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The CART/ IRL Split (Indycar In The Nineties)
PaddockHillBend 1 year
On the back of Card Set 80 (Decade Of Drama And Division) being released i thought that for anybody who wants to understand or delve into how and why Indycar found itself in a civil war which came close to destroying Indycar itself then may i recommend a book called INDY SPLIT by John Oreovicz which tells the story in details that i could never convey or do justice to in a card set.
The book was published in 2021 and it also gives you great context of how the split in the nineties has influenced where Indycar is here and now in the 21st century.
I have no connection to the book or author... i am just a motorsport fan who watches on the television and goes to watch trackside when i can.
Anyway i hope the set itself is a journey of discovery for some or a trip down memory lane for others. The split is a fascinating story on a human level and a lesson to all sports that splits and civil wars seldom do a sport any favours! The big winner in the Indycar split was the very distant cousin that was NASCAR!
michael24 1 year
Cool stuff indeed! Have placed that book on my wishlist! Thanks!!! (for the reading tip and the set too of course)
michael24 1 year
Has a recommendation from the late Robin Miller too! That is a very strong endorsement!

"John Oreovicz was right on top of the CART/IRL war that ravaged open wheel racing. In this book, he's documented all the stupid decisions, infighting, jealousy, incompetence and arrogance of both civil wars. His own experiences as a writer covering CART and IRL plus talking to the people in the trenches and looking back at their words in the newspapers of the day have provided an in-depth look at what went wrong."
-- "Robin Miller"
Bloopy 1 year
These types of splits & wars seem to be an almost ingrained part of motorsport given how many I hear about!