (to be revealed) with a 1/33 chance of rewarding an Extreme Rare Indy 500 Winner.
Videos featuring action from Indianapolis Motor Speedway will have a 1/4 chance of revealing a Thumb Hunt clue.

ANZAC Day Event 4 months

Today, we're celebrating an Australian/New Zealand commemorative day - ANZAC day. Our event will run all day from New Zealand time through to Perth time (28 hours). You'll find card set Aussie Heroes has been greatly expanded and launches today. Featuring Formula 1 and Indy 500 starters, MotoGP winners and Motorsport Australia Hall of Fame inductees, there's 62 new cards to collect. What about a KIWI, you might say? Well, the new Aussie Heroes card aren't where you'd normally find them, you might have to cross the ditch to find what you seek.
The original 13 Aussie Heroes cards are also featured as rewards across Bingo, Dailies and Thumb Hunts, with greatly enhanced odds of them being Inverse coloured in their glorious gold. This includes the limited time Marcos Ambrose card (4.13) - available for collection again today.
Finally, there are a handful of secret Reward codes that can redeemed for rewards including Inverse Aussie Heroes cards. You'll need the right ingredients, and a little bit of local knowledge to discover these codes. Each code has limited redemptions, so don't miss out!

Note that for the duration of this event, Aussie Heroes cards will not be available in collector card booster packs.

New Card Set 4 months

DarcyF1 collector card set #40 has just gone live! Created by CARDBOARD, this set features Formula One drivers who have won a world championship race, but no title. The current driver line up spans the 20th century and includes all rarities of cards. This set is available via regular means - for now.

For the time being you will be able to find cards by browsing videos related to the card's content. However, this is for a limited time only, and this card set will become limited to booster packs and prizes (eg. from bingo, daily and thumb hunts quest) once the F1 2020 set is launched.. whenever round 1 ends up happening!

Thanks to CARDBOARD for putting their hand up and creating a new card set for the site - best of luck on the card hunt everyone!

Long weekend egg hunt 4 months

From 10am Friday to 10pm Monday local time you will be able to find eggs hidden around DarcyF1, so you can go on your very own egg hunt! Simple aim, find as many eggs as you can over the event period and be rewarded!

The more eggs you collect, the more rewards you will receive!
1 egg: 10 tokens
2-4 eggs: 10 tokens, 1 booster pack
5-9 eggs: 20 tokens, 500 XP, 3 booster packs, 1 legacy booster, 1 coupon
10-19 eggs: 50 tokens, 1000 XP, 4 booster packs, 2 legacy boosters, 2 coupons, 1 bingo free play card
20+ eggs: 100 tokens, 5000 XP, 5 booster packs, 3 legacy boosters, 1 glitch booster, 2 coupons, 1 elite coupon

Where are the eggs hidden?
• Thumb hunt quests - your first completed thumb hunt each day will be hiding an egg.
• Collector Card Bingo - each bingo board has an egg hidden on a bingo space. Play to that space to collect the egg.
• Browsing videos - every Card Piece will be hiding an egg. Find a Card Piece while browsing videos and collect an egg. We're going to be distributing more than double the amount of Card Pieces during the event too!

What else do I need to know?
Eggs will be delivered as collector cards - these 'cards' will be removed following the event.
Remember to claim eggs from the rewards page to have them count towards your tally.
If you haven't configured your timezone setting ( Profile > Edit Preferences ) your event will run to GMT time.
Hold off on completing your first thumb hunt until after 10am on Friday for it to be part of the event.
We may extend the duration of the event if there are technical issues.
Event rewards will be distributed around 24 hours after the conclusion of the event.

Rewards Lost 4 months

We have experienced a significant data corruption and the rewards database was lost.

It appears that the database back up was not recoverable (working on correcting that going forward).

Unfortunately that means a complete loss of reward history, as well as unclaimed rewards. Without a reliable way of redistributing rewards, we have instead opted to distribute consolation rewards to all users who have visited the site over the last week. Please find 20 tokens, 3 booster packs, and a collector card coupon awaiting on your rewards page. These rewards must be collected no later than April 9 (GMT).

This is the first time that we've experienced a significant data loss at DarcyF1 in our 16 years and our backup process hasn't been successful. Rest assured we are working with our provider that manages backups to understand how that came to be. Our thorough investigation has found the cause of the data corruption and it has been corrected - and tested - it was a regular scheduled cleanup task that failed. Logs show it deleted ~147,000 rows of rewards history instead of the ~1800 it typically does in a run.

Subscriptions are back 5 months

One of the few remaining site features to be rebuilt following the launch of the updated site in was subscriptions. Subscriptions are back! You can find a + Subscribe button on the Videos > Browse pages. You can subscribe to either a whole category, or a season of a category. Still to come are user subscriptions - existing user subscriptions from 'back in the day' are still live, but you can't add new ones yet. Also, we are looking to revive year subscription to subscribe to all categories for a given year, and potentially search subscriptions - though this is a low priority right now.

You can unsubscribe from any subscription on the Profile > Edit preferences page (once you have subcriptions).

The new subscriptions feature is significantly improved over the previous. There's some nifty design features to let you one-click subscribe, but more importantly is the way it affects your home page. Previously, your subscriptions would replace the entire home page with only content you had subscribed to. This was ineffective from two angles. 1 - you lost sight of the new and trending content from recent motor sport events, and 2 - subscription to out-of-date content like defunct series or departed users clogged up your home page with stagnant content.

Now, subscriptions influences what you see on your home page. You will see the regular content from the home page, recent events that are popular with users, PLUS your subscribed content. There is a heavy weighting towards content that matches what you subscribe to so that the content you are interested in is prioritised in your view. We'll continue to adjust this weighting so that popular content and your areas of interest are nicely balanced. You will be able to identify content that has been promoted onto your home page by a little graph symbol and can click this to reveal and unsubscribe button that will take you straight to the Edit Preferences page.

Also, you know that DarcyF1 has a history of April Fool's Day fun, right?

Le Mans Constructors - Card Set 5 months

As you might have seen, yesterday we released a brand new card set, designed by Mustang! These cards are available through traditional methods; browsing videos related to the card's subject, as well as in booster packs. Unfortunately, three of these cards were assigned the incorrect rarity. Those cards have now been removed from circulation and replaced with the correct rarity cards. Apologies for the inconvenience - I know finding X-Rare cards as often as commons must have seemed too good to be true.. unfortunately it was.

Event Cancellation Updates 5 months

As you'll be aware, motor sport events are being regularly cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. At DarcyF1, we will adjust the F1 and VASC tipping leagues as best we can.

For Supercars, the Albert Park round will be annulled - no points awarded. We'll continue to update the competition as rounds are cancelled or postponed.

For Formula 1, the Tipping competition is temporarily closed until it becomes clear what the new schedule will look like.

DarcyF1 events tied to scheduled motor sport events will continue to run - you're probably finding the Albert Park collector card available more frequently at the moment - as originally scheduled. We may replay events when motor sport events are rescheduled.

As motor sport events continue to be cancelled or rescheduled in the future, we will make adjustments as required, to bring our site features up-to-date.

To help fill the void, members can head over to the Back Catalogue, where we have halved the tokens per vote requirement for the time being (rounded up to the nearest whole token). The Back Catalogue allows you to browse through the DarcyF1 archives for unpublished content and vote for it to be uploaded to the site. While there's a lull in live motorsport, we'll spend more time providing the most voted for historical content instead.