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Video Archival
As DarcyF1 approaches 100,000 online videos, storage space has rapidly become a pressing issue. Previously to combat this, older videos were deleted from the site to free up room. This method was indiscriminate and often popular content would be removed simply due to its age. To combat this and buy some breathing room, the Unpopular content calculation was brought in. While this was effective, it was always only going to be a short-term win.

To satisfy the needs of the community Archives have been created. Very basically, older videos of large file size (currently, 512MB or more) are moved off the DarcyF1 servers and into the 'cloud' (Amazon S3). As this method of storage is effectively limitless and doesn't impact the performance of the website, it provides a way for members to access content they want, for 'ever'.

However, as storing objects in the cloud works on a 'per use' cost method, stricter controls needed to be placed around these Archived videos. As such, members will only be able to access a limited number of Archived videos over a given time period. To enable this, a new currency has been added to the site, currently termed Points.


Points can be earned by contributing to the website, similar to (but not the same as) XP. Points have been backdated to reward members who have already been contributing. You can earn an unlimited amount of points, but you cannot hold more than 500 points at any time. Members who rank up can hold additional points, 100 x Rank (Rank 8 = 800 points max.). Points do not expire. Effectively, you spend points to access an Archived video. You can use your points as often as you like. Like XP, you may have Points removed from your account if found to be participating in any activity that gains you points you do not deserve, including any exploitation of the website to achieve this. All points used will be recorded for your review.

Archived videos will be identified when their titles are in italics throughout the website. Videos that are eligible to be Archived or about to become eligible will be identified with a banner message above the thumbnail / video player on the download page. This gives you a chance to download them straight from the DarcyF1 servers before they are Archived.

Ranked up users will be credited with points relative to their rank at the start of each month, if their points balance is below the credit amount.
Points credited in this way will be calculated as Rank x 10