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Tipping Leaderboards

Below are the season and last round leader boards. These boards are updated manually at the same time that tipping results are posted.
1st Montoya424170
2nd Jasie393-24
= Jeroen393-24
4th qwerty1391-26
5th Motorsport_Meister374-43
6th michael24370-47
7th ThomasFisher367-50
8th SuzukaMaster359-58
9th Kimbo7000358-59
10th Bandon23353-64
= Smuto353-64
12th sketch7000349-68
13th iostoconvale348-69
14th Wildchild345-72
15th beckner269344-73
= RatBaG344-73
17th afrozel4343-74
18th dantheracer99342-75
19th oliver1161326-91
20th DirtyChaos325-92
21st Sando_94320-97
22nd ianmarg318-99
23rd Wildgirl306-111
24th wdc305-112
25th hawkeyehiggins301-116
26th prix300-117
27th Fredo297-120
28th C8H10N4O2291-126
29th aferris2279-138
30th rferrerF1274-143
31st Ousmane0603267-150
= Raptor1267-150
33rd J1MZ263-154
34th iceman500258-159
35th Mcwisa255-162
36th Britgt252-165
37th V8Skinner246-171
38th tchracing242-175
39th MKLG235-182
40th Megazeti234-183
41st nexxmowarek224-193
42nd Smikey199-218
43rd VR46_NL196-221
44th M33PRDR1V3164-253
45th Kurrganslaw146-271
46th beamng140-277
47th timmawson0679-338
48th T_theAussie70-347
49th Kapu60-357
50th oligordon59-358
51st jayblue43-374
52nd KimiNotRaikkonen36-381
53rd MotorsportFan45 33-384
54th dieCROCS0426-391
55th ConejoF1_cl23-394
56th 1994southamericanf316-401
= RoadKingGodnew16-401
Last Round - Canada
1st SuzukaMaster530
2nd Jasie46-7
= prix46-7
= ThomasFisher46-7
5th J1MZ43-10
= Jeroen43-10
7th tchracing40-13
8th Mcwisa36-17
= michael2436-17
= qwerty136-17
= sketch700036-17
12th oliver116133-20
13th Sando_9429-24
= VR46_NL29-24
15th afrozel426-27
= Bandon2326-27
= Kimbo700026-27
= Motorsport_Meister26-27
= Smuto26-27
20th beckner26923-30
= iostoconvale23-30
= Montoya4223-30
= RatBaG23-30
= Wildchild23-30
25th ianmarg17-36
26th 1994southamericanf316-37
= aferris216-37
= dantheracer9916-37
= Fredo16-37
= V8Skinner16-37
31st rferrerF114-39
32nd iceman50013-40
= Megazeti13-40
= Wildgirl13-40
35th Britgt12-41
= DirtyChaos12-41
= Ousmane060312-41
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