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Belgium2021 Qualifying Eau Rouge Pile Up
Belgium2021 Qualifying Eau Rouge Pile Up

Belgium2021 Qualifying Eau Rouge Pile Up

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Belgium2021 Belgium2021 Qualifying Qualifying Eau Eau Rouge Rouge Pile Pile Up Up W Series W Series 2021 2021 Belgium Belgium 151170 151170
Echti profile image
Echti 27 Aug 2021
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yellowf1ag profile image
yellowf1ag 2 months
They really need to do something about Spa otherwise this will keep happening

Nubbin profile image
Nubbin 2 months
just like public roads, they only do upgrades when someone dies - many places on tracks are dangerous but dont get fixed if nobody ever crashes there.. check out the left side of Eau Rouge in the 1960's - there was a 2m wide brick wall about 1m high, head on to drivers and ~1m from racing line to protect the creek crossing underneath - nobody crashed there so they didnt change it for years.. But this crash here should have involved 2 cars, pretty bad driving by the girls 300m away from initial crash imo..

nexxmowarek profile image
nexxmowarek 2 months
2022 will see multiple runoff areas extended including the left side of Raidillon because Spa is preparing to host FIM bike races. Seems like it has been possible all this time but it was never realized due to a lack of funds.

Nascar47fan profile image
Nascar47fan 2 months
6 cars involved in what should've been a 1 or 2 car accident? That is pathetic, and has nothing to do with the track. Every single impact was off track and off line

woudys profile image
woudys 2 months
It's on top of a hill and there is no more area around to expand the track to make it more save. It is what is is, they can build a chicane but that will destroy the charme of Radillon.

Motorsport_Meister profile image
Motorsport_Meister 2 months
Problem with gravel on the inside, it could lift the cars up before the barrier, like the BARs in the late 90s.

Nalyu profile image
Nalyu 2 months
To both SuzukaMaster and Echti (uploader). The corner is Raidillon not Eau Rouge.

SuzukaMaster profile image
SuzukaMaster 2 months
Tarmac runoff areas are great in some cases, but Eau Rouge especifically, the gravel trap would've prevented such problem, especially the final collision. They should reconsider the style of the runoff area there.