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Tipping Leaderboards

Below are the season and last round leader boards. These boards are updated manually at the same time that tipping results are posted.
1st dantheracer99 1750
2nd tchracing170-5
3rd RogerWilco 167-8
4th ThomasFisher158-17
5th John1504157-18
= sheffy157-18
= Yorudzilla157-18
8th aferris2155-20
= Britgt155-20
10th Bandon23153-22
11th qwerty1151-24
12th Montoya42148-27
13th DirtyChaos145-30
= Smuto145-30
= wdc 145-30
16th MKLG 143-32
17th Raptor1140-35
18th iceman500138-37
19th C8H10N4O2 135-40
20th Jeroen134-41
21st Kurrganslaw133-42
= Rocky7up133-42
23rd RatBaG132-43
24th deslan131-44
= Ferrari92 131-44
26th rferrerF1130-45
27th BoaAndArrows128-47
= Mcwisa128-47
= neteye128-47
30th ianmarg127-48
31st Jasie 125-50
= michael24125-50
= Paratyfus 125-50
34th wardy1706124-51
35th Wildchild123-52
36th oliver1161121-54
= Wildgirl121-54
38th BP-Ultimate98120-55
39th iostoconvale119-56
40th RodrigoUngo118-57
41st haggishunter117-58
42nd prix115-60
43rd sketch7000114-61
44th Megazeti112-63
45th SuzukaMaster 110-65
46th Fredo106-69
= GillesVilleneuve27 106-69
48th ripstley103-72
49th NazZaR98-77
= Ousmane060398-77
51st v8fan5197-78
52nd hvs5b96-79
= Openwheela96-79
54th DavyR3391-84
= ed24f191-84
56th Nascar47fan90-85
57th LoupDeauParle89-86
58th Sando_9484-91
59th 2000thehecf183-92
60th M33PRDR1V380-95
61st angoman10179-96
62nd J1MZ76-99
63rd mcmc71-104
64th Tatsu361-114
65th Filipe46-129
66th BeatMeOnTheTrack45-130
= DjRaScoolBaS45-130
= FormulaJuan45-130
= Kimbo700045-130
= LEVAP9545-130
= tulloch10045-130
72nd VR46_NL37-138
73rd stonebag36-139
74th freakyU229-146
75th Burnz24-151
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