About DarcyF1 Motor Sport Multimedia

The DarcyF1 experience gets better and better the more you participate and contribute to the website. Below are some of the benefits you might be missing out on. Below the image are some tips to help grow your membership at DarcyF1. If you have any questions about the below, please contact admin via Messages or via the Contact page or Twitter if you're having issues registering an account.

Earn XP flowchart


You can earn XP through a number of ways;
Compete in F1 Tipping. Submitting tips earns you XP, and correct tips earn you plenty of XP.
Comment on videos - say thank you if you're appreciative of the effort put into uploading!
Upload videos - the quickest way to earn XP or add a YouTube video to the site
Set your first profile image (avatar), personalise your DarcyF1 experience
Donate to DarcyF1 - every dollar counts, and without your donations, DarcyF1 couldn't possibly exist
Invite a friend OR join the website using someone's invitation
Identify the commentary language of a video that hasn't been identified yet


Points can be earned by contributing to the website, similar to (but not the same as) XP. You can earn an unlimited amount of points, but you cannot hold more than 500 points at any time. Members who rank up can hold additional points, 100 x Rank (Rank 8 = 800 points max.). Points do not expire. Effectively, you use points to access an Archived video. You can use your points as often as you like. Like XP, you may have Points removed from your account if found to be participating in any activity that gains you points you do not deserve, including any exploitation of the website to achieve this. All points used will be recorded for your review.

Points are awarded to use to unlock access to Archived Videos. You will earn points when you contribute to the website. Contributions can be in terms of video content, suggestions for development, resources like proprietary scripts or hosting, or financial contributions that help pay the hosting bills.
Additionally, you will receive free points that will top up low balances. The higher your membership rank, the more of these free points you will receive.

Contributor Status

Members are awarded contributor status after a sustained effort to upload quality, fault free content. Your first step towards this goal is reading and understanding the Naming Conventions. Then upload your first content and respond to feedback provided by content moderators. Once you're comfortable with the upload process and requirements, continue to provide excellent content that doesn't require moderator intervention and you will be on your way the prestigious rank of DarcyF1 Contributor.
Contributors will have their uploads published to the site automatically without the requirement for content moderation. Contributor status can be revoked, and limits may still apply that incur moderation.

There are many more ways for you to grow your membership, which you will discover the more you use the site!