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Card piece
Mrgem79td 2 years
Just curious i received a card piece from bingo board but said card piece exceeded. Whats this mean. I certainly dont have 9 card pieces of same card. Thanks
rferrerF1 2 years
The limit for card pieces is 2 not 9.
Mrgem79td 1 year
ok this must be a noob question but how do i find what cards need pieces and which ones i have of the set? i clicked on one the other day and finished the set for silverstone but how do i know if ive finished any others? thanks
Bloopy 1 year
Go to 'My Cards' and filter to cards of type Card Piece. Then you can click any pieces you have to see which ones you have in their set.

Cards needing pieces are generally hidden, but you can spot hidden cards among someone else's collection and guess which ones are made up of pieces.