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About DarcyF1 Motor Sport Multimedia
DarcyF1 (the website, and staff running it) takes privacy extremely seriously and abides by the following principles.

Information You Provide
Your privacy will never be compromised by DarcyF1.
All information you supply to DarcyF1 will be accessible by you if you request.
You may remove any and all information you supply to DarcyF1.
Your personal details will never be made public by DarcyF1, nor onsold to third parties.

Information DarcyF1 Gathers
The website will detect and record the following information:
Your IP address, your activity on certain parts of the website, your preferences that you select.
This information will never be made public, under any circumstance.
You may request a copy of this information but DarcyF1 may decline access to some information for security reasons.
You cannot request activity information of any member besides yourself.
IP addresses that are logged against members' accounts will removed if the account is closed.

SSL Encryption / Authentication
DarcyF1 uses SSL encryption to protect information you provide to the website and to guarantee you are communicating with the DarcyF1 servers at all times.
SSL Certificate

All privacy concerns should be directed to the DarcyF1 staff.