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LEVAP95 2 years
Hi guys!
I've a question about tipping. I've submitted my f1 tips in time and they were visible until yesterday (or the day before, i don't remember exactly), but now they are not visible and I have 0 points. I have to say that I clicked the button "submit your tips" multiple times, so I'm sure that I haven't forgotten to do that. I ask if that is normal or what.
Jeroen 2 years
Sent admin a similar note in a private message myself today to address the issue and hoping it can be resolved, otherwise I can kiss my top 3-ambitions goodbye already :p
Jasie 2 years
Nah, nothing that unfair would be allowed to stand ;)
admin 2 years
Please remember to use the Report Problem link on the relevant page when you want to report a problem.
RogerWilco 2 years
I had an issue with tipping as well before sandown. Practise was still taking place and the tipping closed.
Sent a few private messages querying this to admin and received nothing in response!
After leading round 1, no results for round 2 so I can relate to the tipping season being shot already!
RogerWilco 2 years
Can anyone please explain to me why tipping for Supercars is closed before practise takes place?
sheffy 2 years
I don't know the schedule of the weekend or any changes proposed, planned or made by Supercars, the cut off time for our tipping competition has always been early on a Saturday local time, if this isn't the case, then please use the report problem button at the bottom of the relevant page.
Jasie 2 years
While the cut-off time is roughly the same each time, the schedule can vary significantly, which is how this happens