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Tipping Leaderboards

Below are the season and last round leader boards. These boards are updated manually at the same time that tipping results are posted.
1st Smuto9270
2nd C8H10N4O2 866-61
3rd sketch7000846-81
4th ThomasFisher822-105
5th wdc 816-111
6th Mcwisa813-114
7th Wildchild807-120
8th RatBaG806-121
9th MKLG 802-125
10th Jeroen788-139
11th DirtyChaos782-145
12th tchracing768-159
13th pedro27748-179
14th Montoya42730-197
15th John1504722-205
16th Raptor1717-210
17th RodrigoUngo704-223
18th Yorudzilla694-233
19th qwerty1690-237
20th Paratyfus 680-247
21st dantheracer99 670-257
22nd oliver1161667-260
23rd Fredo655-272
24th SuzukaMaster 651-276
25th deslan647-280
26th wardy1706637-290
27th Openwheela626-301
28th michael24624-303
29th Wildgirl616-311
30th Bandon23615-312
31st sheffy608-319
32nd Kurrganslaw607-320
33rd J1MZ605-322
34th iceman500599-328
35th haggishunter598-329
36th chris-90300582-345
37th rferrerF1571-356
38th Kimbo7000538-389
39th neteye529-398
40th prix511-416
41st iostoconvale497-430
42nd beast11491-436
43rd litening97457-470
44th Nascar47fan446-481
45th VR46_NL415-512
46th Jasie 403-524
47th mcmc321-606
48th 2000thehecf1319-608
49th BP-Ultimate98315-612
50th Rocky7up270-657
51st mmva1979269-658
52nd hvs5b259-668
53rd tanzaa240-687
54th Megazeti228-699
55th admin150-777
56th Burnz141-786
57th Nafone14107-820
58th mjnewman92100-827
59th tongphafu92-835
60th Haydn90-837
61st DavyR3385-842
62nd track-race81-846
63rd racinglegend10166-861
64th vettelisthebest65-862
65th BoaAndArrows54-873
66th Steltsak453-874
67th mjnewms9252-875
68th Grrstyx49-878
69th coop230346-881
70th freakyU240-887
71st angoman10136-891
72nd darkmatter35-892
= v8fan5135-892
74th lxm29-898
75th jajabinks26-901
76th Tttgear23-904
77th ed24f122-905
= estech0922-905
79th Ousmane060320-907
80th MotorsportObsessedNerd19-908
81st grievsygb16-911
82nd LEVAP9512-915
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