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Tipping Leaderboards

Below are the season and last round leader boards. These boards are updated manually at the same time that tipping results are posted.
1st Smuto8490
2nd SpK815-34
3rd sketch7000775-74
4th Wildchild759-90
5th ThomasFisher751-98
6th hamwdc748-101
7th Mustang744-105
8th RatBaG742-107
9th DirtyChaos724-125
10th Mcwisa721-128
11th Jeroen710-139
= tchracing710-139
13th Montoya42704-145
14th John1504687-162
= pedro27687-162
16th Raptor1656-193
17th oliver1161651-198
18th qwerty1642-207
19th Paratyfus 636-213
20th Yorudzilla632-217
21st RodrigoUngo622-227
22nd dantheracer99 609-240
23rd Fredo604-245
24th Bandon23596-253
25th SuzukaMaster 590-259
26th deslan589-260
27th michael24573-276
28th wardy1706569-280
29th haggishunter562-287
30th Wildgirl561-288
31st chris-90300559-290
32nd iceman500558-291
33rd Openwheela555-294
34th sheffy554-295
35th Kurrganslaw535-314
36th rferrerF1532-317
37th J1MZ530-319
38th neteye513-336
39th Kimbo7000481-368
40th litening97457-392
41st prix453-396
42nd beast11450-399
43rd Nascar47fan421-428
44th iostoconvale409-440
45th FredJimBob403-446
46th VR46_NL364-485
47th mcmc321-528
48th BP-Ultimate98315-534
49th Rocky7up270-579
50th mmva1979269-580
51st 2000thehecf1247-602
52nd tanzaa218-631
53rd hvs5b211-638
54th Megazeti186-663
55th admin150-699
56th Burnz115-734
57th Nafone14107-742
58th mjnewman92100-749
59th Haydn90-759
60th track-race81-768
61st tongphafu76-773
62nd DavyR3370-779
63rd racinglegend10166-783
64th vettelisthebest65-784
65th Steltsak453-796
66th mjnewms9252-797
67th Grrstyx49-800
68th coop230346-803
69th freakyU240-809
70th angoman10136-813
71st darkmatter35-814
= v8fan5135-814
73rd lxm29-820
74th jajabinks26-823
75th Tttgear23-826
76th ed24f122-827
77th MotorsportObsessedNerd19-830
78th grievsygb16-833
79th LEVAP9512-837
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