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Tipping Leaderboards

Below are the season and last round leader boards. These boards are updated manually at the same time that tipping results are posted.
1st Smuto5560
2nd SpK539-17
3rd sketch7000502-54
4th tchracing493-63
5th ThomasFisher492-64
6th Wildchild483-73
7th Mcwisa479-77
8th DirtyChaos478-78
= Montoya42478-78
10th hamwdc472-84
11th Mustang468-88
12th RatBaG466-90
13th pedro27461-95
14th RodrigoUngo426-130
15th qwerty1425-131
16th John1504421-135
17th oliver1161420-136
18th Jeroen417-139
19th Motorsportisbest415-141
20th Raptor1409-147
21st FredJimBob403-153
22nd iceman500402-154
23rd DanielAquilina382-174
24th J1MZ380-176
25th michael24371-185
26th chris-90300368-188
27th Openwheela363-193
28th rferrerF1362-194
29th litening97360-196
30th Lucasjeha359-197
31st deslan357-199
32nd beast11355-201
33rd Fredo352-204
34th neteye348-208
35th Kimbo7000346-210
36th Bandon23342-214
37th Wildgirl341-215
38th haggishunter331-225
39th sheffy317-239
40th wardy1706303-253
41st Kurrganslaw288-268
42nd iostoconvale277-279
= VR46_NL277-279
44th Nascar47fan258-298
45th prix250-306
46th mcmc224-332
47th BP-Ultimate98191-365
48th mmva1979181-375
= Rocky7up181-375
50th admin137-419
51st hvs5b92-464
52nd Haydn90-466
53rd track-race81-475
54th tongphafu76-480
55th Nafone1472-484
56th 2000thehecf170-486
= DavyR3370-486
58th racinglegend10166-490
59th vettelisthebest65-491
60th Steltsak453-503
61st Grrstyx49-507
62nd Megazeti46-510
63rd Jacoby121840-516
64th angoman10136-520
65th darkmatter35-521
66th Samiebamie29-527
67th Tttgear23-533
68th ed24f122-534
69th grievsygb16-540
70th freakyU212-544
= LEVAP9512-544
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