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English Commentary Australia02 Start Crash Amateur
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Australia02 Start Crash Amateur
Australia02 Start Crash Amateur
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Tags: Australia02, Start, Crash, Amateur, INDYCAR, 2002, Australia, 7132,

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User avatar Rank Star warnerd1 Tag user in reply Send this user a message Users banner
Terrible accident but incredible amateur footage. Not even a flinch or wobble and a perfect pan right with the main crash.
12:43 am, December 4, 2017

User avatar Rank Star Kurrganslaw Tag user in reply Send this user a message Users banner
1:06 pm, June 25, 2017

User avatar Purzel1990 [former member]
Was Hollywood filming some shots? Smilie

Anazing crash, but i am glad everyone is okay.
10:53 am, June 17, 2017

User avatar Rank Star Seibaru Tag user in reply Send this user a message
Takagi was seen overturned, and Tagliani insisted he'd rolled over...well, here's the proof.
2:00 pm, August 7, 2016

User avatar Rank Star zaggi222 Tag user in reply Send this user a message Users banner
the amateur footage that has to realize that there were 3 cars flip, not just 2...
8:30 pm, November 5, 2015

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