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Tipping Leaderboards

Below are the season and last round leader boards. These boards are updated manually at the same time that tipping results are posted.
1st Jeroen5380
2nd ThomasFisher516-22
3rd MKLG 477-61
4th C8H10N4O2 458-80
5th qwerty1454-84
6th RatBaG452-86
7th Bandon23441-97
8th wdc 440-98
9th tchracing433-105
10th Paratyfus 431-107
11th Ferrari92 427-111
12th wardy1706424-114
13th Britgt423-115
14th RogerWilco 418-120
15th ianmarg416-122
16th deslan414-124
17th BoaAndArrows412-126
18th dantheracer99 411-127
19th aferris2406-132
20th Yorudzilla399-139
21st Smuto398-140
22nd iceman500394-144
= Raptor1394-144
24th Sando_94393-145
25th DirtyChaos388-150
26th Jasie 384-154
27th ripstley383-155
28th RodrigoUngo381-157
29th Wildgirl380-158
30th haggishunter378-160
31st Mcwisa376-162
32nd Fredo375-163
33rd 2000thehecf1366-172
34th michael24365-173
35th sketch7000363-175
36th oliver1161357-181
37th rferrerF1350-188
38th sheffy345-193
39th Megazeti337-201
40th John1504328-210
41st Kurrganslaw323-215
42nd Kimbo7000318-220
43rd prix316-222
44th SuzukaMaster 303-235
45th Wildchild295-243
46th GillesVilleneuve27 294-244
47th neteye290-248
48th Ousmane0603285-253
49th Nascar47fan283-255
50th iostoconvale280-258
51st Openwheela270-268
52nd Rocky7up264-274
53rd Montoya42256-282
54th mcmc243-295
55th BP-Ultimate98232-306
56th DjRaScoolBaS208-330
57th J1MZ202-336
58th hvs5b185-353
59th freakyU2172-366
60th VR46_NL150-388
61st M33PRDR1V3149-389
62nd Haxe18125-413
63rd Tatsu3102-436
64th LoupDeauParle99-439
65th NazZaR98-440
66th v8fan5197-441
67th DavyR3391-447
= ed24f191-447
69th angoman10179-459
70th Filipe62-476
71st hakkinenF160-478
= Kilometrico60-478
73rd admin52-486
74th BeatMeOnTheTrack45-493
= FormulaJuan45-493
= LEVAP9545-493
= mmva197945-493
= tulloch10045-493
79th stonebag36-502
80th Burnz33-505
81st MotorsportObsessedNerd9-529
82nd d2deco3-535
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