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Streaming issues
Mrgem79td 2 years
Hi i was just curious if anyone else was having issues streaming. Big day today with qualifying would love to watch it. Thanks
Bloopy 2 years
On the day of Supercars qualifying I only watched qualifying itself and that was fine. However, stream for the race today went down on lap 1, apparently because Nubbin needs to upgrade his Foxtel? How's that for awful customer service!?

I'm watching a low quality stream with ads on Cricfree now, but curious if there's any better ones out there!
SimonKevNorris 2 years
I'm doing the same (Cricfree) but there seems to be a 'buffering' quite often which makes the stream difficult to keep watching.
Bloopy 2 years
It seems the 766Kbps is too much for the VPN plugin I'm using so I'm on 289Kbps like the good old days and there's no stuttering for me with that. Just silly there isn't an option in between!