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Tipping Leaderboards

Below are the season and last round leader boards. These boards are updated manually at the same time that tipping results are posted.
1st Jeroen5670
2nd SuzukaMaster562-5
3rd prix557-10
4th oliver1161541-26
5th Smuto527-40
6th iceman500524-43
7th DirtyChaos523-44
= qwerty1523-44
9th michael24519-48
10th ThomasFisher518-49
11th Montoya42515-52
12th Fredo507-60
13th Mcwisa488-79
14th nexxmowarek481-86
15th dantheracer99477-90
16th RatBaG476-91
17th Sando_94475-92
18th Kurrganslaw469-98
19th rferrerF1457-110
20th tchracing455-112
21st wdc453-114
22nd aferris2450-117
23rd sketch7000449-118
24th iostoconvale444-123
25th Raptor1441-126
26th MKLG432-135
27th Kimbo7000431-136
28th ianmarg423-144
29th Wildchild422-145
30th Bandon23414-153
31st M33PRDR1V3413-154
32nd J1MZ409-158
33rd Megazeti408-159
34th tschipp398-169
35th Wildgirl379-188
36th GonzaloRodriguez34370-197
37th C8H10N4O2365-202
38th Britgt363-204
39th V8Skinner361-206
= VR46_NL361-206
41st Jasie360-207
42nd GTVIRUS357-210
43rd mikeamerica341-226
44th Ousmane0603304-263
45th ConejoF1_cl215-352
46th DjRaScoolBaS210-357
47th beckner269199-368
48th hvs5b178-389
49th jayblue170-397
50th afrozel2127-440
51st KimiNotRaikkonen123-444
52nd neteye109-458
53rd 1994southamericanf363-504
= mac7763-504
= mattjnewmanRC2263-504
56th RodrigoUngo60-507
57th kaithepie2354-513
58th LoupDeauParle46-521
59th Stunky42-525
60th Quadrat40-527
= Rocky7up40-527
62nd Kapu33-534
63rd admin30-537
64th LegoBoyTV29-538
65th dieCROCS0426-541
= Hiiii26-541
67th AssettoPlus256423-544
= v8fan5123-544
69th Lighting1216-551
= SlickGamer1232116-551
= Subie_rs276716-551
72nd TheRacingLunatic3-564
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