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Vlc player live stream
Dogbone1510 2 years
Anyone else having vlc issues with the new stream part used to have all the channels on now only has the 506 channel on??
SimonKevNorris 2 years
I was using it up to the point a number of months ago when I presume it may have been spotted and brought down. I reverted to some livestreams I've found since then. Last race these started to get a lot of breakdowns in the transmission and I tried the DarcyF1 link again and was shown some other race (I think it was an old Supercar race from Bathurst) so I went back looking for livestreams and found one that was almost stable.
Dogbone1510 1 year
What was the stream address
Nubbin 1 year
the playlist file for VLC is http://motorsport.cf/newstream.xspf
or http://motorsport.cf/newstream.pls
there are 3 channels, old Bathursts will play when offline, send me a message if you are having trouble with buffering etc..
Hawk27 6 months 6 months
All of the links seems to be dead unfortunately :(
Nubbin 2 months
it will go up and down, should be ok on race weekends when someone is babysitting it, send me a msg if there are issues..
Nubbin 26 days
new playlist file: http://motorsport.cf/stream2023.xspf