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About DarcyF1 Motor Sport Multimedia
2004 - April 1st: DarcyF1 launches as a video sharing forum with just a handfull of members.
2004 - August: DarcyF1 migrates to a standalone website with just a few videos online at any one time.
2005: DarcyF1 expands to a 8GB webhost and now hosts over 80 videos.
2006: DarcyF1 expands to a website that can now provide videos from different categories of motorsport from many years. Major web design change as the site starts to deal with a large range of videos. DarcyF1 moves webhosts to a 200GB host.
2007: Further web design overhaul to better deal with large amounts of videos. Server hard drives increased to 1TB.
2008 - October: DarcyF1 adds a database to soley deal with videos and provide a search function to its users.
2009: The database backend is expanded to introduce user acounts, favourites, search tracking and a range of other features.
2010: DarcyF1 makes wide-ranging changes to comply with copyright restrictions and closes public registration. Small trickle of features and web design updates and thousands of new videos added. Server RAM & Hard Drives both doubled.
2012: DarcyF1 launches brand new design offering every visitor the opportunity to contribute to the website. Public registrations re-opened, DarcyF1 Predictions launched, DarcyF1 Uploader launched, ranking system introduced. New logo and brand launched.
2015: DarcyF1 gets secure with SSL encryption and authentication.


2004, April 1st: DarcyF1 registers first member.
2004 - August: DarcyF1 opens it's first dedicated webpage with video downloads
2005: DarcyF1 migrates to new web host and new domain
DarcyF1 forum registers 500th member.
2006: DarcyF1 forum registers 1000th member.
New domain acquired and site to replicated there.
2007: 1000th video goes online.
2009: opens registrations and acquires its first members.
2010: all old domains either removed or rediret to
Website temporarily closed for 48 hours to deal with copyright issues. acquires 500th member.
Total videos pass 5000.
Total downloads pass 20,000
100TB of bandwidth used in one year.
Contributors can now add videos directly to website.
2011: Downloads pass 1 million and 2 million in same year.
1TB of videos online is passed.
10,000 videos online is passed.
10,000 visitors per month becomes average.
DarcyF1 averages 3,000 page views per day by year's end.
2012: 15,000th video goes online!
October 6th - 3 million downloads is passed.
2013: May - 2TB of videos online
August 4th - 20,000 videos now online
August 26th - 4 million downloads is passed
2014: March 21st - 5 million downloads is passed
2014: April 12th - 34,000 videos now online
2016: April 24th - 50,000 videos now online
2016: May 22nd - 6 million downloads is passed