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DarcyF1 monthly costs include internet connections, server bandwidth, disk space and CPU usage. Donating is easy through PayPal and every cent pays for the website. With your support, DarcyF1 can continue to operate. The donation target has been adjusted starting from 2023 to account for substantially increaased costs.
DarcyF1's only form of income are Doations. Donations made by members pay for the costs of hosting the website. All material, management activities and site development is volunteered by staff and members and is provided free of charge to members. DarcyF1 appreciates donations immensely and recognizes members who contribute. Use the form below to claim a donation and have it attributed to your account.
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• Donate $1+ (USD) exclusive banner for 4 weeks.
• Donate $5+ (USD) Bingo Free Play card, access to CardSpy, user profile flairs, and doubling of all XP & token rewards you earn.
• Donate $10+ (USD) collector card booster pack (of 6 cards).
• Donate $25+ (USD) collector card Legacy Booster pack (of 6 cards no longer obtainable).

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