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Commenting on Videos / Request etc.
There are a growing list of BBCode style tags you can use when commenting on videos, responding to requests and more. They are outlined below. If you have a suggestion for more, please get in contact.

Tag & Example UseResultDescription
Start a new line
[b]some text[/b]some textBold a string
[i]some text[/i]some textItalic a string
[u]some text[/u]some textUnderline a string
@admin@adminLink to a user's wall
[darcyf1]5673[/darcyf1]MT89 GP2Series 2009 Valencia Sprint Race Mortara wideUse to link to a video on DarcyF1
[page=about.php]About DarcyF1[/page]About DarcyF1Link to another page on DarcyF1
[youtube=Hgg8AFxXPCc]Even race teams use my caps[/youtube]Even race teams use my capsLink to a YouTube video using only the video ID
[ebay]912645935164[/ebay]example is too large for this pageDisplay ebay selling widget using the ebay listing ID
image exampleDisplay an image and link to full size