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Tipping Leaderboards

Below are the season and last round leader boards. These boards are updated manually at the same time that tipping results are posted.
1st RatBaG6760
2nd Smuto632-44
3rd SuzukaMaster614-62
4th Jasie611-65
5th Mcwisa610-66
6th michael24601-75
7th Jeroen585-91
8th qwerty1580-96
9th aferris2570-106
10th ThomasFisher569-107
11th DirtyChaos567-109
12th Montoya42558-118
13th wdc549-127
14th prix546-130
15th oliver1161536-140
16th Raptor1535-141
17th iostoconvale526-150
18th tschipp522-154
19th Britgt520-156
20th tchracing519-157
21st MKLG510-166
22nd Sando_94506-170
23rd C8H10N4O2503-173
24th dantheracer99502-174
25th Bandon23497-179
26th iceman500495-181
27th Fredo493-183
28th Wildchild484-192
29th Wildgirl472-204
30th Kurrganslaw465-211
31st Ousmane0603464-212
= rferrerF1464-212
33rd ianmarg446-230
34th sketch7000441-235
35th GTVIRUS424-252
= nexxmowarek424-252
37th Kimbo7000399-277
38th J1MZ371-305
39th Megazeti367-309
40th neteye358-318
41st DjRaScoolBaS294-382
42nd LEVAP95257-419
43rd VR46_NL216-460
44th RodrigoUngo215-461
45th hvs5b200-476
46th V8Skinner172-504
47th haggishunter156-520
48th Kapu136-540
49th mcmc135-541
50th Rocky7up134-542
51st 2000thehecf189-587
52nd mwt72-604
53rd tanzaa46-630
54th deslan43-633
= TinGP43-633
56th bot73739-637
57th sheffy36-640
58th MarcoRVD2130-646
59th Davidizer1326-650
60th jayblue23-653
= v8fan5123-653
62nd admin22-654
= MartiSoc22-654
64th 1994southamericanf320-656
65th arewehereyet219-657
= Lp42424119-657
= Seba_boi19-657
68th llamaman3413-663
69th Kilometrico9-667
= sagasti9pro9-667
Last Round - Singapore
1st Britgt300
= J1MZ300
= Jasie300
= Montoya42300
= oliver1161300
= prix300
= RatBaG300
= Smuto300
= ThomasFisher300
10th rferrerF126-4
= Wildgirl26-4
12th C8H10N4O223-7
= dantheracer9923-7
= DirtyChaos23-7
= iceman50023-7
= jayblue23-7
= Kimbo700023-7
= Megazeti23-7
= michael2423-7
= MKLG23-7
= nexxmowarek23-7
= qwerty123-7
= sketch700023-7
= tchracing23-7
= v8fan5123-7
= V8Skinner23-7
= wdc23-7
28th 1994southamericanf320-10
= Jeroen20-10
= Mcwisa20-10
= Raptor120-10
= RodrigoUngo20-10
33rd Bandon2319-11
34th hvs5b16-14
= iostoconvale16-14
= Sando_9416-14
37th aferris213-17
= GTVIRUS13-17
= ianmarg13-17
= SuzukaMaster13-17
41st VR46_NL12-18
42nd Fredo9-21
= Kilometrico9-21
= neteye9-21
= tschipp9-21
= Wildchild9-21
47th Ousmane06036-24
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