Tipping Leaderboards

Below are the season and last round leader boards. These boards are updated manually at the same time that tipping results are posted.
1st Kurrganslaw8990
2nd pedro27841-58
3rd DirtyChaos828-71
4th Lucasjeha798-101
5th Bandon23797-102
6th prix782-117
7th qwerty1755-144
8th RatBaG746-153
9th deslan731-168
= Raptor1731-168
11th Wildchild725-174
12th Montoya42723-176
13th SpK716-183
14th aferris2713-186
= cosmiccyclone713-186
16th DanielAquilina707-192
17th ThomasFisher704-195
18th haggishunter703-196
19th Jeroen689-210
20th iceman500679-220
21st tchracing675-224
22nd ed24f1670-229
23rd Mustang664-235
24th oliver1161658-241
25th sheffy646-253
26th Wildgirl644-255
27th neteye637-262
28th iostoconvale629-270
29th Nascar47fan619-280
30th michael24602-297
31st hawnss589-310
32nd rferrerF1588-311
33rd kaupo22585-314
34th admin567-332
35th Fredo552-347
36th J1MZ479-420
37th martino161921468-431
= mloo468-431
39th hamwdc461-438
40th Openwheela458-441
41st FredJimBob438-461
42nd rcol2222388-511
43rd Fart_Leviathan372-527
44th MoonShibe336-563
45th hvs5b292-607
46th sketch7000284-615
47th Ncal7282-617
48th Rocky7up281-618
49th John1504259-640
50th woudys257-642
51st tongphafu254-645
52nd Stunky245-654
53rd jayblue222-677
54th v8scnismo221-678
55th mcmc214-685
56th BP-Ultimate98213-686
= mmva1979213-686
58th vettelisthebest209-690
59th Ellizar196-703
60th VR46_NL160-739
61st Vennez127-772
62nd Neowwww874123-776
63rd MINIRACE13113-786
64th Thepower107-792
65th Kowhai92-807
66th chris9030086-813
67th Dash249784-815
= v8fan5184-815
69th Speedophile80-819
70th kotekote77-822
71st T-wester72-827
72nd beckner26971-828
73rd racinglegend10168-831
74th Shaunabus66-833
75th CrashCarMotorsport0463-836
= Devilstorm63-836
77th ds269462-837
78th NazZaR57-842
79th Nafone1454-845
80th Spixx52-847
81st skraison51-848
82nd MountGower50-849
83rd roeboat7248-851
84th Crochemort46-853
= felipinhogiro46-853
= Motorsportisbest46-853
= Svg519746-853
88th 24cooper1043-856
= f1nutter43-856
90th mitoswrc42-857
91st beast1141-858
92nd Sparkybaish39-860
= We1ty39-860
94th epsilon4836-863
= kenup28336-863
96th Cargando35-864
= darkmatter35-864
98th mauro33-866
99th Kilometrico32-867
= Nighty32-867
101st Barudi29-870
102nd ElectricPuha26-873
= SebD_FM26-873
104th WalkingTracks25-874
105th F1BRT23-876
= McWalter23-876
= racer61200823-876
108th icemanandsunshine22-877
= oc222-877
110th Boddah19-880
111st binaz17-882
112nd Galaxian260016-883
= Nascarwill0716-883
114th NicoDella13-886
115th Nooj1n9-890
= OverLineMusic9-890
= StuBoy9-890
= Willricho899-890
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