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Trading Cards / Gift Card Question
ziomkris1 3 years
Is there a chance to see which card other user needs so I can offer him important (for him) card? I don't want to gift other user useless card and searching for that card in his collection takes a lot of time xD
admin 3 years
The Trade Builder offers a toggle to only show cards that each other need. In terms of gifting - no, there doesn't exist a step during the gifting process that identifies whether or not the other user has the card or not (though a gift will be rejected if they already have reached the collecting limit of that card).
ziomkris1 3 years
I found it! Perfect, thank you!
Bloopy 3 years
Gifting others cards that they already have isn't useless at all, as they can be played on Gift squares in bingo.
ziomkris1 3 years
Exactly, I don't have a lot of gifts left :D But I was more thinking about not giving others cards when they have some like 8/9 of them already