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I can no longer see how many of each card I have
SimonKevNorris 2 years
I noticed today that the colours for the Cards and Profile warnings (on the menu) had changed to blue. I also found that I can no longer see the number of each card I have. Is this something that has changed on the web site or have I somehow made this change?
SimonKevNorris 2 years 2 years
I've worked out that if I use Grey & Orange or Bright White backgrounds I no longer see the number of cards. I can use either Red Bull or Martini and the card numbers appear (in the 'my cards' area).

Edited: I've been using Grey & Orange scheme for as long as I can recall (even if I didn't know what it was called).
admin 2 years
This is a known issue while users' caches are updated following the migration to version 5 of Bootstrap. It has been listed as a known issue since the start of this work, and will eventually come good within 24-48 hours depending on individual cache settings.