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11 days Confirmed
Modifying existing trades shows incorrect trade values

13 days Confirmed
Reward claimed inconsistencies

29 days Parked
My Uploads page malfunctioning

1 month Developing
Publishing videos sometimes fails

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DarcyF1 Bug Hunter Rewards

If you report a fault with the website's function that can be repeated and verified as a coding error, you will be rewarded an exclusive Bug Hunter collector card, 500xp, and a collector card booster pack. To earn these rewards you must be a logged in member when lodging your report (exceptions for log in / registration faults), you must not exploit the bug once discovered, nor publish details of the bug (unless permitted by DarcyF1 staff), plus you must be using the most recent public version of your chosen browser, which must be currently supported by its vendor. Internet Explorer bugs are not eligble for rewards. Staff have the final decision in whether or not a bug report is to be rewarded.