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How to Gain XP

Some quick hints on ways to gain XP to increase your rank

Compete in F1 Tipping. Submitting tips earns you XP, and correct tips earn you plenty of XP.
Comment on videos - say thank you if you're appreciative of the effort put into uploading!
Upload videos - the quickest way to earn XP or add a YouTube video to the site
Set your first profile image (avatar), personalise your DarcyF1 experience
Donate to DarcyF1 - every dollar counts, and without your donations, DarcyF1 couldn't possibly exist
Invite a friend OR join the website using someone's invitation
Answer someone's request to earn extra points on that video upload
Identify the commentary language of a video that hasn't been identified yet
Report a bug that the admins appreciate

There are many more ways for you to earn XP, which you will discover the more you use the site!